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La Esperança  
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From DMP:
In a European school dorm, Georges Saphir is admired and loved by everyone. However, afraid of others doing him harm, he has never allowed anyone to get close. Why is it then that misfit Robert can effortlessly step over this line Georges has drawn, and see right through him? And will getting too close to Robert result in a tragedy that justifies his worst fears?


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Associated Names
La Esperanca
La Esperança - Niềm Hi Vọng

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v.1 c.2b by Storm in Heaven over 16 years ago
v.1 c.2a by Storm in Heaven over 16 years ago
v.1 c.1b by Storm in Heaven over 14 years ago
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Wings (Shinshokan)

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It's a good comic, but is it really what you're looking for?  
by WillofRose
February 5th, 2018, 11:04pm
Rating: N/A
First the bad, then the good:
I'll be blunt - I read it because the genre was listed as shounen-ai and romance, and I'm guessing that's why you're considering reading it too. Unfortunately in those two genre aspects it just disappointed me - the two main characters, Robert and Georges, don't really end up together until the very last chapter and even before then - 7 volumes worth of content created over 7 years - I'm just not convinced they're particularly well suited for eachother whatsoever. For one, they barely ever interact on-screen in a purely positive manner - they're never really shown to have anything in common nor do their personalities even seem to really balance eachother well beyond a forced a psychological drama narrative. Despite the fact that I actually find this comic to have a well thought out and realistically written setting (at least in comparison to nearly every other shoujo romance comic I've read), Robert kissing Georges out of nowhere during an incredibly negative situation - not once but twice - is not met with a realistic reaction. You could argue Georges is an incredibly forgiving and open-minded individual - and that is true! But even Robert doesn't comment on his own very odd and uncomfortable past action realistically. It's kind of just brushed off and it honestly feels like the author wrote something like 'here, Robert says something weird' or 'here, Robert physically pushes Georges' but decided against it at last moment and changed it to 'here, Robert kisses Georges' so they could retain the spicy 'shounen-ai' advertising ability. What's even more odd is that at some point Robert literally claims he 'doesn't swing that way' (and not in your traditional tsundere sense, he seems completely serious) mayhap it's because he's going to a religious school and doesn't want suspicion - But if so, why does the author not address that point through narrative or monologue? It really just feels like the author wrote in these romantic things at last second to attract an audience this comic wasn't even really for to begin with.
Oh, and if you're as tired as I am of the overused shounen-ai trope of 'male protagonist resembles female character that the male love interest cared for in the past' then you're gonna be bored to tears of this comic too, I'm dreadfully sorry to say.
Back on the point of the characters interacting - Many side-characters will mention that 'they are together a lot' or 'Georges smiles more with Robert around' but this is a textbook example of failing the "show, don't tell" story writing rule. It's 101, why did you mess that up so badly?
The failing of the "show, don't tell" rule goes beyond just the central relationship - an unbelievably large amount of both important and unimportant information is given to the reader this way that would have been far more interesting if shown. Because of this, I often feel characters are not well-rounded in personality because I rarely see them actually taking action in the things they - or others - claim they do or be. I just feel really frustrated on this aspect!
Also - I feel the foreshadowing was weak. I could predict most of the backstory by the 1st volume and it's dragged out way too much. Actually, 'dragging on' could be my central complaint to this entire story - I like slow-burn romances, but since the attraction of this comic shouldn't be the romantic relationship to begin with since it's almost nonexistent, my problem is actually that the author just gets way too caught up on things that could be wrapped up a lot quicker. They use so many words and panels - even whole chapters - to get a point across when they could have cut it down to 1/3 the amount or even less. Am I really the only one who feels this frustrated by it?

Nitpicking beyond; the art suffers badly from same face syndrome. Robert and Henry look almost identical beyond a subtle hair parting, and the fact they wear the same uniform sure doesn't help. Luckily the artist gets around it by giving characters unique hair colors and hair styles or clothing/accessories, but it's still a minor bit confusing sometimes.
I also sometimes find it frustrating how the inner monologue is often written right besides dialogue and when reading them side-by-side of eachother instead of one at a time, it can be confusing. If read one at a time, it ruins the anticipation and pacing of a scene. It also can sometimes be difficult to pick up who is talking or monologing.

