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From User Message Body
Post #345475
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Is a female

1:12 am, Jan 1 2010
Posts: 3421


Zenkichi get's to fight! Like, finally! Someone else apart from Medaka is gonna (hopefully) show their moves.

As for those who are wanting romance, remember what genre we're in. I'm not saying I don't want any. I'd love to see some development between Medaka and Zenkichi, but we gotta remember this is some fighting shounen manga. Just, don't get disappointed if nothing happens is all I'm saying.

I still don't get this flask plan thing though. Seriously, are we going to see them fight a new character every time they reach a new floor? Is this some sort of boss battle game or something? Beat 10 bosses and you win? laugh

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The Guy
Post #370714
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It's him!!

5:10 pm, Apr 12 2010
Posts: 617

^^ yeah that's what it appears to be.

And finally we get to see zenkichi do something. I hope he's able to get the same level of badassedness he had in the oneshot.

@chap. 44
OMG! shounen cliché ahoy!!!
'We're outnumbered and exhausted, we can't go on like this.'
In comes help in the form of all previously beat antagonists.

I had accepted that this manga would be standard shounen battle manga. As such it's somewhat entertaining, nothing special and nowhere near as seemingly fun as it could have been at the start. But some of these clichés are just too much.

I still can't believe the writer of this manga is the same guy that wrote the superbly awesome bakemonogatari.

Last edited by blakraven66 at 5:48 pm, Apr 12

Do but despise reason and science,
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Then you have surrendered to the Devil
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Post #370998

6:36 pm, Apr 13 2010
Posts: 7

seems like the author is taking lessons form oh great!

Introducing new characters and a whole new story arc from the depths of nowhere does not make a good manga.

The Guy
Post #385920
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It's him!!

7:25 pm, Jun 16 2010
Posts: 617

Is this train wreck still running?
When the hell will this end? There should be a bunch of better manga that could run instead of this.
Just make it stop, please make it stop.

Do but despise reason and science,
The highest of all human gifts -
Then you have surrendered to the Devil
And must surely perish. - J.W. von Goethe
Post #385924
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Is a female

7:50 pm, Jun 16 2010
Posts: 3421

I've just been looking at the raws for this.

I don't even need the translations to know what's going on laugh

It went downhill a long long time ago. Such a shame. It had potential.

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Post #389001
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9:05 am, Jun 30 2010
Posts: 84

its really sad that they force changes in mangas in big magazines like weekly shounen jump if its not popular enough. they should just move it to a brother magazine and leave it the way it is. its a real shame to see such talent and potential go to waste no

this was one of my favorite mangas, but now i feel this train wreck should be put out of its misery cry

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Post #389950
The Frozen Heart

9:04 am, Jul 5 2010
Posts: 9


I just have to rant, I didn't read through all of the posts so I am sure much of what I will say has already been covered, but dammit I need to get this off of my chest.
The first contention; despite Zenkichi being the supposed main character of this story we seem to get more time focused around Medeka. I fail to see the need for this as she is well beyond super-human levels in terms of physical prowess and in terms of character she isn't terribly complex, its not like she really needs development.I feel that Zenkichi is far better as a main character.

Second point, Medeka is way to Mary-sue, even against these "13" the only reason she is having problems is she isn't going all-out.This tends to make me less interested in the character not only because I don't like the "perfect person" archetype but also because of the fundamentals she follows, she is an absolute bearer of justice who will not allow evil to happen in front of her, yet she always succeeds in not only defeating her opponent without them becoming injured, but she also reforms them. This kind of character (in my opinion) is made better when they have serious crisis of morality or even fail; see Kenshin, Vash, or early Kyoshiro. I mean for Christ's sake she is so Mary-sue that no one can beat her even by luck. (because all abnormals are apparently Ta'veren, a cookie to anyone who gets the reference).

And that brings me to point three; within the course of the first 10 chapters it really seemed as if there was going to be some romantic development, but with the introduction of the new SC members that was shot out the window. I want to know what exactly happened here, and why Medeka at this time, began to distance herself away from Zenkichi more and more often. This is a particularly annoying recurrence in Shonen manga, I know shonen is targeted mostly towards middle school kids with no interest in romance but I am sick and tired of shonen couples not getting together until the f***in end of the series, give us some real romantic development!

Point 4: Is it just me or does it seem like Medeka spends less time alone with Zenkichi than she does with any other SC member?

5th point: It seems as time passes by that Zenkichi and Medeka are less friends and it's more like she is using him. (her pet theory that hard work can overcome being a genius, I have no proof but it seems as if Zenkichi is her guinea pig, this would also explain why even though he is her oldest and best friend he was given the lowest rank). And she knows exactly how to push his buttons, all she was to do is let-loose the waterworks or threaten to and he'll do the task no matter how impossible it is for him. Still, I am sure that she has feelings for him, but we barely get to see her express this, even in her inner dialogue, which makes it worse than your typical shonen romance.

6th point:How the hell is Zenkichi supposed to be able to climb his way up the ranks of the SC when all the positions (except VP, and that probably won't last long) are taken. This almost seems like a "kick the dog" manga at some times where the dog is Zenkichi.

7th point: no need to elaborate this point much, everyone on this page is talking about the train wreck that is far too reminiscent of ten-ten's murky and ever changing plot.

8th point: Why is it that Zenkichi is the only one not protected under Medeka's "Universal love" of all things? He is the only person whom she has attacked physically before trying to reason with, and it was to save someone who was grievously injuring her.

Now having said all of the things above I still don't want to stop reading, especially after coming this far and I want to see Zenkichi get together with Medeka. To be honest this manga could be easily saved if the mangaka ends it after this arc, or stops writing his chapters while on peyote and ripping off ten-ten. I don't see the first one happening because it seems he still wants to do more with the story so lets hope for the second one.

It's late so I forgot half of my rant, but it's just as well this post is already too long.

"Why can't the world be more ero and peaceful?" ~ Ma Kensei
"Death to NTR" ~me
Myssa Rei
Post #398475

5:30 pm, Aug 10 2010
Posts: 1

Oh I dunno, I'm enjoying all the super-powered nonsense going on in Medaka Box, especially with the introduction of the negative 13 Class and its batshit-insane leader Misogi Kumogawa, and Zenkichi's own yandere stalker Emukae Mukae. I foresee all sorts of fun caused by the latter even existing.

Spoiler (highlight to view) e_mukae-english-hard_translated-h

I've read the manga from the very beginning as well, so I'm failing to see just what the big fuss is about. Something very similar happened to Negima, if I recall correctly (magical rom-com with a MASSIVE harem turns straight magical-themed shonen).

Post #455948

8:27 am, Mar 23 2011
Posts: 2

I think people need to think before trashing a Manga.

If Medaka Box didn't go on the Battle Manga path it would have simply been cut.
Why you asking?

Because a Jack-All-Trade comedy Manga would simply overlapping with other very popular Jump Manga (Gintama and Sket Dance) and go against other very popular manga from another magazine...(it would almost be a copy Yanki-Kun to Megane-Chan)

And i don't think medaka Box could win against those.

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