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The Villainess Lives Again   
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Associated Names
A vilã vive duas vezes
Kötülüğün İkinci Yaşamı
La vilaine vit deux fois
La vilaine vit encore
La villana vive dos veces
The Villainess Lives Twice
Вторая жизнь злодейки
Друге життя лиходійки
ชีวิตครั้งใหม่ ของยัยตัวร้าย
악녀는 두 번 산다

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Happily Ever After

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c.76 by Sawateam over 2 years ago
c.103 by Anxious Frogs Scanlations over 2 years ago
c.102 by Anxious Frogs Scanlations over 2 years ago
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207 Chapters (Ongoing)

S1: 80 Chapters (01~80)
S2: 40 Chapters (81~120)
S3: 40 Chapters (121~160)
S4: 38 Chapters (161~?)

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July 16th 2024, 3:45pm



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Moronic authors masterpiece.  
by Myraidofhate
February 12th, 2024, 4:01am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The disgust I felt while reading can't be explained by words. No matter the horrible things FL did everybody just forgives her unconditionaly may it be first timeline where she literally destroyed ML's home, his love and everything else still he sacrificed himself just so that worm of a FL can live again in next (reversed) timeline.

This disgusting author even made him fall in love with her just puking my guts after this development and his previous lover was pathetic to the core, she gave her support to choose ML while FL again literally destroyed her previous life by manipulating her into marrying her trash brother and how she hoped that lover won't remember anything just so she could enjoy her forgiviness to the fullest like she enjoyed in the first timeless why because This lover or saint is mentally challenged I thought she doesn't feel other emotions like human beings this author didn't think that far while writing her and pooped out her major character setting.

I know FL deserved far more horrible punishment as for not just cutting her hands and legs weren't enough because it was done by her own brother and not the people she wronged, she should experience that maybe millions of times but it still won't be enough for the horrible and down right disgusting things FL did.

I did not think FL feels any real remorse or anything at all since beginning I mean she really have felt any guilt she would've first started by destroying her family and her brother including her mother but what does she do that stupid disgusting psychotic b*tch marries ML for her own gain her living happy life.

Every mob character is moronic and disgusting for their role is only to support and forgave FL. Still the task of even thinking about reading in this novel or manhwa made me puke more than eating bugs.

Virgin MLs tragic bland development was soo pathetic I mean he did not any background development like no love no power no family or nothings else at all everything was taken away by FL while he remained her loyal dog in both timelines even after remembering FLs horrible can you guess what he did like any other human being did he take revenge or atleast hated her some, NOPE he fking forgave her like brain dead no emotion character just what was this retarded author thinking when writing this. Just reverse the roles like other manhwas where MLs did little bad things and how they need to repent but not this FL she gets out scott free by commenting mass genocide and destroying every major characters life and suffer no consequence at any given point also achieves forgiveness like pennys to a popular begger from them like brain dead mobs they are.

This trash is more disgusting than millions sewage water tank.

Fking piece of trash content whichever retard call this utter disgusting trash a masterpiece just because it involves some typical politics but forgets trashy character writings or psychotic retarted development of story.

A horrendous work or art that should be burned and erased from existence.

Excuse my poor garmmer just frustrated after reading this monstrosity.

... Last updated on March 23rd, 2024, 9:08am
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Consistently Damn good (understatement) political drama with rare bits of supernatural, few romance, some psychological  
by MatrixM
December 29th, 2023, 12:09pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
(Binged) up to ch163 over 3 days:
This is a damn good series. I initially rated this a 9/10 around ch50. But as I started approaching chapter 100 I realised 'no...this is genuinely doing a masterful job at everything it's setting out to do. This is a 10/10'

This is NOT one of those series where it starts good and tapers off in quality. It maintains it and honestly probably gets better in season 2
There was one short kidnapping arc that honestly felt cliche, but it was resolved in an unusual fashion that left me satisfied.
[edit: I'm just gonna add here that the wide cast of characters is really good. The fmc, mc, so many of the rivals and side-characters all great...except the brother, he bores me mostly.]

Political thriller:
Ok, this series is, above all, a political drama/thriller. And it does this really REALLY well. You see plans put into place that may come into fruition a hundred chapters later, you also see shorter term plans, and these are all overlapping in a very realistic way.
This series does not suffer from the flaw of so many lesser series where the main character is so smart and everyone else is so dumb. No. We see our fair share of competent politicians and at least two other very skilled ones close to the level of our FMC (imo). We even see at least 2 character who are implied to have potential to be S-tier strategists but are currently almost completely unpolished.
By all this I mean the world of politics feels real. There's one scene where a political strategy council is meeting and one is a plant who's going to offer a very well-dressed bad idea. Afterwards a member who we've never even see before mentions to the plant all the flaws, demonstrating this tertiary/quarternary character has political acumen because of course he does, the guy is a high-level politician, it's only realistic!
That said, the FMC is a cut above, but this is in part due to no one (very reasonably) expecting a masterclass strategist to spring out of nowhere, enabling her to play the long-game in the background.
You also see a lot of political double-speak as people speak 'politely' around issues to send messages/threats/offers etc. And it's all done so well

One thing the main character (FMC) struggles with, at times, is her psychological scars and guilt. The FMC is really well-written. She's got trauma from emotional and physical abuse and generally bad parenting (but we also explore the mother's psyche and, man, 'villains' can be complicated people, too) that has left her with many sociopathic tendencies. As a result, our FMC at the beginning of the story has done...bad things. LOTS of bad if you counted her death toll, she could probably swim in an Olympic swimming pool of their blood (imo, we never get exact figures). She's betrayed 'friends', allies, killed bloodlines (children included) created national crises/disasters... So when she gets this next chance, the guilt is real. She knows she's horrible, inhuman, has so much blood she can never wash it off. But the problem is, sociopathic traits! So can't just fix herself just like that, and her methods work, and her goal is important

