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Reading . Manga  
by Q C4r4j0
October 9th, 2020, 2:50pm
Rating: N/A
Just thinking at : Johan liebhert exist and multiplicate him × 2 × 3 etc in this real world.. givesme goosebumps..
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How to not make a series (Anime review)  
by Shellshock
July 10th, 2020, 7:52am
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
Monster is the story about Doctor Tenma. He risks his career and reputation to save a small boy rather than an official. Which leads to Tenma losing his promotion amongst other things. Afterwards a string of murders occur benefiting Tenma so he ends up as the primary suspect. So now he goes on a journey to clear his name and put a stop to the person making these murders.

I don't know how the author makes something with a premise this badass boring, but he did it. It has a very good and nice premise but by far one of the worst executions i have ever seen. It is a series that stumbles on the very first step. Its fucking boring. It isn't just a slow series. It makes the first half of clannad look like fucking sonic. I understand the appeal of a laid back slow paced series. But this shit is beyond excessive. It is like if one piece was all about Luffy using the boat and finding the one piece. Without any of the action, any of the banter, likability, and general entertainment. It literally is a walking simulator without any of the interesting parts. It established the premise and expected that to carry for the rest of the series. I don't understand why they author thought that was a good idea.

The main villain is this autistic dumbass who needs a haircut, who's entire thing is pointing its finger at its forehead. Thats pretty much all it does. It is also really odd that this was the thing that the author decided to pick as a villain. There is the main lackey who is 14% more charming that the main villain. But thats not really an achievement considering the absolute flat characters most of the cast already is.

Un-entertaining and uninteresting should be the description of this series. It is ridiculous how the author made a 6 episode mini series and decided to strech it to 74 fucking episodes. Really the only interesting part about the series is who the main villain talks to the detective and i think that is the only murder the main villain did on screen (kind of). The OST was really the only good part about this series. But its so ill timed as the pump up music. When they walk slightly faster. It is so insane how much OST is wasted on this series

There is an entire episode where the Tenma gets gas. The series is just so blatant of wasting your time and does not hide it a ll. The author could've have made a medicore movie instead he opted for making the most boring anime of all time. The series main point is this philosophical nonsense like its the first series to ever do that but it does so by sacrificing every single thing an entertaining is supposed to be. How am i supposed to question the characters view points when you made them the most flat and 1 dimensional as possible? Just cuz you make them say interesting things doesn't mean the characters themselves became interesting. Lack of variety, Entertainment., Enjoyably. All these parts were missing in this series.

This is a boring series and a bad series. However really the series was just somewhat bad throughout but its really the ending where all these parts which are kinda bad become absolutely awful. the author decides that he's actually biggest asshole on the planet and gives the audience a huge middle finger by giving the most bullshit open ended nonsense he could give. Its like the author decided to put spikes under you finger nails when he's already forcing you to sit in lava. I do not understand the point of this ending. Not only is completly and utterly fucking stupid. It actually restarts the series to episode 1. It basically means that you watched this thing for nothing to change. You are back to where you started.

None of the characters in this series make a lasting impression. Not to you nor to the main characters. You can actually watch a hentai series come back to it and miss absolutely nothing. The only thing that changes throughout this series is B.K. Lunge who is now 4% nicer to his daughter.

This is such a massive disappointment for me. It's almost impossible for me to believe a series this beloved in the community is something i hated this much. This series has about as much depth as a kiddie except a kiddie pool would probably have more depth.

TLDR: This is bad series and the ending isn't giving it any favours. This is what people should watch when you want to know how to not make an anime. This is the 101 on making a bad and boring anime. I was actually gonna give it a 2/10 originally but typing it all out. Wow this is a horribly written series. MAL scoring system does it perfectly. Appalling 1/10

... Last updated on August 11th, 2020, 1:30pm
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by Anonymous
June 28th, 2020, 4:47pm
Rating: N/A
Story: 10/10
Art: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Quality Polish Edition: 5/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Overall: 8.6/10
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Disappointing end  
by Sburator
July 30th, 2019, 8:35am
Rating: 4.0 / 10.0
Epsodic manga and with a open ending.
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Haunting and addictive  
by jackalan
February 20th, 2019, 9:10am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
I still remember a few years back, I finally gave in to the raves of Urasawa Naoki and read this as his first work. It was a fateful and frightening night of my life. In my head I thought: How good could this be? How great could this mangaka be? And I couldn't stop reading through the night, until my eyes finally gave in at dawn. But as I went to sleep, I was unsettled, worried and eager.

I finished Monster in 2 days. Just marathon and breaks/stops only to do necessary things (eating, hygiene, etc.) I couldn't catch my breath if I'd just pause. Thankfully, at the time, the scalation was completed. Never before did I feel such fearsome presentation: a true thriller that is yet any title to match. And I loved it! The sensations, the mysteries, the daunting yet accelerating task that was to cross the finish line no matter what, through my skins, bones, and unto my mind.

