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New Poll - Tired about Manga?
Simple yes/no poll from ahoaho this time around. Do you ever get tired about manga? I must admit, I do...Sometimes, whatever I read just gets boring, and something more exciting catches my attention (like a game or a novel).

You can discuss this on our forums here:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you read comics (American, European, etc) as well?
Yes - votes: 3139 (33%)
No - votes: 5563 (58.5%)
I would like to try, but they're not available at all for me - votes: 804 (8.5%)
There were 9506 total votes.
The poll ended: August 23rd 2008

Well, as expected to me, "no" is more popular. But we still got a sizable amount that says "yes". Some of the comics in the newspapers are quite amusing. And there's always been the recent influx of comic readers because of movies like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or even something like Wanted...
As for the 804 people that voted that they're not available but would still like to read them, you're not looking hard enough on the internet. You can find comics on the net just like manga...
Posted by lambchopsil on August 23rd 2:05pm Comments ( 8 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
New Poll - Comics
This new poll was suggested by Highway-STAR. It's a very easy one to answer, so I hope we get lots of people~ (I apologize to the 22 people who voted before I realized that I broke the site layout with the new again, please!)

You can discuss this on our forums here:
Maybe you read Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc?

Previous Poll Results
Question: Your optimal manga chapter length?
About 18 pages (standard weekly series) - votes: 392 (4.2%)
Maybe 25 pages~ - votes: 1484 (15.8%)
Around 35 pages... - votes: 2028 (21.5%)
Circa 45 pages? - votes: 987 (10.5%)
Whooping 55+ pages! - votes: 1636 (17.4%)
I really don't care... - votes: 2893 (30.7%)
There were 9420 total votes.
The poll ended: August 16th 2008

Well now, so most people tend to not care (probably as long as the chapter length is reasonable for the amount of story given). Other than that, most people seem to dislike the short amount of 18-ish pages, the typical length of a weekly released series. Around 35 pages got quite a large number of votes still...
Posted by lambchopsil on August 16th 3:35pm Comments ( 16 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
New Poll - Chapter Lengths
Before I talk about the old/new polls, let's remember that this weekend is Otakon 2008! It's the largest convention on the East Coast (I think...). We have a discussion thread about it here: As a footnote, site creator Manick is attending Otakon, but I don't think he wants any site visitors to recognize him...Don't worry, next year at AnimeExpo, I'll be happy to talk with any of you guys~

And...why shouldn't I give some attention to the 2008 Summer Olympics? If you haven't seen the opening ceremonies yet, you REALLY should watch it in whatever possible form of media you have access to. The sheer impressive nature, beauty, difficulty of coordinating such a show, and engineering marvels is awesome. With that said, that does not mean I endorse China's views on political reasoning. I am just stating that the opening ceremony was a good show to watch.

Now for the poll. This poll is a special request from a personal friend of mine by the name of Tiffany (there's your shout-out, so don't bug me anymore). If the poll utterly phails, then blame her. Easy enough poll to answer, so there should be no problems there...

Talk about the new poll on our forum:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Has manga/anime inspired you to learn the language?
Japanese - votes: 5824 (58.3%)
Chinese - votes: 131 (1.3%)
Korean - votes: 136 (1.4%)
Other...Does English count? - votes: 967 (9.7%)
Not even trying. It's too hard! - votes: 1059 (10.6%)
Tried...and failed... - votes: 1087 (10.9%)
More than 1. I'm a genius! - votes: 794 (7.9%)
There were 9998 total votes.
The poll ended: August 9th 2008

I was expecting these results, but was more interested in the number of people that voted on the other options. Interestingly, we were 2 votes away from 10,000 people...but I couldn't wait...
Posted by lambchopsil on August 9th 3:54pm Comments ( 12 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
New Poll - Languages
Yes! I'm not late for once! This new poll was submitted for kaghanyou who apparently made his first forum post the suggestion for this poll. (I hope he's using our other member-only features though). As for all you people reading this that aren't registered: registration is easy and free!

Anyways, on with the poll. Pretty simple one about how anime/manga might/might not have influenced you to learn a language. As for me, I'm sad to admit this, but I'm in the category of "Not even trying. It's too hard!"...

