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My Birthday + Site News + New Poll - Redone Manga Series
Yup, it's my birthday today~ So happy birthday to me! Adding this kind of news about myself is just one of the perks of being an admin, haha. And yes, I turned 18, so I'm finally legal...

Site News
For site news, I have a further update on the next version of our site. Originally, we were hoping it'd be ready by BU/MU's birthday, which is July 22, but it appears we won't meet that deadline. Our future projection date as of now is around the Christmas season. It sounds pretty late, I know...

However! I just started testing (spent 2 hrs yesterday) our beta (alpha?) forum for v2 of the site! Most likely in the future we'll begin recruiting people to help with all the testing. I'll keep you guys posted.

Last of all, the t-shirts. I'm *hoping* we'll be able to push out the t-shirts before the opening of v2 of the site (which as stated before will probably be around Christmas time), but no promises. I'll have to discuss more about this with Manick

Weekly Poll
This week's poll was brought to you by l3ongl3oi. Basically, choose the type of manga that you hate the most. Lovely poll, eh? (The option of "Other" was purposely left out since too many people would probably choose it...and that wouldn't be helpful now, would it?)

Come and discuss your love/hate for this poll:

PS: We're running out of poll ideas, so if you got any suggestions, come here:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you attend anime/manga conventions? (Like AnimeExpo, Otakon, San Diego Comic-Con, etc)
Sure! What better way to meet fans? - votes: 1419 (18.6%)
Nah, that's lame - votes: 1759 (23.1%)
I would if there was one close to me (but there isn't) - votes: 4434 (58.3%)
There were 7612 total votes.
The poll ended: July 12th 2008

I wish more people went to conventions, but it appears most people don't really have access to one. Get some travel plans, people! Get off the computer and go outside!
Posted by lambchopsil on July 12th 6:13pm Comments ( 48 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
ROME - Collaboration Site for Scanlators
silverado writes: ROME - Easy Team Collaboration


Rome is a collaboration site designed to meet the requirements of scanlators and fansubbers. No matter how big or small your group is or where you live, Rome can save you a lot of time. Rome lets you schedule task assigments with deadlines, manage member accounts, create documents and milestones. It will automatically notify the member about his next task and keep him up to date with all necessary information he needs.

Your member is rarely online? No problem! As long as he checks his emails ROME will notify him important activities related to only him.

Working on long text files? No problem! You can create wiki pages for long text files. Changes made in your wiki are saved automatically in a history making it possible to roll back to previous versions.

Multiple persons work on the same text file? No problem! You can compare changes from the very first version up till the latest version. Different lines and words are automatically highlighted in different colors. You can go through long text files without difficulty and you can see whether your proofreader did a good job.

Check our demo account here:
(login: guest | pw: guest | project: rome)

Founder of Manga Underground
Posted by lambchopsil on July 12th 2:30pm Comments ( 13 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
Anime Expo 08 Manga License Round-up
An attempt at rounding-up all the newly announced series at this weekend's AX.

Aurora Publishing
- Hitohira by KIRIHARA Izumi

- Pretty Poison by NARUKAMI Yutta - July 2008
- Make Love and Peace by YONETANI Takane - September 2008
- Sounds of Love by TANAKA Rin - November 2008
- "Object of Desire" by NOGUCHI Tomoko - December 2008

Deux Press
- Red Blinds The Foolish by est em

- Astral Project by TSUCHIYA Garon
- Ballad of a Shinigami by IZUMI Asuka
- Classical Medley by KANA Sanae
- Fire Investigator Nanase by HASHIMOTO Izo and ISHIKAWA Tomoshige
- Go West! by YAGAMI Yu
- Jihai by NIGOSHI Toshimi
- Shirley by MORI Kaoru
- Suihelibe! by AZUMA Naomi
- The Girl Who Runs Through Time by TSUTSUI Yasutaka and TSUGANO Gaku
- The Name of the Flower by SAITOU Ken
- Venus Capriccio by NISHIKATA Mai

Dark Horse
- Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project by TAKAHASHI Osamu - Spring/Summer 2009
- Clover (Clamp) by CLAMP (Omnibus edition) - March 2009

- Ghost Hunt Scramble! by OTOTACHIBANA
- Lyrical Nanoha Strikers by TSUZUKI Maki and HASEGAWA Kouji
- Overclock - Once in a Blue Moon by HOZUMI Riya and SEKI Ryouko
- RH Plus by SUWA Ayako
- Tale of a White Night by MIYAGI Tooko
- "Time for Magic" by Morehe Yoshida
- Utahime by Aki

