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Katsute Sore wa Aidatta  
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A happily married woman finds that her husband can't see her anymore and what's more is that he was hiding a big secret from her?!

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Once, It Was Love

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November 25th 2021, 9:32pm PST



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Trash husband & sister  
by SincerelyLena
October 16th, 2021, 12:04am
Rating: N/A
For some reason this comic just keeps popping up on my app, I've been ignoring it cause I can't stand cheating but I finally caved in & started reading some chapters & I'm just heated & disgusted. I read the most recent chapters & the husband & sister needs to die. The fact that he really slept with Maria. In their own home, on their couch is just unforgivable. I don't care if you were hypnotized or whatever, you still slept with your wife's sister KNOWING you are married. You are trash. I want him to be exposed. I want them both to be exposed. I'm just sooooo disgusted.
The other dude is definitely suspicious but whatever, he interrupted them & took a picture of them. I hope he spreads it so that everyone will know that the husband is trash and the sister is a disgusting so they can lose everything.

I was annoyed with this comic that I read the comments from the Japanese site & it seems the ending is twisted but it seems the adulters will lose everything or they definitely don't get a happy ending which is what I want. I want the trash duo to lose everything.

I don't know how this is supposed to be a romance when there's no real romance in here. It's a betrayal, psychological thriller not romance.

... Last updated on October 16th, 2021, 12:05am
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Kanako is stupid  
by Tjemlk
September 18th, 2021, 5:15am
Rating: N/A
I really hate Kanako. I hate main characters like her who choose to suffer. Like why are you so passive? Hit him or push him. Damn even stabbing him with a knife would work.
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These chopped up chapters are killing me  
by gingerednoodles
September 17th, 2021, 10:01pm
Rating: N/A
This story is so painful. Only read if you want to feel despair and anger.

I am like 99% sure now that Satake is sus and probably the true villain here. I feel like he's behind the scenes trying to ruin her marriage and make her fall into his arms for comfort instead. He's way too desperate and unsurprised by everything.
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Hate Tatsuo  
by Zinky16
September 4th, 2021, 8:44pm
Rating: N/A
Finally I found a place where I can comment and read feedback from other readers!

This whole comic has me hooked and angry!!! I really want to know the psyche of Tatsuo and why he is going through with the affair with Kanako’s sister. He seemed so down to earth and thinks highly of kanako so I want to know the justification he has for his affair.
I found it interesting that he essentially ‘hypnotized’ himself due to his extreme guilt in hurting Kanako and wonder if perhaps he still has a little feelings left for her if not romantic atleast a strong platonic friendship? Even if he snaps out of it she deserves better than him anyway so salvaging their marriage is out of the question.
Also Maria is so fishy. Tatsuo is hypnotized bc of his guilt so why can’t Maria see Kanako either? She definitely seems to feel her presence a bit more than Tatsuo does and I seriously doubt she feels even a bit guilty towards Kanako since she has managed to swindle and fk over Kanako since they were children.

Kanako is annoying the hell out of me like I wish she would get angry. Her husband is literally fking her sister on her couch and she can’t break a plate on Tasuo’s big *ss head or something?? Like why is she just standing there like a moron. I also find it hard to sympathize with her because she has NO backbone and refuses to defend herself against her trifling sister.
Satake is sooo confusing cuz I want to like him but he’s kind of sus. This last chapter was so short like.. he snapped a pic of them and then she suddenly woke up in bed. This whole throng better not have been a dream bc I want to continue hating both Tatsuo and Maria

... Last updated on September 24th, 2021, 9:06pm
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Something Fishy is going on  
by Jenten022
August 16th, 2021, 6:54pm
Rating: N/A
I can believe that guilt has made Tatsuo not see Kanako, but I mean he doesn't even care enough to look for her, or stop the affair, or even face Kanako. He continues to shamelessly carry on his affair while Kanako silently suffers. I wonder why Kanako doesn't confront him using texts. He seems to get her messages.

I reread an earlier chapter, and Tatsuo specifically says he hates girls who know men can't reject them because they're sexually attracted and instinctively protective of them and then goes on to say they can't hide their arrogance even as they're throwing themselves at you. And that those types make him sick. Then when Kanako states that most guys wouldn't care and play along and he states that he can't and then Kanako goes on to say that that's just what girls do, and he says that she's different, and she insists that she isn't and they go back and forth for a bit before he tells her that they are equal and the same.

So it just boggles my mind that he falls for the exact thing that he basically said he never would. Maria is a perfect example of the type of girl he said he hated, yet now he's in love with her? This last chapter frustrated me, but I feel like it gives us a bit of insight into the relationship between Tatsuo and Maria. After 29 chapters, I am hoping that Kanako's suffering will stop. I wish that she would just confront him via text. If I were her, I would just come out and say, "I know you are having an affair with my sister." Maybe that would be enough to jolt him out of his hypnotism? I get that she is in shock, but she needs to divorce this bastard, tell of her jerk of a sister, and move on to better things.

Yeah, I am confused as to whether or not Maria did see Kanako. I thought she did because she started asking Tatsuo if he cared for her more and loved her more than Kanako. It did also look like they met eyes. It's obvious that Maria has her hooks in him good. Tatsuo is such an idiot.

I hope they give us a good explanation as to how this happened. It was obvious that Tatsuo was flustered at meeting Maira during his and Kanako's wedding, but Kanako herself said that they only saw Maria during holidays. So I guess when she wasn't there they had some interaction that started all this. I wonder how long it has been going on. We don't get much of a sense of time and Tatsuo only just started to not see her, but it seems like this has been going for a while.

