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Categories (Tags) Bug Thread

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From User Message Body
Post #487764 - Reply to (#487715) by lynira
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10:06 am, Aug 7 2011
Posts: 846

Quote from lynira
Quote from VampireBanana
Ero-guro tag and Guro tag actually mean the same thing: erotic grotesque nonsense.

They should be merged into Ero-guro.
At first I was thinking that guro might mean just grotesque (non-erotic gore, etc.) and so maybe we should leave it, but then if that was true, Guro and Gore tags should be merged. Anyway, as I understand it, guro is just short for ero-guro (which is short for ero guro nansensu, which is waseieigo for erotic grotesque nonsense)--so I'll merge Guro and Ero-Guro into Ero-Guro. (And of course, if I find any non-erotic gore, etc. series listed under Ero-Guro, I'll move them to more appropriate tags.)

Hmmmm... *goes into thinking mode*. If I'm not wrong, ero-guro also includes non-pornographic, non-violent titles.And of course, gory doesn't mean guro since it's also about the atmosphere, the themes and so on. I think this description best fits that category(from wikipedia):

Ero guro puts its focus on eroticism, sexual corruption and decadence. While ero guro is a specific movement, many of its components can be found throughout Japanese history and culture.[citation needed]
The term is often used incorrectly by western audiences to mean "gore"—depictions of horror, blood, and guts. In actuality the "grotesque" term implies malformed, unnatural or horrific. Items that are pornographic and bloody are not necessarily ero guro, and ero-guro is not necessarily pornographic or bloody.

Hmmm... looks like this is one of the better definitions I've seen on the net as people keep insisting it's all about blood and gore. bigrazz Thanks for merging the 2 tags.

Post #488695 - Reply to (#486686) by Akatsubaki
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1:57 am, Aug 11 2011
Posts: 437

Quote from comel ed+Males d+Male

Could you change this Red Hair into Red Hair Female Lead/s? I've already checked the titles.
I added Red Hair Male Lead/s tag.
And I'm planning to make categories based on the hair color of the protagonists. Is it okay?

Hm, all the categories you mentioned are gone. I remember there being some other hair color tags in the past, and I don't see those anymore either. So... I guess that means the answer must be a no. It's probably because those categories would all be really huge, and they're not so uncommon/noteworthy.

Edit:I'm having second thoughts about the Mermaid/Merman tag... a long time ago, I combined the Mermaid and Merman tags cause there weren't that many and I thought it'd be easier. But, since we decided recently that the other animal-person tags should be split into sexes, and mermaids and mermen are basically fish-people, I'll split that into sexes too. I'm going to go ahead and do that right now, but if anyone has any objections, just let me know, and I'll consider changing it back.

Last edited by lynira at 2:51 am, Aug 11

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Post #488965
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1:17 am, Aug 12 2011
Posts: 538

I just came across a Supernatural Elements tag. I think that's pretty well covered by the Supernatural genre.

Post #488988
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3:53 am, Aug 12 2011
Posts: 80

i was looking for Split Personality manga and came across both Split Personality and alter ego tags. just wondering if they should be merged as they are about the same thing

Post #489000 - Reply to (#488988) by kayazala
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4:57 am, Aug 12 2011
Posts: 146

Quote from kayazala
i was looking for Split Personality manga and came across both Split Personality and alter ego tags. just wondering if they should be merged as they are about the same thing

I'd leave them since, though they are similar, they're both distinct. I'll use an example.

Split Personality: Subject A had a horrible childhood experience and due to the trauma developed several personalities to cope with the stress.

Alter Ego: Subject Q, when with her close friends, acts cheerful and friendly. However, the reality is that she leads a secret double life and if her close friends found out about it, they'd never look at her the same way again.

The first is out of your control for the most part whereas the second is more like a mask that you can put on and take off at will.

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Post #489024 - Reply to (#488988) by kayazala
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Site Admin

7:29 am, Aug 12 2011
Posts: 2275

Quote from kayazala
i was looking for Split Personality manga and came across both Split Personality and alter ego tags. just wondering if they should be merged as they are about the same thing

It all depends on how "alter ego" is used.