June/801 Media
- Clan of the Nakagamis 2 by Homerun Ken
- Cut by KAWAI Touko
- "Desire - Dangerous Feelings" by GOTOU Shinobu
- Dog x Cat by AMASAKI Yoshimi
- Double Trouble by KANZAKI Takashi
- "Eat or Be Eaten" by ENJIN Yamimaru and FUYUNO Jinko
- Heaven's Smile by SENOO Aki
- Hey Class President by MONCHI Kaori
- Hey Sensei by SAKURAGI Yaya
- Honey/Chocolate by OKUDA Nanao
- Life for Love by ITSUKI Satoand MAYAMA Jun
- Longest Time by TATENO Tooko
- Love Potion by FUJII Sakuya
- Love Syndrome by MIYAZAWA Yura
- Love/Knot" by ISHIMARU Hiroko
- Manhattan Love Story by TENZEN Momoko
- Moonlit Promises by HIMAWARI Souya
- Object of my Affections by OKUDA Nanao
- Planet of Earthquake by TAKAYA Miou
- Pure Heart (FUJIYAMA Hyouta) by FUJIYAMA Hyouta
- Spiral of Sand by TAKAMURE Tamotsu
- Suggestive Eyes by TENZEN Momoko
- "The Lonely Egoist" by Hikaru Masaki and MINASE Masara
- The Way To Heaven by ENJIN Yamimaru
- Then Comes Love by YAMAKAMI Riyu
- Tricky Prince by HASHIDA Yukari
- Where has Love Gone? by TSUNODA Ryoku

Doki Doki
- Crimson Cross by NEGISHI Kyoko and MAEDA Sakae
- Happy Boys by TATENO Makoto
- Millennium Prime Minister by EIKI Eiki
- Otodama by NITTA Youka
- Princess Princess+ by TSUDA Mikiyo
- Wolf God by TENKAWA Ai

Go! Comi
- Crown by HIGURI Yuu and WADA Shinji
- "Days of Cool Idols"
- Bound Beauty by TAKEUCHI Mick

- Castle of Dreams by TSUDA Masami
- Demon Sacred by ITSUKI Natsumi
- Kaichou wa Maid-sama! by FUJIWARA Hiro
- Momo Tama by CHRONO Nanae
- NG Life by KUSANAGI Mizuho
- Peacemaker Kurogane by CHRONO Nanae
- Phantom Dream by TAKAYA Natsuki
- This Ugly Yet Beautiful World by MORIMI Ashita
- Togainu no Chi (CHAYAMACHI Suguro) by CHAYAMACHI Suguro, Tomoe Sato, and Nitro+CHiRAL
- Tsubasa: Those with Wings by TAKAYA Natsuki
- .hack//G.U. (Novel)
- "Orange and Remember" by Benjamin (Hong Kong) - 2009
- "Pixie" by Mathieu Mariolle and Aurore (France) - 2009
- "Luna" (Spain) - 2009

Viz Media
- Otomen by KANNO Aya - January 2009
- Magic Touch by TSUBAKI Izumi - January 2009
- Heaven's Will by TAKAMIYA Satoru - January 2009
- Oishinbo by KARIYA Tetsu and HANASAKI Akira - January 2009
- Honey Hunt by AIHARA Miki - March 2009
- Gestalt by KOUGA Yun - June 2009

Edited to include links to our database (took several hours...) ><
For missing stuff, please help out by posting comments!
Posted by Gum on July 6th 3:12pm Comments ( 18 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
New Poll - Conventions
I'm not late this time! It's the easiest poll I could think of since I'm at AnimeExpo right now...

Discuss your con experiences here:

Previous Poll Results
Question: Console?
Wii - votes: 2959 (40.9%)
PS3 - votes: 2963 (41%)
Xbox 360 - votes: 1313 (18.1%)
There were 7235 total votes.
The poll ended: July 5th 2008

VERY close poll, but I prefer the Wii personally...
Posted by lambchopsil on July 5th 2:10pm Comments ( 8 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
Independence Day!
Happy 4th of July for all you US residents/citizens/whatnot! I'm currently at AnimeExpo 2008 in Los Angeles, CA (USA)! And yet I'm still dedicated for this site...

PS: If anyone wants to meet me at AX (I'm attending all 4 days), pm me here and leave something like a cell # so that I can locate you within the crowd of 40,000+ people
Posted by lambchopsil on July 4th 1:38pm Comments ( 6 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
New Poll - Consoles
First, I realize I'm late (again) with the poll. Second, I'm lazy. So here's the easiest poll I could think of within 10 seconds. Just choose your favorite console! (I realize there is no choice of PC or "none". I did that for a reason)

You can discuss this poll on this thread:
No flame wars please...

Previous Poll Results:
Question: How unrealistic/cliched do you like your manga?
Completely realistic and none of those stupid cliches - votes: 300 (3.6%)
It has to seem real, but cliches DO happen in real life all the time! - votes: 1387 (16.9%)
I don't mind some silliness, but the story had better be original - votes: 3764 (45.7%)
Anything goes for me - votes: 2110 (25.6%)
I like my manga as wild and fantastical as possible - votes: 670 (8.1%)
There were 8231 total votes.
The poll ended: June 29th 2008

I guess most of us are expecting some kind of fantasy to happen (hey, it's manga we're talking about), but we love the original plot sequences. Not too many people like the extremes
Posted by lambchopsil on June 29th 5:24am Comments ( 3 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
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