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Da Zhu Zai (Novel)  
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The Great Dictator (Novel)
The Great Ruler (Novel)
Đại Chúa Tể (Tiểu Thuyết)
大主宰 (Novel)

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c.344 by Thyaeria over 4 years ago
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It's ok.  
by tiankioo
September 19th, 2019, 1:33am
Rating: N/A
I don't know if it's just translated bad, but I found reading this to be pretty annoying often. Some parts were okay but considering 75% of the novel are fights, they are very poorly done.
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by WhatBest
February 21st, 2017, 4:07am
Rating: N/A
The story is quite better than a lot of other xianxia and it isn’t stupid (maybe a little boring). There is a lot of mystery around his past and it isn’t just like let’s dump everything on the reader (wdqk). The romance is slow and he only loves one girl who he already had a relationship with before but didn’t meet again til chapter 142.

... Last updated on February 21st, 2017, 7:24pm
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It's not an harem  
by shinintendo
November 8th, 2015, 11:30am
Rating: N/A
The girls are attracted/love him but he doesn't think about other girls let alone cheat on his one true love.
So please don't give it an harem genre.
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So far  
by Sircus
November 4th, 2015, 4:12am
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
Very choppy text and translation makes it almost unreadable. The story in itself has a very weak beginning that doesn't encourage the reader to read more. The range is below shounen, intended age for readers 7-10 years of age.

... Last updated on November 4th, 2015, 4:14am
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Thoughtful and cunning Mu Chen  
by world is wide
October 5th, 2015, 10:53pm
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
Only a 100 chapters in to this Xianxia but already like this main character a lot, kind demeanour on the outside but blade sharp on the inside. The unusual techniques he acquires and the story set already on a higher plane has me very interested in how this develops.

My intro to the story so far.

*Luck* sent Mu Chen to the prestigious competition "Spiritual Road". One should either rise to the highest heights or die in this mysterious and grand competition of young cultivators, however Mu Chen was instead kicked out.

In the boundless higher plane, The Great Thousand World, Mu Chen returns to his sect in disgrace and begins the story utilizing the cunning and decisiveness that he has now learned.

... Last updated on October 5th, 2015, 11:17pm
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Quick sectioned info of the world and then Almost all the spoilers on the story after,If you want more read the story!  
by rerightaj
September 16th, 2015, 3:57am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
*cultivation and formations*
The MC lives in a world of spiritual power and beasts all of them( man and beasts) can increase their power through cultivation .(From what I understand)They cultivate through meditation and absorbing the energy in the world around them ,they have formations which help them gather the energy and concentrate it in a set area allowing for faster cultivation speeds.These formations have different rankings /levels and the formation creators have set levels of mastery and ability.Formations and spiritual power coexist and work hand and hand together.
(from what I"ve read) The world is split into territories which have rulers and they are vast and wide spread and range in size and power.
These territories often have bouts and squables over land/power.Tje formation ateritory have
*Schools/road of cultivation*
There are feeder schools which train the students in martial arts and help them on the path of cultivation .The feeder schools are for the 5 academies which has basicly everything needed to progress in cultivation.Also the techniqes the feeder schools teach do not rank very highly and have vary few powerful training arts or resources compared to the 5 academies.The academies can be entered once one reaches a certain cultivation level or when they are chosen to participate in the spiritual road where participants will be children who must survive many trials and obstacles. On the spiritual road many will die due to the trials or the other participants.On the spiritual road the students will not be able to cultivate.That means they have no over powering strength outside of their own innate strengths and abilities.
*Spiritual pulse/inate power/born with powers*
One of the innate powers that they can have is a spiritual pulse,their rank of spiritual pulse varies and to be honest they just say it makes the owners of this more powerful so I may be missing something there but it helps them a lot to my understanding.
*Spiritual beasts*
Another thing that helps these cultivators are the beast whom can be caught and killed and have their spirits fuse with the cultivator which enables the cultivator to increase there power immensely but it is a one and done type deal to where from what i understand the beasts can only help to a certain point then they can hold back the cultivators. The spirit beasts have ranks and are in 2 categories earth and heaven the difference is one has challenged the heavens ...AKA divine lightning while the other has not (earth ranked).
*Power ups*
There are fruits ,pills,elixirs/drinks and all sorts of special littil things that help in increasing spiritual power in this world.Also there are weapons and items which have all sorts of wacky abilities like concentrated exploding spiritual pearls and storage items.Simply put the world is vast and the weird things are as well its cool.

