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Pocket Comics is a webcomic smartphone app and website.

The app allows reading of initial episodes for free, then utilizes a rental system to continue reading English and others language version content from various publishers, at no extra cost. Readers can also purchase episodes to directly support content creators.
As of 31st Dec 2021, Taiwanese (Traditional Chinese) language service has been re-added on Pocket Comics after ceasing their service on their website.
On 24th Jan 2022, French has been added on Pocket Comics.
On Apr 2022, German has been added on Pocket Comics. And on Sep 2022, German has been removed on Pocket Comics.

Created by NHN PlayArt, it is based on the Comico app, that first published original webcomics, novels and digitalized comics in Japan.

Refer to NHN Entertainment for webtoons and manga originally published by Comico in Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Adult comics licensed by Pocket Comics will be censored.
•As of 2022 with their new update, Pocket Comics now has an adult section and older adult comics will slowly be re-added without censorship.

Due to the website's new setup, please check at the bottom of the site if the language is in your chosen language.

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