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Shibariya Komachi  
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Chiko is a high school student who can see other people’s red threads, which is the thread that connects one person to his/her soul mate. She uses her ability as a musubi-ya to advise her schoolmates on their love lives, for a fee of course! But upon stumbling upon a hidden room at her school, she sees a mysterious looking white spool of thread that suddenly comes alive and traps her. The next thing she knows, her body has become like a ten-year old kid again and the only way to get back her body is to use the mysterious thread to expel evil spirits and become a real musubi-ya!


Related Series
Joou-sama no Inu (Adapted From)

Associated Names
Bound Beauty
L'Attache cœurs (French)

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v.8 c.31 by Transcendence over 4 years ago
v.8 c.30 by Transcendence over 4 years ago
v.8 c.29 by Transcendence over 5 years ago
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Princess Gold (Akita Shoten)

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Go! Comi (Defunct / 3 Vols)

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No good  
by PZcolo
September 26th, 2017, 6:50am
Rating: N/A
Main female lead is kind of annoying, still, she is a teen-age girl so her insecurity, hardheadedness, rashness and so on are actually justified and intended so I can't fault the author, she's actually a believable character which I just don't like much, her naivety and immaturity gets on my nerves, the main male lead on the other hand is just boring and a lame idealization, I guess teenage girls skip a beat reading of such characters but I don't. Likewise, the romance is boring as hell, and since about 50% of the story is about romance that's a big handicap.
As for the rest of the characters, save Nadeshiko they are equally boring, or make no sense, megane (Aya?) for example, he's supposed to have lost his emotions yet he's a sadist, laughs a lot, feels regret, etc. that's a contradiction right there, yankee-kun (Tsuna) starts off as if he's the main male lead but is soon almost forgotten and says a few lines per chapter at most, the female string seams to be there just as spice to the MCs romance and is as the rest out of the picture in a heartbeat.
Story-wise it's not bad but not that interesting, the intrigue with the main house is good but that's about it, the central thing, the string folklore and the cocoon entity is rather uninteresting, couldn't get interested till the end and least of all with all Akeo-Iori crap.
Lastly, the dialogues are terrible, thou that may be a translation issue I doubt it.
As a hole I find it quite poor, it's short, 31 chapters and even so I had a hard time finishing it.

... Last updated on September 26th, 2017, 6:50am
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Good story  
by Jeswal
September 14th, 2017, 9:13am
Rating: N/A
Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I felt the plot was interesting and kept you wanting to know more. The only thing lacking was the romance. I would have liked it more if it would have shown how his feelings changed. It just seemed so sudden. I would have liked to see Chiko with Tsuna.
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Pretty good, could've been great  
by firewolf19
January 16th, 2017, 1:34pm
Rating: N/A
I just finished this series. Overall, it's an entertaining series with good art and an interesting premise. I like the female lead well-enough; she's got a legitimate backbone and a smart-mouth, which isn't something we see very frequently in shoujo manga. The majority of the supporting cast are good characters as well. What really missed the mark for me were two things: 1) the romance and 2) the quite complicated storyline.

Romance: I felt like the main couple had ZERO chemistry. It seemed like every interaction between them felt forced and somewhat contrived. I actually much preferred Chiko with Tsuna because their interactions seemed more natural (although, I am a bit biased since I always enjoy their sort of relationship between love interests in manga ^^wink. Anyways, I feel like the romance could've been more fleshed out so we could see where
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Akeo's feelings for Chiko turn from "guardian" to romantic. I felt like there wasn't any transition between the two. I also feel that it's kind of weird that he develops romantic feelings towards someone he's been watching over (as an adult) since they were a small child - and I'm usually all for age-gap romances. To me, he seems more like a father/guardian figure rather than a love interest.

Plot: I thought the first few volumes were simple and well-explained enough follow the idea of the threads of fate and their users. I actually really enjoyed the first few "cases" the team worked on and wish the author had maybe gone in that general direction with the plotline. But as I progressed through to the latter half of the series, there was a downpour of information, new characters, and plot points that just made me totally lost. I was able to grasp the overall idea of what was going on, but there were too many aspects that weren't well-explained or fleshed out enough to make sense of "why" those things were happening. There were also many elements that were thrown into the story very late in the game that really had no impact on the story and left me wondering why it was thrown in...i.e.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
when you find out that Nadeshiko is married to some super strong "investigator". I have no problem with her being married or anything, but he was introduced so late in the game and virtually added nothing to the story or to her character development (I'd say she was pretty well developed by this point), so his appearance felt odd to me. I suppose you could say his appearance prompted Aya's backstory, but I feel like the author could've chose to introduce that stuff sooner and with better build-up if that's what she was going for.