Alright heres the part I do my whole spoiler thing ....soooooo info dump
Mu Chen-
*described as being: cute,handsome,kind,clever,smart,intelligent,gifted,respectful,mischievous,strong willed and hardworking.
*Family background :Father is a territory lord of MU territory which is in regular dispute with the Liu territory.Mother is off somewhere and cannot return but is described as being powerful beyond belief.(you can find more characters and info on the translators solitary translations [who are awesome] page under menu and character )
*Innate abilites :2? does he have 1 -yes -why the ? because its sealed by his mom that is stuck somewhere and will be released once he reaches a certain power/spiritual level and I'm not certain whether the hidden ability corresponds with the other innate ability to manipulate formations with his sole.Meaning it could be just one big awesome ability and this is just the part that couldn't be sealed.
*spiritual rode: he was chosen for this program which is basically a child free for all with trials,struggles,betrayals,killings,and strengthening ones self without spiritual power.Basically hell and at the end the kids get an elixir which basically makes them power houses.He formed a relationship with a sword wielding girl who for a year tried to kill him and managed to escape and stay alive for that long and they promised to for a pair with each/be companions that would never betray each other so *harem member one check*Profile-Probable Yandere but no clue really .He has a guy he really wants to kill from this program but I don't know much more about that.He was kicked out/expelled from it for some reason and that's why he was sent back home for all intensive purposes reforged from a very childish and immature boy into a crafty and very willful young adult.But before being kicked out he promised the companion he would get into the 5 academies and find her. What he gains from it is a new mindset and a strange black paper.
*story after the road*
Goes back home to his territory where he is the territory leaders sun so he is basically fortunate and has access to more resources than a normal cultivator would.He goes to school that are split into 2 factions(east and west) and where from what I'm picking up there are another 2 harem members one in his east faction the other in the opposing western faction whose name is Hong Ling and is his childhood friend and currently doesn't as of ch83 have any romantic feelings for him,while in his eastern faction Tan Qingshan who most likely has feelings for him.Now on to the main enemy he is dealing with at school which is Liu Mubai who is ranked #1 in the western faction .

*So I am just going to start summarizing the stories events _
Mu chen goes to school and is looked at weirdly for being kicked out of the spiritual road,he trains ,learns skill and increases his spiritual power quickly .He also showes the western faction to not pick on the eastern faction and kicks the butt of one of the annoying bullies from the western faction Liu Yang who after losing tried to kill Mu Chen with a spiritual pearl and has it stolen by Mu chen instead.The school then goes on a feild trip to kill spiritual beasts and on this outing he saves the western faction members from being robbed by mercenaries.He does this through preasuring them with the spiritual pearl then they tell him they want to partner up and get a fruit that increases spiritual energy so he agrees and the other students decide to go along as well so they arrive and reach fruit which is guarded by ape spirit beasts and a big boss ape. Mu Chen has to lead the boss from the group and kills it by leading it to another more powerful spirit beast .Goes back to the group he left and presents the beasts head and scares off all the smaller apes ,he gets and school mates get some of the fruit and the rest goes to the mercenaries.Following is attacked by s who wants Tan Qingshan who he was pared up with and so Muchen takes him on and saves her and kills him similarly to the ape by leading him to the high level beast and making exhausted and then kills him himself.He finds on him in his storage band a disk that has a bird on it.This disk was stolen from Liu territory.He goes back home and learns it leads to a special spiritual beast called the 9 nether bird and in between these events he learns that he has a special ability sealed by his mom from his dad,and also he chooses a secret art that his mom left behind for him by chance and it is extremely powerful.He also starts studying formations .He then makes a journey to the spirit beast and fights against the Liu territory along the way to the bird .They both arrive at the same time and both groups are almost killed by the birds trap ,the bird challenges heaven a second time and looses and after loosing invades Mu Chen and tries to take over his body but before it could the strange black paper he received on the spiritual rode saves him and captures the soul of the nether bird.He later on trains more in formations and helps set up a grade 2 formation and discovers he has an ability to control formation with his soul.More training and skills and power ups occur then there is another match for entry into the 5 academies and a seeded entry which is intended for Mu Chen. So that's mostly whats happed with the series enjoy!

... Last updated on September 16th, 2015, 4:06am
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