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Stating an Unspoken Rule - No "Claiming" Projects

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Post #531822 - Reply to (#531819) by Kalendel

10:14 pm, Oct 15 2008
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I agree that we should have the site that will list the upcoming n future project of scanlation group. And I once thought to make that site. At first I thought to make just a simple table of what group doing what projects. But looks like it's not as simple as that.
Kal, for starter, I guess having a simple one will be worth trying.

Post #531823 - Reply to (#531821) by lame2846

4:23 am, Oct 16 2008
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Post #531824 - Reply to (#531823) by ratspootin
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5:39 am, Oct 16 2008
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Our punishment will not be swift or quick. It will be long and drawn out to the point that far in the future when you're looking back at all the horrible things that have happend in your life, you will wonder if they were pure happenstance, or the underhanded workings of the MU Admins.

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Post #531825 - Reply to (#531824) by Kaioh
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6:24 am, Oct 16 2008
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Apparently they're going to accuse you of indecency with a child.

Post #531826 - Reply to (#531800) by Kaioh

8:16 am, Oct 16 2008
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Oh! That's an excellent point! A little healthy competition is a good thing in my book. Saying you plan to do something is one thing, but demanding no other fans do the same project is an other thing entirely.

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Post #531827 - Reply to (#531803) by m64
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12:26 pm, Oct 16 2008
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Damn I sooo agree! It's driving me kinda crazy to see so many time and effort "wasted" on those two series when there's a million other great series awaiting to be scanlated.

Of course anyone can do as they wish but let's not forget that scanlations, and it's especially true for the Jump mangas, should only give us a peek of a series before it's properly published. I mean, isn't it contradictory to expect that we buy the published books and hereby "support the mangaka" if the scans are super HQ with awesome quality?

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Post #531828 - Reply to (#531827) by Lu-chan

8:23 pm, Oct 16 2008
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First of all, you're redundant. "if the scans are super HQ with awesome quality" HQ=high quality so it should already have awesome quality since that's the definition for high in this instance
Second, why should scanlators lower their quality just because people don't have enough of a conscious to buy the real books? You SHOULD buy the original books because you can compare the original Japanese to the English. Or you could buy the English versions to see if the copyright translators translated things the same as the scanlators. Also, you should buy the books to see if the scanlator is translating it or telling you a whole different story. It would be interesting if there was a series with a scanlator that wasn't even translating the story but making up their own, like the april fools' chapters.

Post #531829 - Reply to (#531816) by Manick

5:52 am, Oct 17 2008
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What a strange and perverted desire - "to do a project".
Normal people just want to see something they like translated, to share their joy with others...

Post #531830 - Reply to (#531807) by ZL11

9:05 pm, Oct 17 2008
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Actually with the YAOI community, speed and quality can go up at the same time. This is because there is usually less competition in the YAOI community and some groups will claim a project for months to years and then still put it out in shitty quality. If they have competition, they do it faster and actually worry enough about quality to do a decent job.

And really, even in the YAOI community, I know of a group just this month who tried to strong-arm out another group from taking one of their 50+ projects being worked on by their staff of 5. >_> Groups claiming more than what they can possibly release in 1 year is common practice for YAOI groups. sad

Post #531831 - Reply to (#531814) by hitonari

9:07 pm, Oct 17 2008
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I absolutely agree with this, and it's even worse when the group hogs the projects, doesn't work on them, and add even more projects to their list.

Post #531832 - Reply to (#531809) by Kalendel

9:11 pm, Oct 17 2008
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This is a very good idea, and best of luck implementing it!

Will there be a rule on maximum number of claims and/or maximum claim time without a release before it's up for grabs again? Because the idea sounds great, but also has the potential to be abused.

Post #531833 - Reply to (#531818) by Dr. Love
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10:04 pm, Oct 17 2008
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Biased? I've worked both sides of the fence, with both OP and KHR. If I had said that without any experience, I'd say my "general" bias would be based on watching the dog fights in JUMP projects just on the release page.

And, although there is claiming in the YAOI comm, there are those who are greedy and attempt to keep projects to themselves, strong arming other, smaller groups, I grant this. I don't actually support that either, but it's when everyone gets impolite and starts b*tching at each other that it all gets nasty.

In either case, communication should be polite and open, otherwise fights break out.

/experienced opinion

Post #531834 - Reply to (#531831) by naikan
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1:49 am, Oct 18 2008
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Most groups are working on things, actually. People like to sit around and bitch and moan about speed and whatnot...but I don't seem them editing or translating or scanning or any of the very expensive, very time consuming costs of scanlation. I don't see them offering to actually debind/destroy their copies of something so other people can enjoy it. Basically, people want something for nothing and a majority of the people enjoying scanlation have never actually done anything for it. Someone spends the time to do it...someone spends their money on the projects.

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Post #531835 - Reply to (#531833) by ZL11
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3:48 am, Oct 18 2008
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Hmm, that might be so...

Though I find it weird you say differently in another thread. hl=groups

Not only that, but the general consensus was that Shoujo groups are more possesive.

source: animenewsnetwork

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Post #531836 - Reply to (#531835) by Dr. Love
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8:43 am, Oct 18 2008
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Well, I think Shoujo groups talk to each other more (even to complain) and YAOI groups get nasty... I say that about YAOI groups because they DO tend to strong arm. I've been strong armed a couple of times, but frankly, in most cases, I don't care enough about a project to fight.

The JUMP thing didn't really hit me until KHR, and then it got nasty as hell. I was frankly shocked by it, both the scanlators and the fans. There was little discussion, just mostly complaining and undercutting.

I had posted that before that really set in with KHR. I had never had that issue before that with a shounen title.

That's it.

I've seen the squabbling over shoujo as well, and frankly none of it ends positively. I understand "claiming" is to help others know what's coming up, and to help other groups think of projects that they'd like to do OTHER than that one, but not as a means of fighting. That's just silly when there are SO many projects out there.

Then again, I can't be bothered to fight most of the time, but that's me.

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