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Youve read Berserk...right?

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Youve read Berserk...right?
Yes (and i agree that its a must read by everyone who wants a compelling story)
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From User Message Body
Post #601292 - Reply to (#6875) by ares6
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3:51 pm, May 30 2013
Posts: 617

At least nothing happened there... The troll babies literally bursting out of that woman's womb creeped me out the most.

Post #601322
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Slightly obscene

8:14 pm, May 30 2013
Posts: 492

Pfft. Lots of sensitive softies around here. Sure, it is very messed up at times, but you guys are exaggerating stuff left and right. Berserk is dark enough without people making up shit on top of the existing atrocities.

Quote from ares6
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It's got child molestaters, prostetuites, rapist, cannibals, gay rapist. My god, it goes on and on. By the end of the series, every major character has either been violated or raped or slept with someone for something.

Plain untrue. Gutts and Casca yes (old news is old) but the kids
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
are both safe so far AND with Farnese it was only a very close call.

Quote from ares6
oh please. On the first chapter,
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
HE rapes a monster.....what the hell was that about ??? ? What kind of a hunter RAPES monsters and then kills them ??? ?

Where exactly, do you see this part as rape? There is absolutely nothing there to indicate anything beyond fully consensual copulation between two willing parties, no matter what happens afterwards. The demon used normal honeypot seduction, Gutts "fell for it" on purpose to turn the trap on her. Please don't use twisted and unsupported conjecture to try to make your case. The fact that they are both fully naked should tell you something.

But yes, there is a great deal of (often very graphic)rape (and worse) going on , quite often with some rather unpleasant supernatural spicing to the mix. Crapsack world -trope fits like a glove. Doesn't make the series any less awesome.

I read all available chapters about once every two years.

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Post #605175
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7:38 am, Jun 27 2013
Posts: 53

It's good, but not my favourite... I suppose there is only a difference in the taste.

Post #605259

12:00 am, Jun 28 2013
Posts: 72

Sure is 15 years old in this thread.

Post #605781
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9:16 pm, Jul 2 2013
Posts: 78

we're getting old brothers... berserk on the other hand.. is still the best there is in seinen-epic-action

Post #605792
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10:10 pm, Jul 2 2013
Posts: 838

I wonder what the guy that started this thinks about berserk after it went J.R.R Tolkien mode.

Post #608370 - Reply to (#605792) by aagcnet

3:06 am, Jul 24 2013
Posts: 31

Quote from aagcnet
I wonder what the guy that started this thinks about berserk after it went J.R.R Tolkien mode.

Sheeeeeet.... ANYTHING is better than that boooring, bland, snail-paced, shounen+gore BL-sprinkled-with-yaoi of the Golden Age arc.

...epic fail. Nothing there but boring-ness rarely punctuated with cheap attempts at "mature content". If you need some twisted sex or dismemberment, go read a freakin hentai (99% are better drawn, too), instead of confusing that waste-of-space excuse for a story "good manga". All you "ohmigod epic, it's like onepiece, but with TIIIIIITS!!!!!" people seriously need to range out of shounen series. And grow up a bit.

Post #656712
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Seinen is RIGHT

10:29 pm, Nov 20 2014
Posts: 1622

"Chapter of Falconia" is the best executed thing in the manga but "Chapter of The Holy Demon War" is my personal darling. Slan is the best shy .
The manga isn´t getting stale at all. 10/10 and the best series from the thousands of different mangas/comics/albums series have read.
The goons at are running a highly enlightening podcast on the manga. Check it out if you are as crazy about the series as i am. My watch began 8 years ago(i have all the german volumes, an imported 20th anniversary poster on my door and a Behelit i wear to work every day) and even i learned a few things by listening. It also keeps the conversation going during the long wait eyes .
F*ck the movies(4/10) by the way but they get covered(in shit) on the podcast too biggrin .
Challenging the Manga Dojos will help you to learn a bit more too and all the mangas written by him have now been translated too.

Last edited by residentgrigo at 10:48 pm, Nov 20

I read Bande dessinée / Comics too and am a librarian.
Manga-Masters, My ANN-Lists
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Post #656714
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11:02 pm, Nov 20 2014
Posts: 133

Not really my cup of tea but to each of their own smile

Edit: Then again, I have a pretty weird preferences in manga anyway... biggrin

Post #656715 - Reply to (#656714) by Rukia168
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12:29 am, Nov 21 2014
Posts: 161

Quote from Rukia168
Not really my cup of tea but to each of their own smile

Edit: Then again, I have a pretty weird preferences in manga anyway... biggrin

I can respect that attitude. It's much better than the idiots who whine "but it's not the same as the flashback part!" because they can't wrap their heads around anything that isn't shounen battle manga.

Personally I love the series, it's a really well-executed epic story.