Like I said - first the bad, then the good. I wouldn't still give this a rating of 5 if I didn't genuinely believe it's an amazing and high quality comic. In comparison to most shoujo manga I've read, it's a masterpiece in quality. The comic panels are mostly very easy to read, understand & follow - the translation is excellent, adding English translation to every sound effect subtly and gracefully. Because of this, the storyline and characters are easy to follow despite it's problems. The artwork is gorgeous and detailed, especially the in-between chapter art pieces (sooo aesthetic!). The use of draft art as a background to the author notes page is an incredibly beautiful idea, and the extra profiles and author comments themselves are fantastic bonuses.
For the setting - I cannot applaud it enough for seemingly to actually try very hard to be what it is. Though in early chapters the author sometimes peeks out their lack of realization that not all countries have the same subtle social customs as Japan, I find it overall pretty realistic (at least in a sense of effort in showing you the theme of the setting, if not actual realism). I enjoy that the fact that a prince coming to their school is actually considered a huge political deal that's brought up multiple times throughout the story despite him being a side character - I enjoy that the comment of 'there's bound to be gay couples in an all-boy's school' is existent, though it's not a point heavily focused on for the sake of forced and unrealistic fan service. I appreciate that the main character is actually somewhat shown to have frustration in dealing with his confusion at his own sexuality near the end (though I still take away points considering it's thrown in with all his other dozen problems and isn't bluntly focused on; as a gay person, I'd really love to see more of that! Especially in a suppressive religious western setting! Though I appreciate it's subtly positively addressed at the end by a priest, though again - not bluntly.), I love that there's lots of backstory, I love that physically destructive instances have realistic consequences and if there isn't consequences, there's a thorough explanation as to why. I love how it's really difficult for me to think of plot holes - thorough explanations for why something has or hasn't happened is plentiful and incredibly reasonable every time.
And of course - for the story, the psychology... It's breathtaking. So many times has the emotions in this story, especially Georges', touched me on a deeply personal level - especially feelings of depression and worry. Georges' selfless feelings pair well with a religious setting which makes this comic's overall theming all the more strong. His struggle with being selfless ultimately making him selfish despite his desperate struggle to be the opposite is something I absolutely don't see in stories enough, especially delved into to this extent. The ultimate 'moral' is that no matter what he does, bad things will occur - and this story really does it's best to flesh out a world where that is it's reality. It's a story I needed. It's a story a lot of people need.
The side story with Joshua was excellent. I really love the resolution and the character, and his friends.
Unlike many shoujo and shounen-ai manga, La Esperanca does not glorify unhealthy relationships like pedophilia, abusive lovers or so on. La Esperanca glorifies positive feelings and I adore it.
So long story short, if you like a good psychological drama and you have a lot of time on your hands for something relaxing and beautiful, this is a fantastic read that shouldn't be passed up. If you're looking for another lovey-dovey romance story, I'm pretty sure you should be looking elsewhere.
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It was enjoyable but...  
by aiish
July 18th, 2014, 3:20am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
I think the whole manga is a little over dramatic. I think it would have totally fine if it would just tone down everyone's dramatic reaction to Gergeres every move. And he, too, was too over dramatic and a little annoying at times. Anyhow, it was not so bad and I actually found some parts to be very funny. The drawings was good too. wink
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Is this Yullen fanfiction?  
by Baniita
November 22nd, 2011, 3:42am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
Because seriously, even though this came before D.Gray-Man, I swear it's AU Yullen fanfiction. (And so is No. 6.) Joking aside...

The art is horrid--though it does improve slightly (and you also get used to the poor facial anatomy...), and the storyline is the most typical of yaoi manga I've ever read. Okay, second to Uragiri, but that manga is also really good.

The whole thing was incredibly well written. Georges and Robert have perfect chemistry, seriously. You don't need to wonder why they're so drawn to each other. They move each other. This should have pretty much set the standard for BL manga and have been more known before the cliches were introduced. I was seriously amazed, because even though everything was predictable, it didn't bore me at all.

