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Golem Factory Co., Ltd. (Hangul: ㈜고렘팩토리) is a South Korean content company headquartered in Eunpyeong (Seoul, South Korea) that produces, publishes and distributes genre fiction and comics as electronic books.

Golem Factory was founded on April 14, 2015. The founder and owner of Golem Factory is a South Korean male writer Seong Sangyeong (born March 11, 1985). Previously, Seong Sangyeong worked as an editor (the head of the planning team) at the South Korean publishing company Root Media (Hangul: 루트미디어) for several years, but he had creative differences with other editors at the company, so in 2012 he left Root Media.

In the company name Golem Factory, the word "Golem" means "one who works hard" and the word "Factory" means "production of goods for a mass market". Seong Sangyeong named his publishing house "Golem Factory" after his pseudonym "Golem" and his popular nickname "the manager of the factory for mass production of fantasy novels" (Hangul: 양판소 공장장). He often uses the pseudonym Golem because he is very hardworking and he associates golems with hard work. Starting around 2003, Korean readers have referred to him as "the manager of the factory for mass production of fantasy novels" because he can write three volumes of a novel a month.

Golem Factory is a publisher of webtoons, web novels, and electronic novels (EPUBs with ISBN), but outside of South Korea, this company is known mainly as a webtoon publisher because foreign translators often translate Golem Factory's manhwas and rarely translate Golem Factory's novels.

South Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English and other platforms that publish Golem Factory's web novels and webtoons are Naver Series, Naver Webtoon, Webtoon (Line Webtoon), KakaoPage, KakaoWebtoon, Piccoma, RidiBooks, BookCube, Mr. Blue, Comico Korea, Tapas Media, Tappytoon, Tencent Animation & Comics, Bilibili Comics, Kuaikan Manhua, Delitoon, etc.

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