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How will it all end????

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Post #486601
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Monkey Boy!

6:32 pm, Aug 2 2011
Posts: 30

Like the title says...I i actually think that she will dump him for his own good...that would relly leave a bad taste in my mouth! After all the time i spend on this manga waiting for a contination there story! For crying out load we waited for almost a year for there development!!! eek

...I want a Pink Suite!
King of Games
Post #488301

4:49 pm, Aug 9 2011
Posts: 4

the author is completely destroying this story. he's making jin-ho like his other male characters, a big puss. the way he's ending it is gonna leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. i just hope it's done soon. i invested too much time reading this story to quit now, but it's getting unbearable.

f*ck IM Dal-Young. i'm not reading another one of his stories.

Post #488604

4:06 pm, Aug 10 2011
Posts: 2

I agree he is making Jin-Ho look like a pansy. The whole time he was all over Hae-Young until when she decides to come over to his house and give him a opportunity to finally do something and he just sits there and whines. I hope they don't rush the ending, especially because he has like 10 other series going on, that would be a serious jip to the fans. For some reason I keep seeing the ending happening kinda like in the movie The Breakup, where they continue to act like they like each other while messing things up and at the end the just pass each other on the street and smile leaving everyone to wonder what the hell happened.

Post #492880

2:14 am, Aug 30 2011
Posts: 176

i just started to read this manwha a few houres ago and i'm already at chapter 79 where i have to wait now and i realy have to say i didnt like the last few chapters
i mean come on man he tries so hard wo win the teacher over the whole time and finaly as she is willing he just sits there and regets her because he feels guilti for what happend to a crazy bitch i realy dont like that girl and for her he leaves the teacher...
i was just like wtf happend that cant be true that doesnt even make sence in love you have to be an egoist who would place "friendship/concern/guilt" or whatever his feelings are above loveconfused
espechely after he tried so hard...

Post #496881
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2:18 am, Sep 19 2011
Posts: 90

Snitch, I agree with you.

//*Possible chap 70 spoiler*//

This particular cliche is one of my pet peeves. The ex-lover comes back and pretends she has an illness or some other emotional blackmail and the guy goes back to her without question leaving the woman who is suppose to be the most important person in his life all alone.

You see it in lots of manga and it really turns me off to the author every time. It's about the most ridiculous thing that can happen. I was reading a manga the other day and the girl left her lifetime love for some guy crushing on her because he hurt his leg saving her from a car about to run her over. If you can really leave the person who you are suppose to love in a situation like this, then you really never loved them in the 1st place.

But yeah, chapter 79 really put a bad taste in my mouth. Does he not realize that going back to his ex will end up causing everyone more pain in the end. He's been so loyal and devoted to his teacher and now he just leaves her this easily. It's too unrealistic.

//Spoiler over//

Here is how I think it will end and I don't like it. I think he will eventually figure out what his ex is up too, or just get tired of her, however, I don't think he will end up with teacher even though all the readers want him too. Then I think at the end of the last chapter, it will show him in the future running into her somewhere and that will be it.

I hope it doesn't end this way but I've seen it too many times in stories like this. If it does end this way, I won't read any more of this guys romance mainly because I hate to invest all this for a bitter ending.

As far as Romances go, American fiction and romantic comedies have the best endings.

sorry I rambled so much.

Post #499028
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5:48 pm, Oct 2 2011
Posts: 6

Just read chapter 80 and it is getting quite unbearable. I still think it's all going to turn around at the last moment. There's just too much in place in the storyline for it not to happen. I mean, why would you have Jae-Kyung admit she's been pulling off a scam the whole time if you aren't planning on doing something with it? Nah, it's all going to turn around at the last minute. Good storytelling is when it keeps you on the edge of your seat regardless on how the plot twists, and it's definitely doing that right now. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Casey D. Geek
Post #499033
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6:12 pm, Oct 2 2011
Posts: 937

It's Im Dal Young. I won't be surprised if he kills them all off in a world genocide and shows them piloting the Neon Gensis' Evas in the next world, fighting against Freezing style enemies. And kills them all over again.