Seriously!? That is so disrespectful! It seems like he loses all sense of reason when Maria is around. I don't think Maria hypnotized him in the traditional way. If you go back to when they were younger it just seems like Maria has a way of getting what she wants. Plus as you guys mentioned she has been f*ing Kanako over her whole life. It seems like Maria probably wore Tatsuo down. He may have even let his guard down more than usual because she was Kanako's sister. Not that this excuses his behavior. He's a pig and if he truly loved Kanako then he would have stayed faithful. Even if he was hypnotized to love Maria it would be hard for them to go back to how things were.

Yes! Gingerednoodles! I also suspect Satake as well of being behind the scenes of this in some way. I thought something was off from the beginning about him. Although, I still I wouldn't mind if Tatsuo got beat up, but if Satake is behind this then I don't want Kanako to end up with him because that's just messed up as what Tatsuo is doing.

I knew I had a reason to be suspicious of Satake. Something isn't right about him. I don't think Tatsuo cheating on her is a dream, but I think now more than ever Satake may have been one of the instigators. Her waking up in bed is very weird. Like what happened? And she says it looms like her room, but something is off.

So Satake is definitely a psycho. I guess he has some kind of magical ability or something? And it seems like he made a replica of her apartment which means he has been in it before. This manga is trippy.

Satake has tapped her house, stalked her, drugged her, and I'm pretty sure he has a hand in what happened between Tatsuo and Maria and yet he expects Kanako to all of a sudden fall into his arms?

HCP I think she is in shock. Seeing your husband and sister doing it in front of you would be scarring, and then finding out the person she confided in has been stalking her and basically upending her life would be a shock. Kanako has been living in this bubble for quite and while and thought she escaped her sister, but now it turns out to have been all a lie.

... Last updated on November 12th, 2021, 8:02pm
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Tatsuo needs to die in a fire  
by HCP
July 30th, 2021, 8:55pm
Rating: N/A
In reading the manga series thus far....I can say that there is no one I hate more than Tatsuo...even Maria is more tolerable as she has always been a horrible person....I really wanted Kanako to take a knife and stab Tatsuo in his balls when he casually came back home after having sex with Maria.

Update: I still really want Kanako to dump Tatsuo and he can die in a fire.

DIE Tatsuo!!! IDAF if you self hypnotized yourself. You’re a bastard.

- Yes I also don’t understand why Kanako doesn’t just text Tatsuo and tells him off. I don’t know how she sleeps in the same bed as him and it’s so painful to read.
I agree that Kanako deserves way better and I hope she finds a new person to love and really love her
YES!!! I don’t get how Tatsuo falls in love with Maria… the very type of woman he claimed he could never like. Ugh this seriously frustrates me.

Wow this bastard!!!! Seriously Kanako I would send your husband that divorce text right now. RIGHT NOW!!!!! Also Kanako’s whole family is trash and belong in a garbage fire. I don’t think they would say anything against Maria even in this situation.

Wow not surprised Maria is being a bitch as usual. Part of me really thinks she knows Kanako is there. And speaking of Kanako… woman you know he sees your texts… text that motherfucker Tatsuo that you see and know what a piece of shit he is!!!!

Jenten you were right to be paranoid about this chapter. Honestly I’m so frustrated with Kanako. She’s such a masochist for pain. Like girl bombard his phone with texts so he’s not actually fucking your sister in front of your face. And yes Tatsuo is so disrespectful and is irredeemable as far as I’m concerned. If I could be isekaied into a manga for the sole purpose of beating the shit out of someone Tatsuo is in the top 5. I just wanted to grab a broken shard and stab him. That’s what Kanako should have done instead of standing there like a dummy.

Yeah the chapters are annoyingly short. I was hoping she’d do something before leaving… I also find it a bit suspicious that Satake was already there at her place…yeah I was giving him the benefit of doubt that he wasn’t involved but the fact that he called right as they started having sex and was right at her apartment when she came out is suspicious.

Tjmelk yes!!! She’s frustrating me so much with her passive attitude, like at this point it’s really hard to sympathize with her.

What the heck?! Did Satake somehow alter reality? I’m even more suspicious of him now!

So Satake somehow made it where Kanako no longer sees Tatsuo and Maria? From what it looks like after reading this episode. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I want some real confrontation to happen but this does make me suspect that both Satake and Maria conspired together.

So Satake created some alternate reality and replicated Kanako and Tatsuo’s apartment… his whole vibe is like a crazy stalker that’s about to pop off. And the question of why Tastuo cheated and stopped seeing Kanako remains…. Ugh I’m so frustrated!!!

Well at least Satake confirmed what we already knew for weeks…. Dude is a stalker and wasn’t surprised that Kanako wouldn’t have sex with him right away… ugh these short chapters kill me I just want to read where Kanako confront her trash husband.

Seriously how is she behaving so calm in this situation?!

About fucking time!!! Sign those divorce papers.

Ok… so Maria calling Satake by his first name isn’t suspicious at all… bad enough he was stalking her, but it is really looking like he had a hand in the whole fucked up situation… and really Tatsuo….. you brought your skank side chick and then demanded to see Kanako? Ugh so trashy!!!! I’m so glad Satake told this fucker off.

Oh and we’re back to another week of Kanako being a masochist to the pain that Trashsuo and Maria bring. But wow to read that this whole time frame where he’s blind to her is a matter of days… not even weeks or months. That just infuriated me so much!!! This piece of shit was cheating on her even before the hypnosis!!!!

Seriously at this point everyone is trash. I’m over everything and everyone. The only reason I continue reading this shit is so I can see Tastuo’s and Maria’s faces when they lose everything.

... Last updated on November 27th, 2021, 4:59pm
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