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I need new reading material!!

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9:27 pm, Jan 10 2017
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I'm searching for mangas that usually include:

Male lead [unless Yuri]
Possessive lover/s [male, unless yuri]
Male lead falls in love first [unless Yuri]
Older male lead [unless Yuri]
Obsessive love
Jealousy [male mostly, unless yuri]

*If Yuri then then one female must be older, and the eldest would usually have one of these ?dark" qualities. Same with Male to female I'd prefers if the male has the ?darker? side.

The mangas don't have to have them all but at least two from the options above.

Please Exclude[unless]:

Yaoi [when it comes to Yaoi I usually like reading something like: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi]
Harem [Reverse Harem with the female lead having multiple male partners I accept]
Gender Bender [Unless Yuri where one female is Futanari(not the younger/youngest)]

I've tried the search and advance search options and most mangas I feel as if I've already read...please recommend mangas with good image quality. I usually stick to reading 2010<manga.

I won't care if the mangas are one shot or super long: Skip Beat ...but I would care if the ending is tragic! Please no sad endings where the male lead dies: Haou Airen . If the female lead dies I'll read-these usually lead me to tears and sometimes I need those lol.

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8:11 pm, Jan 16 2017
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Just wanted to ask first... Do you mind incest?

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Nice desu ne

2:31 am, Jan 17 2017
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Happy sugar life although I wouldn't describe it as a romance.
Serenade (Keum Kyesoo) The obsessive party comes from outside
Hmm I think there must be some others. But that's what comes to mind for now.

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5:55 pm, Jan 24 2017
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Nope. I'll accept incest.

Tried reading Happy Sugar life wasn't a big fan.

I'll see about Serendae. Thank you

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6:00 am, Jan 26 2017
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Hana yori dango

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7:14 am, Jan 26 2017
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Hana no Namae
Dramatic Love Album
Melodramatic Library

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