You can discuss this poll on our lovely forums:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: My parents...
Are a bigger Otaku than I am! - votes: 58 (0.6%)
Also read manga. We talk and share the stuff~ - votes: 214 (2.2%)
Don't know I read manga at all. Shhh, it's a secret hobby - votes: 1045 (10.6%)
Know I read manga, but it's not something we talk about... - votes: 4771 (48.4%)
Know I read manga and are repulsed by it and trying to convince me to stop - votes: 893 (9.1%)
Doesn't know what manga is even though I tried to explain it a million times - votes: 1211 (12.3%)
Thinks all manga is for children - votes: 1657 (16.8%)
There were 9849 total votes.
The poll ended: August 2nd 2008

Kinda lame poll in my opinion, but for so many people to vote on it, I guess it wasn't...I apologize to all those who ARE the parents and couldn't exactly vote in this poll. I forgot to leave a voting option for you guys...
But as the poll suggests, most of us don't discuss our hobbies with our parents anyways...
Posted by lambchopsil on August 2nd 2:35pm Comments ( 10 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
SDCC 08 Manga License Round-up
Tis the season of conventions! Here's another attempt at rounding-up all the newly announced series at this year's SDCC:

- Lucky Star by YOSHIMIZU Kagami

- Genghis Khan by HIGURASHI Nakaba and MORIMURA Seiichi (adaptation of the live-action film from Funimation)
- March on Earth by HAYASHI Mikase

Dark Horse
- World Embryo by MORIYAMA Daisuke

Del Rey Manga
- CLAMP In America by Shaenon Garrity (history of CLAMP in NA)
- Negima!? neo by FUJIMA Takuya
- Orange Planet by FUKUSHIMA Haruka
- Sohryuden (Novel) (novel, art by CLAMP)
- Yokai Doctor by SATOU Yuuki

Viz Media
- 20th Century Boys by URASAWA Naoki
- Dogs by MIWA Shirow
- Ikigami by MASE Motoro
- One Pound Gospel by TAKAHASHI Rumiko (re-print)
- Pluto by URASAWA Naoki
- Tegami Bachi by ASADA Hiroyuki
- Waq Waq by FUJISAKI Ryu

Viz Kids
- BakeGyamon: Backward Game by TAMURA Mitsuhisa
- Dinosaur Hour by SHOYA Hitoshi
- Happy Happy Clover by TATSUYAMA Sayuri
- Leave It To PET! by SONISHI Kenji
- Pokemon - Diamond and Pearl Adventure by IHARA Shigekatsu
- Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai by TAKAMISAKI Ryo

Yen Press
- Cat Paradise by IWAHARA Yuji
- Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan (story) and ARAI Takahiro (art)
- GA - Geijutsuka Art Design Class by KIYUDUKI Satoko (4koma)
- Ichiroh! by Mikage (4koma)
- Kieli (Novel) by KABEI Yukako (novel version)
- One Fine Day by Sirial (manhwa)
- Oninagi by ISHIDA Akira
- Sarasah by RUY Ryang (manhwa)
- Step by YU Yanshu (manhua, full-color)
- Toxic Planet by David Ratte (French, webcomic)

Edit: Some links updated
Edit: Correction: Funimation's Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and the Sea is a live-action film and not an anime as previously stated
Edit: Added Dark Horse
Edit: Added and corrected some stuff for Yen Press
Edit: Added 20th Century Boys licensed by Viz Media
Edit: Correctly linked Yokai Doctor (thanks, digitalr)
Posted by Gum on July 27th 7:01am Comments ( 12 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
New Poll - Parents ><
This new poll was submitted by bunnyhugger (yeah, interesting name...). Poll's about what your parents think about your manga/anime habits (although the poll only specifically says manga to save some space...)

You can discuss the poll on the forum:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Does your local library have any manga?
You bet! Shelves and shelves of it! - votes: 708 (8%)
There's a small "graphic novels" section - votes: 2922 (32.8%)
A few, but they shelve them in the children's section - votes: 1241 (13.9%)
No, none at all - votes: 2442 (27.4%)
What is this "library" you speak of? - votes: 1587 (17.8%)
There were 8900 total votes.
The poll ended: July 26th 2008

Wow, quite a lot of us have at least some manga in our local libraries. That's a good thing! Means that manga's getting more popular as time goes on...
Now, the number depressing fact about this poll is that lots of people don't even VISIT the library anymore (although I'm wondering how many people jokingly voted for the last option...). Reading a good old novel is good too, ya know!
Posted by lambchopsil on July 27th 1:43am Comments ( 3 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]
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