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Quality vs. Speed (mangapirate case)

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From User Message Body
Post #570678
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2:13 am, Sep 20 2012
Posts: 878

...Can't we all just get along?

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Post #570681
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2:44 am, Sep 20 2012
Posts: 25

Yea, let's just all get along~ Peace is good biggrin

Post #570683
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2:56 am, Sep 20 2012
Posts: 13

I usually prefer to have higher quality manga. I don't mind waiting a little longer to get better manga, although I will still read it if it's not done well.

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Post #570720
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9:06 am, Sep 20 2012
Posts: 60

Sorry for posting here as the other appropriate thread is closed and I am really not interested in making an account on MP.
TheLord please dont give me the false credits. What I said is completly different from your what you said. I never said Batoto is in same league as of MangaFox.
Batoto is thousand times better than MangaPirates and MangaFox. Like podlizurko said MP asks for donations when they shouldnt be seeing they are doing webcomics which are available on net for free;unless they are asking money for internet connection.
Furthermore the reader(+other manga listing pages) is full of ads and I am 100% sure the revenue earned can be enough to pay for servers or even buy new ones. Have you ever checked EGS or Batoto reader? I am not talking about the services their reader offers but the ads displayed. They have ads but few and yes far less annoying than yours and they dont take the whole screen. So I really dont understand if Batoto can pay for its LARGE servers from few ads while for MP revenue earned from ads is not enough? They are in such conditions to ask for donations?

@podlizurko:Sorry pod like I said claims can be only based on proofs and unfortuantely neither of us have one to prove ourselves right.
Sorry for diverting from the topic.Please understand it wasnt intentional.
Thank You.

Post #570777
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8:56 pm, Sep 20 2012
Posts: 471

if this thread talking solely about mangapirate, i dont have any 'qualification' to say anything. i dont read webtoon.

but in quality vs speed question, i just want readable scan with reasonable speed. the best I personally experience is with Nerieru, who scan Kyou kara Ore wa!!, and manage to give great scan one chapter a day. but i dont expect much from other scan - a chapter every two weeks or every month is enough, as long as the poor manga is completed. i mostly read completed manga anyway, so it will be nice for good scan.

Post #570850

12:42 pm, Sep 21 2012
Posts: 116

Personally I would have no problem with mangapirate if they did new manga instead of scanlating manga that others already are scanlating(not to mention they're doing it better). Complete waste of your skills and time.

Also, get a quality checker since you've got quite a bit of poor grammar scattered around.

Post #571368
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7:36 pm, Sep 25 2012
Posts: 60

Main problems with you MangaPirates (other than the many obvious ones):

1.Your grammar sucks and please dont tell me about mine as I consulted my friend who is good in english before posting here.Also many other good english speaking members are pointing out that so the probability I am wrong is pretty low. Check out your afterwords page as a small example.
I did noticed few mistakes in translations after comparing some chapters but I wont mention it as I dont know what was mentioned in the original.

2. I will acknowledge you for cleaning sfx but as podlizuko pointed out you hardly do any redrawing and try to hide it by using some larger(bigger than the original) fonts.
You should really learn how to properly ripp-off images from Naver and editing them seeing that the quality of your image is pretty low as compared to any other scanlators image. I am speaking rubish? If you think so then please check out images from TOG or Noblesse done by quality groups. Just so you dont misunderstand,I am not talking about cleaning/typsetting...I am referring to image resolution and quality. This is also a difference in quality,right? Seems like pirate copy can never be good as original?

3. Your manga reader sucks. It doesnt matters if you will say its new or whatever. I really wonder what you do with those donations and ad-revenue money as your reader is no more good that an average pc image viewer and slow as turtle.(My net connection is damn fast and so is my pc). Not to mention the way those terrible ads occupy the screen. Want examples of good readers? I wont mention EGS or Batoto as you will say that I am biased (plus they offer onestrip format) so please check out red hawk or fool rulez reader. There are many other good readers but I dont have much time luxury to remember them them and write here. Ask people and they will tell you thousand examples.
Maybe you can copy a good reader? No pun intended.
Use donations for the purpose you asked them in the first place.

Last edited by tragicking at 7:53 pm, Sep 25

Post #571445 - Reply to (#571368) by tragicking
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The H Emperor

9:40 am, Sep 26 2012
Posts: 501

Use donations for the purpose you asked them in the first place.

Wow, you actually said something I want to tell to a lot of groups on the net.

You see there are groups that end up with nothing because they actually use the donations for what they wrote about....those end up dying sometimes too since they don't have that big a user-base.

Then there are groups that find free raws, got free space and uses free filehosting places and still bitches about donations for server cost, lol.

Out of both groups there's only a rarity of groups that actually show people how much money they got in donations and how they used it. If they got too much they would actually tell people that they would use this for the next month/raws.

