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Categories(Tags) Bug Thread

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From User Message Body
Post #648603
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Archon Solon

3:54 am, Jul 30 2014
Posts: 7893

Deleted the Harem tag

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Post #648959
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The bear insider

7:30 pm, Aug 3 2014
Posts: 474

The Happy Sex tag has disappeared for the second time.

Last time, I got an admin's approval to re-add it, which I did almost single-handedly, only to have it deleted again. I'd like to avoid restoring it in vain this time. So please talk to me whoever you are that wants it to be gone.
I'm more than willing to discuss this matter with anyone who considers the tag unnecessary. It'd be great if we could find a solution to this problem together. But please just stop deleting it without further notice.

Last edited by Tripitaka at 2:14 am, Aug 5

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Post #649304
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Site Admin

12:42 am, Aug 8 2014
Posts: 427

Quote from geekdiva
The following are the same, with the second being the established tag:
Male Shoujo Protagonist
Shoujo with Male Lead
Also, Shounen with Female Lead has disappeared.
EDIT: Sometimes, I am an idiot. no
It completely slipped my mind that we have the category Male Demographic with Female Lead! I'm assuming someone merged it into that. I also merged Male Shoujo Protagonist and Shoujo with Male Lead with Female Demographic with Male Lead.

Quote from geekdiva
I also noticed someone talking about keeping tags focused on the main characters. To some, main=lead character only. To others, main=any important character, including antagonists and the "ensemble" (think Ouran or Fairy Tale).

You might want to focus the tags by contrasting [Adjective] Lead/s with [Adjective] Character/s, or [Adjective] Lead Character/s with [Adjective] Ensemble Character/s if you want the second term clearly to not include the leads. I think the first set is more flexible, myself. Thanks!
Yes, that was me. As a precaution to help keep less relevant tags from being added to series, I like to keep tags worded such that it's obvious that they must be used for important characters only (which is why I like to avoid using tags like "[adjective] character/s"). But you are right, the current wording ("protagonist" and "male/female lead") is a little too restrictive, keeping things to just one or two of the main characters. Even if a character isn't the protagonist, as long as he/she is very important to the series (e.g., the members of Luffy's crew in One Piece), I'm okay with having a tag about them. The trouble is just that I have never come up with a good, clear term to refer to them that doesn't overlap with the existing protagonist & lead categories. I have once or twice heard these main-but-not-the-protagonist characters called "central characters" or "principal characters," and now that you mention it, "ensemble characters" isn't too bad either, but for all of those, I'm just not confident that the meaning is clear enough to everyone to actually make it a tag. I've basically put it on hold until I can think of (or someone suggests to me) a good term to use. I know I always make a big fuss about clear wording, but unclear wording leads to misused tags, and misused tags mean headaches for me and the rest of the staff.

Quote from kitty1826x
I hope you don't mind I created Glasses-Wearing Seme/Uke since the Bespectacled one was deleted. (and you said you're okay with having them separate)
Yes, I'm fine with that. I'm willing to take CatzCradle's and NightSwan's word on the matter.

Quote from kitty1826x
I have a question though ... Report the Glasses-Wearing Male lead to get deleted when the Glasses-Wearing Seme/Uke tag has been used?
Yes, it's redundant, so I think the male lead version of the tag should be deleted for any series that has the seme or uke version. But it's very easy to find the double-tagged series using the search feature, so you don't really need to report them individually (at least not for now; there are going to be a lot as the seme & uke versions get re-added).

Quote from kitty1826x
Would only wearing glasses sometimes be enough to for a Glasses-Wearing tag? (like reading glasses)
I'd say, usually, no, unless the glasses are significant in some way (e.g., I once read a oneshot where the male lead only wore glasses sometimes, but his behavior changed when he had them on). Just keep in mind the rule for what tags can be added, and judge by that: "When you are thinking about adding a category, first ask yourself if the category you are adding defines the series or commonly pops-up when describing it. If the tag seldom applies, please don't add it." Also, I just want to mention, that in that same line of reasoning, this sort of appearance-related tag is best-suited for series that tend to focus on appearance (most ecchi, most yaoi, etc.), because it will actually be important in the minds of most of the series' readers--unless the glasses are actually plot-relevant, as mentioned earlier.

