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4:30 am, Nov 28 2013
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I into Philosophy these days , i wanna same philosophy Manga.
Deeper is better


4:53 am, Nov 28 2013
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5:54 am, Nov 28 2013
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^ Seriously? :\

On the request: you probably won't find many series focused solely on philosophy (because, you know, manga-reading audience), but there are a few series that address various philosophical aspects on the side. A few that come to mind:

7 seeds: The various people, even the various groups in this series all have different outlooks on life, and that initially leads them to clash. Their evolving views however are extremely interesting to read about, and after some initially painful phases, you'll also be rewarded with some of the best character development in any series. Basara of the same author apparently also does this to a degree, but I haven't read it yet.

Vagabond and Choukakou: both start with mostly hot-headed protagonists, but they eventually grow in maturity as they confront the needs and realities of the people.

Real: It's about disabled basketball players.

Death Note: I guess you know this one.

Psycho-pass: I watched the anime, actually, so you could check it out too. In this world, a system is created to monitor stress levels and assign people to jobs based on their competence. There is the question of whether that is worth one's freedom.

You could also check out the series by URASAWA Naoki and ASANO Inio, both explore the human condition.

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6:09 am, Nov 28 2013
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No. 5
The End
The World is Mine
Eden - It's an Endless World!

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Quote from purple716
Is there any manga where the male lead has an illness known as stomach ulcers.Yaoi are fine top.
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6:31 am, Nov 28 2013
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i may confuse psychological manga and philosophical manga, sorry

kimi no knife - about justice and who can enforce it
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - the power of state and the citizens' function
Marie no Kanaderu Ongaku - what is reality, what is god
Bokura no Hikari Club - group mentality
Hotel - loyalty
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan - value of right and wrong, and the validity of death sentence
Kirihito Sanka - are human made in the image of god?
Nijigahara Holograph - taoist philosophy - where time is circular and one should free oneself
Bradherley no Basha -do the need of the many outweigh the life of the few?
Franken Fran - the sanctity of human life - should we save life however we can?
Scientia - are some things 'taboo' for the good of the society or hindrance to development?
Coo no Sekai - what is reality what is dream

...a novel called sophie's world will be very interesting to you.

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7:25 am, Nov 28 2013
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ES (Eternal Sabbath)
Mugen no Juunin better known as Blade of the Immortal

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7:40 am, Nov 28 2013
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Manga by:

KOIKE Kazuo, for example:
Kubikiri Asa revolves around shougun's master executioner. The manga is basically a collection of whydunits. Asa strives to find the reason for the crimes of those beheaded so he may be able to deal justice to the criminals. His idea is "hate the crime, not the criminal".
Kozure Ookami also revolves around shougun's master executioner, but this one is named Ookami Ittou. Yagyuu clan tries to exterminate Ookami clan and frame Ookami Ittou so he'll be sentenced to commit seppuku, but he and his young son survive and start a quest for vengeance.

URASAWA Naoki, e.g.:
Monster; a Japanese doctor working in Germany saves a young boy from a gunshot to the head, and from that starts a series of events that forces the doctor to abandon his current life and search for answers for the boy's dark past and correct the mistake he made when he saved the boy's life.
Pluto is about a detective who tries to find who (or what) is going about destroying seven the most powerful robots created.

TATSUMI Yoshihiro the inventor of "gekiga" manga.

Kiseijuu is a manga about parasites that invade human brains and take control of their bodies, killing and eating other humans. And a boy who evades the invasion and has his hand taken over instead, trying to fight the other parasites.

Skyhigh protagonist is Izuko, gatekeeper of the Gate of Grudges who lets those died with a grudge to either go to heaven, stay on earth as a ghost or haunt and kill someone and then go to hell.

Takemitsu Zamurai is about a weird and mysterious rounin who starts living in Edo and becomes a teacher for children. As the story goes on you learn about him and his mysterious past.

Vagabond tells the story of the famous rounin Miyamoto Musashi and partly that of Sasaki Kojirou.

Destination is a state of mind.
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I have a big

9:48 am, Nov 28 2013
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Also the Reflections on Human Existence tag.


9:56 am, Nov 28 2013
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Shikeishuu 042

actually I never saw a manga about philosophy,
if you are interested in philosophy in general I would recommend you read "A History of Western Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell

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11:13 am, Nov 28 2013
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I think Olympos was rather philosophical (it's pretty good too). There is also a philosophical tag.

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5:29 pm, Nov 28 2013
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Quote from Mizura
^ Seriously? :\

Obviously never read Akumetsu.

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