Time passes. I have yet to re-read this. I'm afraid I might get too addicted, my heart'd ring as it is shaken. Maybe some other time. For sure, this is one of the best, most impressionable, most memorable, and most mesmerising works I've read. Truly deserving awards and so much, much more.
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Overrated but okay  
by nozomiEX
December 7th, 2018, 5:38pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
There's a lot of disappointment awaiting you if you go in expecting a masterpiece (from the get-go, the characters and situations are incredibly cartoonish and it never really rises above this) but if you set aside any expectation of exploration of some of the deeper themes Monster dredges up, you can have an okay thriller. It misses the mark in being a missive with a developed thesis on guilt and responsibility in favor of presenting you with a more pulpy action narrative, and some of it gets to the point of eye-rolling stupidity, but, for better or worse, this is a work that people will be talking about for a long time to come, and it's not so bad to spend a week reading it at your leisure.
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Good premise, not so good execution  
by NazarethSTG
April 20th, 2016, 4:28am
Rating: 5.0 / 10.0
The premise of this manga is very interesting, a doctor who risks his prestige to do what he thinks is morally correct.

Sadly, the manga soon follows a completely different direction full of Urasawa's tropes: implausible events and ridiculous plot twist after ridiculous plot twist. It would have been much more interesting if it had followed the initial premise.
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Intriguing, but...  
by calstine
September 21st, 2015, 5:48am
Rating: 9.4 / 10.0
In terms of plot, this manga is my least favourite out of the Naoki Urasawa power trio of Monster, 20 Seiki Shounen and Pluto. I know that view is in direct antithesis to majority opinion, as this is unarguably the most popular out of the three in both Japan and on this site, but Monster is basically about a bunch of people who don't have the guts to empty a clip or two into the brain of a guy who goes around killing people (most of whom are good people) just 'cos he feels like it. And their indecision and misplaced sympathies destroy about 50 more lives into the bargain, despite there being no earthly reason for any of them to hesitate in killing him: he ruined all of their lives and killed most of their loved ones. By all rights, none of them should have a problem finishing him off, especially as he stands unarmed in front of them while they have loaded weapons. In Pluto, no one knew who the villain was; in 20 Seiki Shounen, they knew, but could never get close enough to him to do what had to be done. In Monster? Even at the very end, there was nothing but hesitation in the main characters' actions when facing down Johan.

Johan is the next big issue. He doesn't want anything: not power, not money/possessions, not popularity/recognition, not influence. He's not a sadist who is aroused or excited by killing. He's not an adrenaline junkie. He's not delusional. He didn't suffer any particular trauma in his childhood: it was a difficult childhood, yes, but not a hugely traumatic one. Why on earth does he murder so many people? It's not desire/lust, not megalomania, not greed, not insanity, not survival instinct, not vengefulness, not...anything. He is nothing. I know this was intentional, was meant to drive home the point that he was The Monster, but, to me, he just ended up being an annoyance. I seriously doubt there's a single person in this world, serial murderer or no, who kills for absolutely no reason. (Maybe it's just weird to me because I'm not Christian/Catholic and therefore don't believe in absolute evil. Many people are born evil, yes, but even evil people have various reasons for killing. If nothing else, they don't do it willy-nilly because murder's too much of a hassle to go through unless you get something big out of it, while Johan has trivial characters who barely even knew his name/looks killed off because of heaven-only-knows what)

That being said, the mangaka is Naoki Urasawa, so... The plot twists are brilliant. The story-telling is stellar. The flashbacks are perfectly timed and skilfully portrayed. The emotions are incredibly moving, which is a real compliment coming from me because I find most emotional scenes in fiction to be ludicrous. The art is fitting, and everyone looks so unique that despite the huge cast, it's nigh impossible to confuse one character with another. The people (save for Johan) are actual people with a diverse variety of pasts, backgrounds, dreams and hopes -- not cardboard cut-outs who only mirror the author's directions. Tl;dr -- Monster incorporates elements many thrillers fail at and does them justice -- hence my high rating.

If only Johan had been more well-rounded as a villain (apart from "evil genius," he was a total blank) and the circumstances of his continued existence less absurd (it's basically: "The MC's got cold feet so the Big Bad escaped...again") Monster would have got 10/10 from me.

... Last updated on September 21st, 2015, 7:15am
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Mysterious Ending for Mysterious People  
by alicewhite3151998
May 17th, 2014, 9:33am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
Let me start by first saying....One of the best endings so far I have read in manga!
This manga is a really good read, not gonna lie. It's really fascinating and consistently it made me want to read more. Sometimes I thought it could of been more fast pace, but it those instances you had to really read to get why Naoki added in what he did. All the people and the plot connected with each other really well and I am happy to say that I read this.
I would of liked it more if the author told us more about Jonah's past and what he dealt with. I liked those parts especially; adding into the story of the monsters was genius.
About the ending... I thought it was really interesting. It gives you enough room to draw your own conclusion and still be guessing.
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Amazing manga  
by chaechaeboi
March 28th, 2014, 8:26pm
Rating: 9.9 / 10.0
The way this series work is it shows you an incomplete picture or puzzle then it gives you those missing pieces so you think you have the whole image but then it zooms out and the picture is more intricate and larger than you previously imagined. It does this repeatedly and keeps the viewer involved with the story. My only hang-up was that I did not like the ending. I'd recommend this if you love psychological and mystery manga. The majority of question that I raised going through this series were answered.
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