Quote from kitty1826x
What about a love triangle where the main two don't wear glasses, but that third does? ... (I tend to not think the 3rd person is a Main lead which is why I ask)
If the third member is very prominently featured, then I'm fine with using a "___ lead" tag for that character. (E.g., he/she appears to be a lead sometimes or his/her role is very close in importance to the other two--which is to be expected for love triangles, because it's often hard to tell who will actually end up being the couple in the end.)

Quote from kitty1826x
Manga where you can delete Bespectacled protagonist from :
Nakasete! Doctor...
Thank you! I took care of those. I forgot to mention it in my last post, but any labeling of series that still have the Bespectacled Protagonist with the appropriate glasses tag (male lead, female lead, seme, uke) would help me out--especially with the seme/uke tags... they're more work for me to look up compared to the others. (No need to worry about reporting them individually, I can easily find them.)

Quote from kitty1826x
Okay there's an Infidelity, Adultery, and Affair/s tags, which all pretty much mean cheating.
I feel like there's a big enough difference between cheating of married individuals vs. unmarried for them to have separate tags. Therefore, my current plan is to leave Adultery as is, make a new tag for unmarried cheating, and sort the Infidelity tag between the two (effectively, deleting it). The annoying thing about the Affair/s tag is that I've seen it used not only for series featuring adultery, but also for those with short-term fornication (one-night stands and week-/month-long flings between unmarried people). In other words, its entries needs to be sorted among Adultery, One-Night Stand, etc. (again, meaning it would effectively be deleted). It's just going to take me a while before I can get around to doing that.

Quote from Tripitaka
By the way, thanks a lot for all the hard work, lynira! It's awesome how patiently and diligently you go through all of our requests.
You're very welcome! I try my best. I appreciate everyone's patience as well--I know I've been very slow about getting things done here lately.

Quote from Tripitaka
The Happy Sex tag has disappeared for the second time.
Again? What a pain. I'll ask about it.

Last edited by lynira at 1:36 am, Aug 12

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Post #649654 - Reply to (#649304) by lynira
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Me too ♥

4:23 am, Aug 12 2014
Posts: 999

I see, thanks for the replies on my questions.

You seem to have missed an edit I made two days before you made your post.
"Should Insecure Character merge into Insecurity. The latter has more usage, and I believe has been around longer."

Also how about a Impersonating someone tag? I keep running into these Twins that pretend to be the other one, or some blind date where one person can't make it so he/she asks a friend to pretend to be them, for that one date or something.

I'll probably edit this later to include a report of more tags to be taken away. Or maybe not I ended up taking a break from a story that seems to be mislabeled as incest, when they are step siblings.

Shiawase no Kanzume The Genie/s tag should be removed. I can see why it might be mistaken. The can does have a god of happiness in it, that brings happiness, but he's not a genie.

Last edited by kitty1826x at 10:50 am, Aug 12

Yes yes, I know I make longwinded comments, but that's just me >.<
I should proof read my comments more, but I won't...
So keep in mind I'm filled with typos

Check out FAQ and Forum Rules if you haven't yet.
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Post #649947
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Site Admin

3:45 am, Aug 16 2014
Posts: 427

Quote from kitty1826x
You seem to have missed an edit I made two days before you made your post.
"Should Insecure Character merge into Insecurity. The latter has more usage, and I believe has been around longer."
Ah, sorry! I missed that last edit there at the bottom. That's what I get for trying to rush through that reply. MISTAKES EVERYWHERE.

Well anyway, I'd say no, they shouldn't be combined. In my understanding, Insecurity is supposed to be used when it's an overall theme in a series, while Insecure Character refers to a character trait. (However, I would like the wording changed so that it refers to main characters only. I will deal with that later.)

Quote from kitty1826x
Also how about a Impersonating someone tag?
Sounds fine to me. We have Body Swap/s, but that's for people who literally trade bodies, so I think it's different enough. (Actually, I have a strong feeling that we did use to have some tag like "trading places with someone," or something to that effect, but I can't find anything of the sort right now.)

Quote from kitty1826x
Shiawase no Kanzume The Genie/s tag should be removed.
That's a bit of semantics (how strictly one interprets what constitutes a genie). Personally, I think the strict interpretation is usually the most useful when it comes to categories, so I combined Genie/s with God/s for that series.

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