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Manga where a female character becomes a vessel?

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3:22 pm, Mar 14 2024
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I've read the Tokage Manga and I was wondering if there are any similar manga where a female character becomes a vessel/host for a powerful being?

And the powerful being at first seemed evil but turns out to be a good fella as well.

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3:31 am, Mar 15 2024
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I can't really think of anything that directly fits the asked for description, but from reading the description of Tokage, I think I can recommend a few things you (might) be interested in.

Shikabane Hime (male main character, relies on female character similar to the one in Tokage)
Zombie-Loan (female main character)
Inuyasha (both end up leading the story at various points)

There's a story about a girl becoming the god of a shrine who gets a male kitsune familiar. I can't remember the name.

Sorry, I can't really do much more.

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6:28 am, Mar 17 2024
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I don't know about vessel but like.... Possession from a other worldly being?

Yuki wa Jigoku ni Ochiru no ka
QQ Sweeper
Shaman Girl
Eris no Seihai

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12:03 am, Mar 18 2024
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the 17yr old me went immediately to
if the only person dying is the MC over and over again that supernatural must be a pretty good fella

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