Those things aside, I really did enjoy this series as I was reading it. I probably won't reread it, but if you're looking for a supernatural shoujo with some interesting characters, give it a try.
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Enjoyable and recommended, despite infrequent releases  
by formosa
March 7th, 2013, 3:53pm
Rating: N/A
I really like this series. Despite its weaknesses, I found it an enjoyable shoujo supernatural romance, in part because there aren't too many love interests, and because of the way Chiko manages to blunder into all these family plots and secrets. The characters aren't unique but are endearing enough that you want to find out what happens to them.

The ghost-of-the-week arcs are decent enough, serving as tutorials on how to use the 5-coloured threads, but it becomes clearer that the focus of the series is really on the past. What happened several years ago to turn Akeo and Nadeshiko against each other (and to her legs?) ? What have all the users sacrificed to gain the powers they have gained? It's clear that the series will explain all of these as the past unfolds, and that Chiko herself has an important part to play in resolving all the intrigues and mystery surrounding the main family and their magical artefacts. I know it looks confusing now, but judging from the raws, rest assured that it will all eventually be explained.

I like Takeuchi's artwork, it may not be unique, but it still feels distinct enough to recognise. Too many shoujo artists have a bland style that isn't skilled enough or unique enough to make them memorable. As a shoujo artist, her characters are suitably pretty without being ridiculously stretched or disturbingly moody-looking, as a result they are appealing enough. She has improved since her previous series, the drawings of Nadeshiko in both make that particularly evident. I also like how Takeuchi really integrates the sound effects into her artwork. It must be hell for publishers and scanlators, but artistically it feels well-integrated.

I'm not actually a fan of age-gap romances or teacher-pupil ones (I know Akeo's not really her teacher, but still) but at least she's 17, so the idea of that romance insn't as disturbing as it first sounds. Whether this angle is a plus or a minus depends on readers' preferences. And given that this series is otherwise pretty tame in the romance department, it does manage to get by without being really squicky.

It's worth mentioning that the series features a couple of crossover characters from Takeuchi's earlier work, His Majesty's Dog, so if you liked Nadeshiko the refined but dangerously powerful disabled onmyouji/miko/family head, she appears in this series in a more major role than previously.

What the series really suffers from is actually not related to the series. It was licensed, but Go!Comi who were releasing it officially in English have long since shut down. As a result, we're unlikely to see any more official releases. Meanwhile, as you can see above, whilst the scanlators do a good job, the series has been scanlated at a particularly slow rate over the past few years I've been following it, averaging 2 chapters a year. They clearly need more help with this series (come on, guys!). It's this that makes it challenging to keep up with the series because by the time a chapter's come out, you've half-forgotten what happened recently and have to re-read it a bit.

In summary: Enjoyable supernatural romance with complex characters with their own problems, and an intriguing mystery behind their family curse. However, releases are infrequent, so although I recommend this series, you will be waiting for new chapters. If you read French, the entire thing has been released in that language, which might help.
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by jackalan
July 5th, 2012, 11:58am
Rating: N/A
And I'm regretting of ever downloading that 4 freakin volumes to my lap... (At least I won't be deleting any of it soon because I just don't want to waste my effort in downloading it)

I tried reading 2 volumes and still I couldn't pick it up. Man, this series is hopeless. And I'm not a big fan of the drawing either. Merrr, both left no impression or remark or whatsoever on my mind.

Damn it! I downloaded 4 volumes *crying*
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didn't think i was going to like it THIS much!  
by asianromance
August 5th, 2009, 4:00pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
I didn't pick this up for the longest time because I didn't like the fact that she turns into a child...but I picked it up today and loved it. it's funny, but it also has really great touching moments. there were times i felt like tearing up. Like someone else said earlier, fans of Yurara no Tsuki and Rasetsu no Hana will like this manga!
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by iitzHans
August 5th, 2009, 2:23pm
Rating: N/A
Average series with complex characters with depressing pasts. It foreshadows betrayal amongst the 4 five-colored strings users. It's a bit serious in some parts as the main character solves a murder mystery and appeases spirits who couldn't move on with their life. I think I shall continue to wait for new chapters instead of dropping it.
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love the boys  
by lumchan
November 29th, 2008, 12:35pm
Rating: N/A
i think the lolicon part is pretty funny since the girl is humiliated by being such a little kid. if i was stuck in a kids body and surrounded by hot guys it would drive me CRAZY!! i like all the guys though i think i like the sensei the most. this is a good manga for people who like romance and some supernatural stuff. defnitely reminds me of her majestys dog.
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Decent series  
by Andrakax
October 10th, 2008, 6:42pm
Rating: N/A
Not too bad of a series. The supernatural aspect is not very well explained in the manga, so it can be hard to follow. Pretty good art with a bit of lolicon at times.
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by JHax9999
May 22nd, 2008, 9:18pm
Rating: N/A
Damn, that guy on the cover is one sexy eye-candy... *drooool*
Totally inappropriate and sexist of me, I know.
But I am so reading this manga.
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