Batman is Bruce Wayne's alter ego... but Bruce does not have two distinct personalities.
Also, Clark Kent is Supes alter ego. Again, Superman does not have 2 personalities.

(baring any episode/comic that creates a "split" personality for the plot, I'm talking over the whole series)

Now, there are two categories that are probably the same as SP tag. "Dissociative identity disorder" and "Double Personality"; however, I don't know if the DP series enough to be sure. DID is the correct term of "Split Personality", "multiple personalities", or "multiple personality disorder", but I do not think many people are aware of this and/or would understand what it means... which keeps people using split/multiple personalities on the site.

SO, fellow admins... which shall we use?

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Post #494868
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9:22 pm, Sep 7 2011
Posts: 325

How about a "Rare hair colour" category or something similar? I understand that colours itself might be too much, but if it's rare for a character in a manga, it might be worth considering.
Example: Akagami no Shirayukihime

Post #495262
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Site Admin

12:55 am, Sep 10 2011
Posts: 162

You might want to read more shounen. Red hair is hardly rare.

Post #495340
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11:23 am, Sep 10 2011
Posts: 325

I've read enough shounen and I also read a lot of shoujo with green-haired, purple-haired characters. So I do know that unique hair colours - for example red - are not uncommon in mangas or manhwas.
So there's no point in a "red/green/blue/else (coloured) hair colour".

But - and that's what I meant - there are (historical) mangas where people with a special hair colour are very rare and are admired/discriminated against. Like the example I have given.

In other words, I agree: a "red hair colour" is indeed troublesome. I don't understand however why a "rare hair colour" category should be the same. May I hear your thoughts?

Post #495382
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Site Admin

5:33 pm, Sep 10 2011
Posts: 162

I don't understand what you would categorize as "Rare Red Hair". Can you explain what the category would entail in more detail than "Characters with red hair in manga where red hair is rare" (a highly subjective category that might as well be "Characters with red hair")?

Post #495387
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Archon Solon

5:58 pm, Sep 10 2011
Posts: 8529

Category is too easy to misinterpret, so no

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Post #495388 - Reply to (#495387) by lambchopsil
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6:08 pm, Sep 10 2011
Posts: 797

Quote from lambchopsil
Category is too easy to misinterpret, so no

Maybe call it something different, maybe more specific, like "discrimination due to hair color"?

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Post #495398
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6:54 pm, Sep 10 2011
Posts: 325

ahh, okay. So "Rare hair colour" - not "red hair colour" - is no good because it's too easy to misinterpret and "discrimination due to hair colour" is in my eyes pretty much covered with "discrimination" alone.
I also agree that "Characters with a hair colour where that hair colour is rare" is too subjective and no good. It's similar with the "Rare hair colour", too much misinterpretation.

The most I can think of is too subjective. Even if I wouldn't use "hair", it's the same with "appearance". Outstanding, eye-catching, noticeable appearances can apply to half of all shoujo mangas :/ (And it's too positive)

Anyway, thanks for clearing up the problems around my suggestion, sorry for taking your time ^^

Post #495401

7:02 pm, Sep 10 2011
Posts: 13

Also on the topic of "too easy to misinterpret," I put forward the following tags:
"Beautiful Female Lead," "Beautiful Male Lead," "Handsome Male Lead," "Good Looking Male Lead," "Good-Looking Male Lead," "Beautiful Male Character," "Beautiful Characters," "Beautiful Couple," "Beautiful Family," "Bishoujo" and "Bishounen."

And while I was looking, these two probably should be combined:
"Manly/Handsome Female" & "Handsome Female Lead"

Last edited by Maris at 11:16 pm, Sep 11

Post #496765
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9:43 am, Sep 18 2011
Posts: 846

Erm, anyone know where the category "neotare" disappeared off to?

Was it merged into another category or... ?

Thanks! smile

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