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really good strategies, battle of wits

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3:14 am, Sep 30 2021
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Manga / manhwa / anime

- Saturated with battle of wits. Most eps/ch are abt outwitting their opponent
- Not so-so battle of wits. I like The Promised Neverland or better
- Most of the characters are smart, strategic
- Shows their thought process, how they quickly think of new strategies when their plan didn't worked

- Their first plan don't always work (not invincible)
- Not boring to watch.. Likable and interesting characters
- The story has development

PTR: Liar Game

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5:03 am, Sep 30 2021
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Try Blue Lock

I love gender bender and delinquent manga
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11:37 pm, Sep 30 2021
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2:15 am, Oct 1 2021
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If you haven't, try Death Note
Another classic piece: Monster
Unfinished: Kurosagi

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