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What are scenes or chapters that made you cry?

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8:18 am, Apr 24 2012
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when merry died, I really cried...
definitely the most touching scene in One Piece (for me)...

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6:57 pm, May 7 2012
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I cried when Merry was gone. I brawled when it spoke to everyone So glad they did a mini merry.
I sniffled when we found out about Brook and the whale
I sniffled when zoro took the pain for luffy.
I was in super shock when they killed off Ace.....also super annoyed since he was one of my favorite character. I loved seeing luffy and him bond.

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Master of Tangents

7:49 pm, May 7 2012
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When Robin said she wanted to live.

It's one of the only scenes in fiction that has ever been able to make me cry.

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11:43 pm, Jun 2 2012
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I cried when
-ace died
-merry's wreckage
-zoro's badassness when he takes all the pain from luffy
-robin's past and declaration
and I sniffled on all sad moments

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Noblesse Forever!

1:42 am, Jun 3 2012
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The only thing which made me cry was Ace's death. He was my favourite character in One Piece....
I also cried when Garp visits his hometown where Dadan beats him for allowing Ace to die and telling that Luffy's is the one who is suffering the most.

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HanaTsuki Hime

3:38 am, Jun 3 2012
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Ace & Merry cry

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4:27 am, Jun 3 2012
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When Ace died and Merry sank. Almost every backstory makes me still cry and I was really touched and happy when everybody was back together after 2 years timeskip :'>


4:37 am, Jun 3 2012
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1. Nami's past
2. chopper's and doctorine's goodbye
3. When franky tried to stop the bot
4. The battle of alabasta
5. Robin's "I WANT TO LIVE!" and her past, (imagine 18 years with no one to trust, and having been betrayed by EVERYTHING, its enough to make anyone give up and cry)
6. Ace's death
My top when I really cried
7.When I thought that bon-chan died! I actually leaped for joy when It was shown that he?/she? is alive again! WOOOH!

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