Feels a bit weird at first, cos it’s not the focus of the story, but it gets better over time, especially as it becomes more intertwined with the above psychological themes. All of her feelings make sense, and in the end I really do like how it’s revealed to us and makes it feel more melancholic/tragic.
bit of Supernatural
So, this world has two types of magic. Neither of which pop up often (as one is only available to a saintess and the latter isn't worth the cost unless you're homicidal and sneaky) but you should know this is a fantasy world, so you don't get the wrong idea going in. There's monsters, but they're all in the wild so we never actually see them. There's an inhuman humanoid race that has their own civilisation as raiders, again just mentioning so you're not caught off-guard, cos it's unexpected.

Translation: I highly Sawateam translation whenever you can read it as theirs felt the most clear (VERY important in a strong political story) and when a translation is ambiguous they try to clarify it in their end-note. The official translation is second-best (it's honestly confusing that they refer to dukes as 'your highness' rather than 'your grace' but eh. Also there are a few conversations that aren't clear, but it's rare). I read a couple Anxious Frogs scanlations, english is clunky and often unclear, avoid it as this is a political story (no offense)

... Last updated on December 29th, 2023, 12:14pm
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Idk why this trash is somewhat popular ...  
by Equinox Supreme Terozex
July 23rd, 2023, 1:05pm
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
Super generic plot where FL really did not suffer anything she just endured and the real victim ML who the author put everything on.
It's like the author is mentally ill or something to create a novel like this. He wants ML to be a M and FL to be S while all the ML do is beg and worry about FL like a dog, she just takes advantage of him with taking everything away from him like his past love his time everything else.
Can anyone get more disgusting than her Idk but sure as hell she(FL) should have a bad ending.

... Last updated on July 23rd, 2023, 1:10pm
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good start, but didn't hook me  
by Ziggyzag
February 23rd, 2023, 4:11am
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
i only finished until chap 80... this is way too long :< it didn't piqued my interest enough to go to the 2nd season yet. i'll probably reread once completed next time.
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Needs a lot of brain power to read  
by Ryuuteki
August 20th, 2022, 8:06pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I just finished binge reading this up to chapter 120 and I am giving this a 10. Like I said, this needs a lot of brain power to read and understand everything. The romance part starts out a bit late, and almost everything has politics and scheming involved in it which is the main point of the story. If you don't like this kind of trope and instead prefer the ones with blatant romance, then I suggest to not bother reading this only to give it underserved low ratings since it didn't meet your expectations. However, if you are like me and you love reading stuffs with politics and a bit of romance involved, I hope you'll ignore the low ratings and give this a try because this will be worth your time.
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by Giukia8
June 27th, 2022, 6:31pm
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
The first season was good but the second is boring and obvious. I dropped it at 113
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It's good but kind of boring  
by Shygirlz
January 27th, 2022, 10:55am
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
The art is fine and the characters are intelligent strong people and there's a good plot going but all the same it's somehow boring... maybe because there aren't really happy scenes? Everything's just serious. And the politics at times gets complex to the point of confusing, though that might be the translations, not sure.

I guess there's romance in this 'cause the ML intends to be a good husband and very much respects the FL, but so far that's it. The FL is very capable but also very serious and boring so romantic developments happening are probably far off.
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Time travel trope gone bad  
by bravest-c
September 1st, 2021, 11:48pm
Rating: N/A
The author relies on one's ability to decide who gets to remember and who doesn't. The strategy is convoluted when other strategies could've worked. FL is "smart" about making everything that could've been simple complicated and has no physical strength despite needing it in her position and mission.
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Did I say how much I like the heroine?  
by IndomitableFish
August 26th, 2021, 9:41am
Rating: N/A
Aside with HOW HAD SHE managed to travel back in time… I really like the heroine.
The story progression is great and so is the love interest… But I honestly really like the heroine.

... Last updated on August 26th, 2021, 10:11am
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hit or miss depending on what you want from a story  
by onionguy
June 2nd, 2021, 6:33pm
Rating: N/A
- Plot: Our protagonist Artezia (Tia) gets a chance to save herself and others from a gruesome fate. Standard underdog redemption story. The plot has a more serious vibe to it than other otoisekai manhwa, so don't expect that many cutesy scenes or comedy.

- Characters: Tia is an introverted character and usually very serious, she's not an off-the-walls nutcase à la Latte from 'Miss Not-So Side Kick'. She's a unique character in the Villainess genre due to her maturity, so you won't find yourself being annoyed by her actions. Cedric (ML) is your typical lawful-good/knight-in-shining-armor/savior-of-the-people/Ned Stark type of guy. He's not particularly interesting. Tia's family is apathetic toward her at best, and her mother is fairly abusive.

- Art: The characters are drawn beautifully, but I will admit that I get the ML confused with MLs from other manhwa-- his appearance is pretty generic. There's not a lot of consistency for the character's heights. One panel, Artezia/Tia will be a head shorter than Cedric, and in the next panel Tia is an oompa loompa. Uses those common 3D assets we see in every other manhwa. Chars are sometimes drawn chibi-style for less serious scenes.

True to the Josei genre, this manhwa isn't very lighthearted or comedic.. so if that's what you're looking for in a story, you may wanna skip this one. It's a great read otherwise.
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