There are times when you will miss what you never had. I wonder how you will find what you so desperately need.
Post #499037

6:49 pm, Oct 2 2011
Posts: 485

damn, that's some b**ch slapping!

Post #499174
user avatar
Monkey Boy!

11:25 am, Oct 3 2011
Posts: 30

Im starting to lose my patiention with this manga... first you put a psycho woman plot twist in it and after just a few chapters you change the passing of the plot and make this part of the story obsolet by revealing her secret to the most annoying character in the manga. True that the b-slapping was appealing she deserved that much but still why put this plot twist in there after one year of absence (we all waited for there relationship development and we get this instead that is wtf), and the mangaka didn't go anywere with this plot development...i have lost my faith in im dal-young no

...I want a Pink Suite!
Post #499280

3:14 am, Oct 4 2011
Posts: 17

The story's getting quite stupid. I get the point that he needs to put drama in the story to make it more interesting, but lately he's been throwing in twisted scenarios that are just too crazy and out of this world. And the characters are starting to annoy me. Their personalities are shifting from what I first viewed them when I started reading this. Im Dal-Young fails as a writer. The drama and circumstances you conjure in a story, as much as it goes against the wants of the reader/s, you should at least get them to empathize with the characters.

As for the ending, I don't know how he'll end this with the way things are going. But what I do want is for the teacher to actually leave along with her sister who she then has an incest/homosexual affair with, that CRAZY BITCH TO DIE, the male lead's friends to get together, and the male lead himself to go into depression beating himself up everyday for how stupid he acted and how much of a moron he is. The End.

Post #499282 - Reply to (#499280) by Adonai-kun

3:57 am, Oct 4 2011
Posts: 486

Quote from Adonai-kun
The story's getting quite stupid. .


Quote from Adonai-kun
As for the ending, I don't know how he'll end this with the way things are going. But what I do want is for the teacher to actually leave along with her sister who she then has an incest/homosexual affair with, that CRAZY BITCH TO DIE, the male lead's friends to get together, and the male lead himself to go into depression beating himself up everyday for how stupid he acted and how much of a moron he is. The End.

that would make for an interesting ending and at least make up for all the crap we had to read through the last few chapters

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Post #499505
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Monkey Boy!

9:32 am, Oct 5 2011
Posts: 30

That truly would be an awsome ending!!! bigrazz

...I want a Pink Suite!
Post #499596
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11:03 pm, Oct 5 2011
Posts: 53

i hope he ends up resolving all the misunderstandings and ends up with a relationship with the teacher, but as it is it could end any number of ways. the whole england thing could go well or horrible. they could go there together, or they could go there separate ways, or she could cancel the move. i'm for anything that has the teacher and jin-ho together at the end. anything else would just feel disappointing since the vast majority of the manga concentrates on their relationship. the worst way it could end in my opinion is with a platonic long-distance relationship.

anybody know about how many chapters are left? cause if this ends up getting strung out for another 50+ chapters then i'm putting it down. i'd prefer if it ended around ch. 90 or so seeing as the story is reaching a good spot for a conclusion.

Post #499602
user avatar

11:32 pm, Oct 5 2011
Posts: 56

One of those bitches are gonna go crazy and someone is gonna die......just my thoughts......the author really love crazy chicks from what I can tell...besides liking big boobs...but then again who doesn't like big boobs?

Post #501561
user avatar

12:32 am, Oct 17 2011
Posts: 1308

After reading 81, I cant believe how cliched it has become - like a k-dorama. And it is surprising how
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
easily an averagely paid teacher just comes to UK like to start a new life- as a South East Asian myself, i will have you know it is difficult to come and get work and get settled in UK. Dorama and manga-manhwa people make it seem so super easy which isnt for the non-movie/drama/music star.

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