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New Poll - Favorite Protagonist of Top Sellers

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10:05 am, Jan 22 2023
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Of course Sakuragi Hanamichi. Still a huge fan of Slam Dunk throughout the years.
(aiming to watch the First Slam Dunk movie :> )

Other "current" protagonists are depicted as too OP characters, not to my taste.

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2:41 pm, Jan 22 2023
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For all that are wondering Where The White Women At? There are no manga with a female leads that sold at least 100 million copies. Sazae-san is the first female lead manga on the list at no 21. The runner-up is Boys Over Flowers at No 34. Finally, Glass Mask, InuYasha and Nana have 50 million copies in sales so one of them could be in the top 50 but not for long. 45 to 48 out of 50 have male leads and let's be honest, it will be 48/50 soon as some of them as Berserk, City Hunter (new films keep being made) or YuYu Hakusho (due to the Netflix show) have more room to grow than others. Cape shit and its adaptations have the same issue of course. Insert nerd rant about billion-dollar Brie Larson [here].

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3:49 pm, Jan 22 2023
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Shin-chan. It's part of my childhood so I'll go with that.

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6:45 pm, Jan 22 2023
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Sakuragi is the only right answer!!! he's one of a kind...

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7:44 pm, Jan 22 2023
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Sakuragi. He's simply the best 😃

Kinda surprised that Yamada Taro and Dokaben didn't make this list. Oh well.

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9:43 pm, Jan 23 2023
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It's between Conan and Luffy for me, I would pick both if allowed, but since Luffy is very likely come on top, I went Conan. It still amazes me how Case Closed can keep going after so long, though that means I was vindicated of stopped seeking it's update just cause it will run for so long. Maybe someday I will come back and read it once everything was concluded.


1:46 pm, Jan 24 2023
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Demon Slayer top10 bestselling manga? I will never believe it

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4:49 am, Jan 25 2023
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Doraemon is no longer in the top 10 best selling manga's. hasn't been for a while. Black Jack by Osama Tezuka should be on the poll.

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8:25 am, Jan 25 2023
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I have read at least some of all of these except for Golgo 13, including having finished Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Doraemon, and being caught up on One Piece and Detective Conan.

I voted Luffy

I am a One Piece simp

Let's just say that it's the #1 bestselling manga in history for a reason

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4:35 am, Jan 26 2023
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Definitely gotta go with Ryotsu on this one.

I knew he wasn't gonna get a lot of votes, since most of Kochikame isn't even translated, but... there's something so charming about his character.
Out of all the characters on this list, I'd say he's the most fun to read, perhaps being tied alongside Luffy in regards to just "fun" factor.
In terms of relatability, however, Ryo edges Luffy out for me. Luffy is just too childish for me to relate very much to him. I can appreciate his drive and passion, but he's too bold-headed for me to relate to. Ryo's got some childish quirks as well, but for the most part he comes across as a really everyman type of character who just likes to relax and enjoy life, which, for me, makes him very relatable.

You could argue that Nobita and Shin-chan are very similar in this regard, as well, but they're both children, and so children might be able to relate to them more easily... However, as an adult, especially a grown man who enjoys manga, anime, video games, model kits, drinking beer, and basically all of the other things Ryotsu likes, I feel like I can relate to Kankichi more closely. Then, on top of that, he's got that goofy side which makes him incredibly fun to see on the page, and it's always fun to see him try some foolish money-making scheme, as well, which just makes him the most likable out of all the characters on this list.

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5:32 am, Jan 26 2023
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ik this isnt related to votes, sorry, but replying to post above me: yeah, seems pretty good, gonna give it a read when i get really good at japanese (im learning it rn)

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7:21 pm, Jan 26 2023
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Ah, too bad Edward Elric (or Tsunayoshi Sawada) isn't in the option.. But I guess Conan would be my third option. I quite like him too. You could say Detective Conan was the first manga I read when I was little, so it held a quite nice memory. 😄

Other than that, I mostly love the support characters than the main characters. Like, instead of Naruto, I prefer Shikamaru. Or, instead of Tanjiro, I prefer Giyu Tomioka.

(Other than that, I haven't read the others--except Doraemon, and watched a little bit of Crayon Shin-chan's anime).

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7:21 am, Jan 27 2023
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Honestly, I didn't think about it until folks pointed it out, but it is pretty amazing how well Demon Slayer sold in its comparatively short run. It's also much more recent than everything else on the list, so it has the potential to sell even more and make it higher over time. Pretty incredible.

Anyway, Tanjiro would actually be my pick (though I never read Golgo 13, Slam Dunk, or Kochikame). I think Demon Slayer really falters near the end, but I enjoyed Tanjiro a lot as a protagonist, and he's one of the reasons I enjoyed the manga as much as I did.

If it had been Doraemon instead of Nobita on the poll though, it'd definitely be Doraemon LOL.


5:08 am, Jan 28 2023
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"None". Honestly, the Demon Slayer one is surprising. I mean, I enjoyed it, but it didn't have that special energy I felt from the big 3, or Inuyasha, or Eureka 7, or FMA, or... I could go on.

Then again, I feel like today's younger audience just doesn't care for that special something. They also don't care about plot holes and good writing as much as they used to. Maybe it's just a more broadly appealing manga?

Not saying Demon Slayer is poorly written, just wondering if the less discerning audience nowadays has something to do with its success?

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