Post #656716
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World Eater

12:43 am, Nov 21 2014
Posts: 210

First of all this thread seem kinda dead as it was made 2007.(necroposting)

My opinion about the manga is 10/10, i always recommend this master work.
And the people who've called it "old art or old style" seems to like one-chan manga with characters who's eyes are bigger then their faces colors that would give a normal person seizure.
Berserk is realistically drawn, from my perspective as Vampire Hunter D 2000.
The movies well i haven't seen them as i was almost puking on how bad it look (3D to the MAX) + their new voices.

Check out my work biggrin
Post #656723
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2:27 am, Nov 21 2014
Posts: 7775

Talk about a necrobump.
Welp, while we are at it, might as well join.

I read it and dropped it after 32 volumes. Too Dragon Ball-esque a development for me when it became a battle of multiple volumes. I enjoy the brooding of Gattsu and the character development and all the other stuff involving the characters themselves, which happened before the volumes which I got tired of, but I am not much of a war-nut, so military strategies and tactics are unbelievably tedious. I get bored out of my mind in long dragged out battle sequences. Precisely why I ditched all I-need-to-get-stronger-with-sensei-in-the-recluse-corners manga like Naruto and Bleach. I like characters, I like the interaction and how fleshed out they are, how petty, twisted, selfish or pathetic they are, how humane they are, but keep all that power fantasy shit and the parts where the script didn't progress out if you want me to keep on reading. I honestly rather wait and get a coherent entity over good stuff with layers of garbage in between to fill the void.

Berserk generally is over-rated. It's like Nirvana or Mötörhead of its kind. You're just supposed to pay respect to it because it was a trailblazer, and good for it for doing it and giving future mangaka/manhwaga/whatevers ideas and inspiration, but when you look at it all from a progressive viewpoint and not with any kind of nostalgia goggles or backtracking yourself to the 80s, it's a decent seinen manga, but by no means 9 out of 10 average writing. It's pretty straightforward, there's little to figure out, it's not much of a form of art in anything else besides looking good due to a talented illustrator. Miura can draw and I like his style in general. I've read a bunch of stuff that is clearly influenced by him, like Vinland Saga or Shin Angyo Onshi, which I both enjoyed greatly. I liked Berserk too for the first 20 volumes or so. I read those volumes in a day. Miura was still really passionate about his work and I too was in that passion's grasp, but the later volumes I read were rather mundane. I gave it a graceful 8.5/10 when I dropped it, because I really liked the earlier volumes and felt pity for it. Yet I still don't think it deserves as much praise as it is given due to progressing like shit later on. When you start to want to play Idolmaster more than write and draw your work, you're done for and so is probably your work too. Too bad it had to be that way. That's exactly why you should think of the important points of the story through before you start to work on it. Otherwise you'll just end up shitting out one filler chapter after another, because you have no idea how to progress. Your manga will turn into an indie game dev alpha build that is never updated and ends up jewing out the consumer without delivering much of the promise it seemed to have in the beginning.

Sure, I could recommend it to some kid that wants to see harder violence than his shonen fight stuff shows, but to me, it's not an indelible experience.

Last edited by Mamsmilk at 2:33 am, Nov 21

Jun Tenkawa
Post #656724
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2:47 am, Nov 21 2014
Posts: 131

How can anyone insult Berserk? I've read some comments saying that the art style is "too old". My goodness, the ignorance of children these days...

Berserk is like one of the top of the seinen mangas. I know some people don't like it, but a majority will agree that it's a masterpiece in its own right. I will admit that I'm not a big fan of the latter half of what Berserk turned into (Golden Age Arc was still the best), but it doesn't mean it's bad or something. It's always an amazing read no matter how many times you read it.

We're all probably going to die though before the manga concludes. Actually, Miura will probably die first after his non stop of playing harem games and delaying the manga after a chapter releases every 6 month.

Post #656740
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Seinen is RIGHT

7:24 am, Nov 21 2014
Posts: 1622

I would like to dispel 2 things the internet always get´s wrong about Miura and his work.
Miura is NOT a pervert and really a core gamer:
Draws about 1 page(HOW ?) a day and we are NOT 1/3 finished:

Thank you for your time and appreciation of the masterpiece. I still would like to know why the ongoing loli-discussion turned into Bersek bashing within a few pages no .

Last edited by residentgrigo at 3:05 pm, Nov 28

I read Bande dessinée / Comics too and am a librarian.
Manga-Masters, My ANN-Lists
User Posted Image
Post #656748 - Reply to (#656740) by residentgrigo
user avatar

2:54 pm, Nov 21 2014
Posts: 174

Quote from residentgrigo
I still would like to know why the ongoing loli-discussion turned into Bersek bashing within a few pages no .

Would anyone like to share their opinion in this Berserk discussion ?:
Lolwhut? I think you've confused this thread with the loli/shota poll thread. Also this is a better place to discuss Berserk because its in the Berserk manga section itself.

As for Berserk, I stopped reading it a few years back. I think around 250's. I loved the Band of the Hawk part, that part was amazing. After that it just turned into an aimless chaotic adventure. And though I liked the first half of the story, I really hated the rape stuff. I'm okay no matter how gory it gets, but no to rape.

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