It's a shame we don't see this behavior from everyone who asks for donations...You'd think they got lots of things to hide, right? ^^

Post #571557
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7:06 am, Sep 27 2012
Posts: 25

Wow this tragiking guy is totally butthurt huh? he so mad~~~~~ XD love seein this kid freak out so much laugh

keep it up! ^^b

Post #571562 - Reply to (#571445) by T1
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8:45 am, Sep 27 2012
Posts: 60

Quote from T1
Wow, you actually said something I want to tell to a lot of groups on the net...

wink Till now I have only found one group whom I want to say it. cool And I hope it only stays to one.

Quote from youni89
Wow this tragiking guy is totally butthurt huh? he so mad~~~~~ XD love seein this kid freak out so much laugh

keep it up! ^^b

IFirst of all its "tragiCking" (dont worry about that) and secondly I dont have a single reason to be butthurt or mad because of someone like you. I was just trying to tell the reasons why I think some people think your site sucks. Instead of getting mad on me,you should remember those points and try to improve on them.
It will also awaken those "two sleepy fans" of yours who no matter what happens cant accept the reality and always cheers for you.
Instead of wasting your time in pointless reply to divert from topic and remove your frustation,why dont you answer me whether I am wrong or not on those three points? Prove me wrong if I am.

Post #571697
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Noblesse Forever!

12:06 pm, Sep 28 2012
Posts: 1067

I am sure that "sleepy fan" was used for me and someone else.
Just to tell you - I am not their Fan and neither I was in the past.
Just because I didnt mad-mouthed them doesnt means I love them.
I sure supported them but the only reason is that I read their scans sometimes. I fall in "Read them Both" category.....meaning I read fast scans just to satisfy my curiousity and then read the quality scans. Also,dont you think a thread will get boring if only one side is prevailing?
And I have hardly even read 2 times their scans this whole month because I was patient enough.
What they might be doing is probably wrong and thats the reason I only support their scanlation part. I have never read a single chapter on their site not done by them and nor I support their aggregiation part of their site.
I dont think I will criticise their scanlation part unless they really do something terrible. For me they were always just a 'fast group' to satisfy my curiousity till the quality scans were available.

User Posted Image
Post #571727

7:18 pm, Sep 28 2012
Posts: 116

Oy youni. People are giving you feedback here.

Seriously - get a quality checker, do series that nobody is scanlating yet(like fuck we need another group to do Naruto or Bleach), and your online viewer seriously sucks.

To expand on the viewer - first off, don't place the ads on the left as that really ruins layout of the page, second off - preload next few images via JS and third off, add keyboard shortcuts.

Post #571728
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Grateful leecher

7:43 pm, Sep 28 2012
Posts: 22

I don't get it... Personally I prefer quality to speed, especially when the gap in quality is so freaking huge and the time difference is but a few days.
I don't get why a group would begin scanlating a manga that is already being scanlated at a decent rate and with decent quality confused
Even though I might just be an ungrateful leecher doing this doesn't benefit anyone... sad

Post #571738

9:15 pm, Sep 28 2012
Posts: 37

As a reader, I'm much like Myuym. If the quality's decent enough, I'll read it. If I know a better group scanlates the series and will release it 1-2 days later, I'll wait. If it'll take them 1+ week, I just won't wait but if I archive the series on my hard drive, the 2nd group is the one I'm gonna keep.

Now, as a scanlator, I go for quality every single time. Call it pretentious if you want but I want my work to withstand the test of time. I want to come back in 5, 10 years later, read my work and still feel freaking proud about it.

That's why MangaPirate just irks me the wrong way. Because they appeared all of a sudden and started going after plenty of very well scanlated series made by respected groups for the sole purpose of gaining game and money. At least when most groups take donations, they actually have stuff to buy. Webtoons are free by their nature.

And tell me, what is the end result when the HQ groups give up on the series after losing their readers? You're stuck with a bad quality scanlation. There's so much unscanlated stuff out there that doing what they do is just insulting, considering the amount of work that HQ groups put into what they do.

And that goes without mentioning the obvious trolling by youni. It's just childish. I mean, I recall this ClaudiaScans thing where they basically spoofed the EGS leader's name to try to fool people into thinking it came from her. And then there are messages they send them 'You're working on OUR series, you should join us and shut down your group'. Yes, yes, that's the very same youni who goes around claiming no one owns any series and they're just doing the fans a service and they do that to groups who started the scanlation of said series.

I can't respect MangaPirate the same as I can't respect MangaFox, MangaReader, etc... But hell, at least MF, MR and company don't go trolling people and trying to piss 'em off just for the hell of it.

Edit - Oh yeah, I did forget to mention the unethical code copying from EGS and The Company. I'm an ex-admin of EGS and I was involved in the coding of the reader, helping design the old theme style, improved upon them, stuff like that. So seeing someone else just take the work we put and claim it as their own... it stings. But hey, the guy they paid 100$ (IIRC) to do this stuff wasn't even able to copy the webtoon function I implemented for EGS... so I guess they can't even pay for quality coding either.

Last edited by ncrdrg at 9:22 pm, Sep 28

Post #571750
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12:00 am, Sep 29 2012
Posts: 25

lol why u guys so mad biggrin

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