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New Poll - Spending on Anime/Manga

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11:46 pm, Apr 29 2011
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The initial idea for this poll comes from Karonhioktha, but the question itself and the choices are all my own. To keep things more or less consistent, plus enter the total in US dollars. Estimate and convert if you have to. Please be honest. You can interpret the question as "goods" referring to any sort of merchandise related to anime/manga.

You can discuss this poll on our forums here:

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related):

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Anime adaptations of a manga (or vice versa)...
Must follow the same, exact story - votes: 2701 (22.8%)
Can only add a tiny bit of originality - votes: 5947 (50.3%)
Can take liberty in what parts to adapt - votes: 1699 (14.4%)
Don't have to follow anything from the original - votes: 393 (3.3%)
Don't care - votes: 1092 (9.2%)
There were 11832 total votes.
The poll ended: April 30th 2011

The vast majority prefers the adaptation to be more or less exactly the same as the original. Now I wonder that if you liked the series on one medium, would you want to watch/read the same series on another medium even though it was the same content?

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3:11 am, Apr 30 2011
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It really depends on the year. A couple years ago I spent a lot, mostly on doujinshi. Not so much last year, none this year.

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5:54 am, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 527

Strange. I was just pondering whether to get a dakimakura with Ikaros, Nymph, Sora, Yuu, or Saber Lily.


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7:56 am, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 3

A majority of people have spent nothing to under 100 dollars, I feel bad since I'd spent over ~$2000 last year on figures and what not. Hopefully this year it'll be a lot lower.

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8:35 am, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 59

I spend around 100-500 each year. I don't really buy throughout the year, but at Christmas, I have a big spending spree, since I usually get money. It's also a bit cheaper, since I buy the japanese volumes rather than the english ones…

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10:39 am, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 39

If I had enough money, I'd buy collections of all of the series I like, even the unlicensed, non-English ones ):

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2:59 pm, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 23

I spend $1,000-$2,000 a year on manga & illustration books (like pixiv annual), about $1,000 on figures, and $500-$1,000 on anime.

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4:28 pm, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 72

I'm still a student so I can't spend a lot of money but when I start making money, I'll buy a lot of manga-related stuff. Mostly will be on wallpapers because I love them. Since I read a lot of historical / fantasy / adventure, the wallpapers are amazing. Then I'll scan them and make a fan site.

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4:52 pm, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 27

Does cosplay count? =D Honestly, I spend over $100-200 on figures..etc. per year but adding cosplay would add another hundred probably.

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6:04 pm, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 25

Lots of my friends ask me "Why buy manga when it's available on the internet?" which makes me kind of sad. I do try to buy manga that I absolutely adore, but my room does have limited space.

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6:51 pm, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 335

i do not see my hobby in manga/animu has anything to do with my professional, academic, or even social life. so, i spent accordingly. not more than a hundred. for you good sirs and mams, if your hobby broaden your social life and your life is improved by it, i think its fine to spent more.

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7:44 pm, Apr 30 2011
Posts: 546

Maybe 200-300ish per year for the last couple of years. And some of that was gifts. It would probably be more, but I hold back due to lack of income. ^^;

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5:20 pm, May 1 2011
Posts: 55

It's pretty depressing to see that nearly 40% of the poll doesn't spend ANYTHING. :/ (I could make a snarky comment about supporting the industry but I won't)

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Obsessive Otaku

1:42 am, May 2 2011
Posts: 71

if the anime/manga goods were available in my country i would definitely buy it.


6:39 am, May 2 2011
Posts: 27

I buy stuff, but there's rarely any manga or anime where I live, you know, the things I'd actually spend lots on, so I end up buying a couple of figurines and some such.

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