Also, I don't really blame Robert for seeing someone else when he first sees Robert.
I mean, I couldn't stop looking at them with my OTP in place. Seriously! The storyline and character resemblances were uncanny! And then No. 6 came along. Which was so uncanny it couldn't have been a coincidence.
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usually not my type...  
by lyrabela
May 5th, 2011, 1:19am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
I usually can't get into stories like this. But this one was actually pretty cute. By the end i was attached to the couple.
I also agree with this XD hahahaha:
And as for Georges goes, he's this smart and kind person in everyone's eyes. But he's a very lonely pianist at heart and fears getting hurt; it make sense. I guess the reason he got along with Robert was because Robert knew how he felt. All that emotions hidden because of fear and Robert cracked his Fear Shell. It would be nice if there was more...intimate and forceful...uh, moves, but I guess it's all right.
That was what I was thinking at the end too
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It was decent  
by prettykitty20034
October 16th, 2009, 12:52pm
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
I wasn't into this one at first. I read the first volume and then set it aside. However, I did come back to it and I liked it much better on the second try. It did take a few volumes for me to care about the characters. The plot is your standard school boy romance, except this one is very very chaste. I liked the setting as well, a pseudo French catholic boys school and all those beautiful cathedral panels. Kawai's art is very "shojo" and while it's not my favorite style, I felt it fit this story very well. Overall, while it was nothing extraordinary, I ended up enjoying the series.
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Losing his cool!  
by LUEser
October 15th, 2009, 9:18am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
It's nice to see Robert lose his cool every once in awhile over Georges. I mean, he's not your typical smart-aleck heart-piercing dude who tries to step all over Georges. He's cool, calm, and collected but goes berserk every time he sees Georges pray. I guess after he lost the life of his crush (supposedly Georges' sister in the end), he became an atheist. Being with Georges reminds him a lot of her and it's what brought them together. That's Robert's idea for getting close I guess.

And as for Georges goes, he's this smart and kind person in everyone's eyes. But he's a very lonely pianist at heart and fears getting hurt; it make sense. I guess the reason he got along with Robert was because Robert knew how he felt. All that emotions hidden because of fear and Robert cracked his Fear Shell. It would be nice if there was more...intimate and forceful...uh, moves, but I guess it's all right.
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really good, but...  
by comics
November 15th, 2008, 2:43am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
...but you have to really have patient to read it and understand the smallest details and emotions to enjoy it, that's the feelings I got. At first when I read volume 1, I was so disappointed cuz their interation seems...lacking somehow. After sometime I read again, trying to find the link of emotions to the way they act and all, and I got hooked. To tell the truth, I was disappointed mostly because of the 'he looks like my ex, so I love him' kinda story, but after the last volume, I was happy with the explanation. And I love how it has some volume to develop their relationship from strangers to friends and then more, so although we don't see much intimate gestures between them, we just know they love each other biggrin. But seriously, don't rush it when reading, try to read very slowly and grasp the emotion of the characters , and you will love it. Too bad the mangaka doesnot have that many works yet, but I am still waiting ^^
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by milern
November 11th, 2008, 6:45pm
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
The story was a tad bit cliche yes and yet at the same time, I ended up loving the characters...By the end of like the 5th volume however, I found myself trying my hardest not to skip to the last volume...But the art work is beautiful, the characters (least the main ones) are memorable to me ..XD...Wish that Georges and Robert had done more than the occasional grab and kiss though...But they had a lot to deal with throughout the span of these volumes, emotional wise

...All in all a good, soft read..

... Last updated on November 11th, 2008, 6:46pm
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fine for some, not for me  
by havoccc
June 21st, 2008, 12:10am
Rating: 5.1 / 10.0
Heart wrenching? Sure, at moments, especially towards the end (obvious).
Beautiful? Well a lot of the time the characters look like they have the downs syndrome...
The romance? Well to say it's mostly psychological is putting it mildly, you can count the number of kisses on one hand and that's all (7 volumes!). At first I thought I would be enjoying it more than I ended up doing, the main character Georges personality was that of a slightly exaggerated myself that I have been in the past... The never wanting to step on anyones toes but coming off as annoying for that reason to some. But it wasn't enough to carry the rest as the setting and the other characters really didn't stand out much except for Freddy. I had to keep second guessing who the characters were since some of them were so alike.

But hey, like the Subject suggests, I can see why someone would like it more... I just happened to like it slightly less.

... Last updated on June 21st, 2008, 12:11am
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its pretty good  
by Shanni
April 25th, 2008, 10:07pm
Rating: 9.5 / 10.0
I really like vol 6-7...but vol 1-5 was mostly rising action. Its funny and entertaining, but I wish a little more happened...

But maybe its because of the rising action, we understand the characters so much. We get to know them!! Thus, vol 6-7 makes us go o.O... (tho we had it coming...)

I would recommend it...the yaoi is SUUUPER soft. Its almost not there at all...except like a kiss here and there. *enough to make u squeel*

I'll be looking for doujin for this one XD

looking for a little more action between the angel and the devil BWAHAHHAA~~
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