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Juné    [Edit]
Alternate Names  [Edit]
DMP Yaoi
Juné Manga

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Notes  [Edit]
DMP's (Digital Manga, Inc.) BL/yaoi imprint.

Juné's sister imprint is 801 Media which is reserved for adult (pornographic) BL or otherwise popular titles with anime/OVAs and has more expensive/quality books.

Slogan: "Where Girls Gather and Boys Play"

Used to have forums, clothing and merchandise but this seems to have disappeared from their marketing.

Some manga licensed by Juné have disappeared from their website. And many volumes of print-only classic manga are forever out of stock like Hey, Class President!, Ze, The Incredible Kintaro, The Tyrant Falls in Love, Mr. Mini Mart, Under Grand Hotel, Private Teacher (MOEGI Yuu), etc. Some of these manga are also adapted to anime.

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March 7th 2023, 9:31am

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