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Ballroom e Youkoso   
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An ordinary middle school student, Fujita Tatara couldn't find any objective in life and spent his days idly.
One day, a group of delinquents picks a fight with him and he is saved by a mysterious man. After that, the man surprisingly takes him to a ballroom dancing class. While being inspired by a girl dancer who goes to that school, Hanaoka Shizuku, and her partner, a genius dancer, Hyoudou Kiyoharu, Tatara starts dedicating his youth to dancesport.

Note: 6th and 8th Manga Taisho Award nominee.

Official English: INKR, Azuki


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Associated Names
Ballroom e Yōkoso
Ballroom স্বাগতম
Balom zaliga xush kelibsiz
Bem-vindo ao Salão de Baile
Benvenuto nella sala da Ballo
Bienvenidos al Salón de Baile
Bienvenue au bal
Bienvenue Dans la Salle de Bal
Byenveni nan salon an
Chào mừng đến phòng khiêu vũ
Dobrodošli u plesnu dvoranu
Maligayang pagdating sa Ballroom
Mirë se vini në Ballroom
Rea u amohela ho ballroom
Selamat Datang di Lantai Dansa
Selamat Datang di Ruang Dansa
Siyakwamukela ku-ballroom
Sweep over the Dance Hall
Takulandirani ku Ballroom
Velkommen til balsalen
Välkommen till balsalen
Vítejte v tanečním sále
Welcome sa ballroom
Welcome to the Ballroom
Welkom in de balzaal
Wilujeng sumping di Ballroom nu
Witamy w sali balowej
Üdvözöljük a Bálteremben
Καλώς ήρθατε στην αίθουσα χορού
Добре дошли в балната зала
Добро пожаловать в танцевальный зал
Добро пожаловать на паркет
Сквозь бальный зал
Сквозь танцевальный зал
Танхимд тавтай морилно уу
ברוכים הבאים לאולם הנשפים
بال روم میں خوش آمدید
به باشگاه خوش آمدید
مرحبا بكم الى قاعة الرقص
बॉलरूम में आपका स्वागत है
बॉलरूममध्ये आपले स्वागत आहे
ਬਾਲਰੂਮ ਵਿੱਚ ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਸੁਆਗਤ ਹੈ
બોલરૂમ પર આપનું સ્વાગત છે
பால்ரூம் வரவேற்கிறது
బాల్రూమ్ స్వాగతం
ወደ መጫወቻ ክፍል እንኳን ደህና መጡ
볼룸에 오신것을 환영합니다

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c.70 by /a/nonymous about 1 month ago
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c.68 by /a/nonymous 3 months ago
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12 Volumes (Ongoing)

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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 11, Chap 54 (Ep 23-24 overtook the manga but feature similar content)

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Average: 8.9 / 10.0 (391 votes)
Bayesian Average: 8.72 / 10.0

Last Updated
February 14th 2023, 12:59pm



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Azuki (digital)
INKR Comics
Kodansha Comics (11 Volumes - Ongoing)

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User Comments  [ Order by usefulness ]
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by Rinshi7
March 8th, 2019, 4:52pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Very fun series. The characters are fun and funny, the story with dancing is something different to be said. There is Development about the main character and other characters in the story. Usually a sport would find you comparing shows like a i windup and days but I really enjoy the series as I don’t really see the two series the same other the main character which is pretty common in Japanese manga.
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Dancing Around The Issues  
by Restikimmi
September 27th, 2018, 9:49pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
My initial interest in the series started with the first few episodes of the anime adaptation which were great paced and very well animated. I then decided I would read the manga to see if it had the same pull and while it tries to it doesn't hit that level.

(1) The main character takes quite a while to get used to due to being the shy and preserved archetype.

(2) The romance is done in a very odd way that comes off as confusing due to the fact that typical signs of romantic interest (blushing, etc.) happen all the time and you can't really get a good read on the relationships of the characters.

(3) Finally and this is my personal opinion I didnt like the main female character.
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Good read, splendid art, however...  
by kill-chan
July 12th, 2017, 6:34am
Rating: N/A
literally DAYS, but with way better art and ballroom dance instead of soccer: this is that manga.
A good read ruined by the usual wimp main character. I mean seriously let's not call that "ordinary", this guy is subpar at best.
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by Odette
April 9th, 2017, 11:34am
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Not a bad manga by any measure, just disappointingly mediocre in light of the rave reviews. There was no moment in the story that grabbed me and made me invested in the characters and story. ***MINOR SPOILERS*** Why did the main character suddenly want to dance after seeing one video of a dance competition? Lots of people are impressed when seeing other people dancing, but they don't necessarily want to become dancers themselves. Where did his determination come from to practice dancing nonstop, a determination he has apparently never shown in any other activity? What about his life up to this point gives him the talents he has for dance (the sumo explanation is not satisfying and was covered in about one panel)? All the interesting character development that this manga could cover is simply glossed over. As a result, there's not much difference between this manga and any other sports manga. I will continue to read this manga, but it is in no way the best of the best, as its rating on this site would suggest.

... Last updated on April 9th, 2017, 11:42am
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by Green Back
July 24th, 2016, 9:44pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
I don't write much about manga, but i feel like this one is good to start with.

First off, if you like stories that progress like baby steps or hajime no ippo, this is a must read. Although dancing may not seem as intense as tennis or boxing, this manga is sure to reverse that thought.

The main attraction of this work is the art. It's stunning. The characters are very expressive, the girls are beautiful, and the action (dancing) leaves an impression of movement. The sketchy art style may be a turn off for some, but it really expresses the movements and emotion of the dancing quite well. If you have a hard time imagining the dances (like me) a quick youtube search of the dance will bring the images right to life.

Another good point to this manga is the characters. A lot of them are interesting, but I really do hope to see more development from the side characters and that they aren't just stepping stones to the MC's greatness.

... Last updated on July 24th, 2016, 9:46pm
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by Baniita
February 3rd, 2016, 1:42am
Rating: N/A
The art is great, though the action art doesn't start good. The anatomy is stylistic in a way where sometimes, especially early on, it's anatomically awkward. It gets better later, but the dances are still lacking in sensuality and the movements aren't illustrated in the best way. Sometimes the foreshortening is off. Particularly early on, the illustration of the movements aren't accurate. There's more to drawing movements than just a bunch of swishes and intense-looking motion lines--edit: it gets better later.

The teacher's misogynistic comment was uncalled for, though.

Other than that, the writing's good.

Sengoku and Chidzuru's fights are amazing. Their relationship in general. Lmao. -- also, Chidzuru is incredibly, incredibly hot. They did a good job making me momentarily ship a het pairing. bigrazz
I'm incredibly upset that they're probably not going to make Chidzuru a lesbian. ; _; pls

... Last updated on February 3rd, 2016, 6:22am
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Pretty good art and the story might be a bit cliche but it works.  
by Nobodycare
February 1st, 2016, 12:17pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I would have never thought that a manga about dancing would get me craving and eager for more chapters. This story is a bit cliche at first and sometimes but it works really well and the author know how to handle drama. The art & the characters are done well and something about it make it enjoyable and refreshing to read. I am surprised that I have only heard of it today0 Give it a shot, its worth the time.
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Great ballroom dance manga  
by kpossibles
January 31st, 2016, 2:55pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
With the height of reality dancing competitions with B-list celebrities, most people have become oblivious to ballroom dance and years of incredible skill, talent, and hard work involved into winning these completions professionally. From waltz to cha-cha to tango, the readers get to experience learning dance from the protagonist's POV.

This manga combines the sharp shonen aesthetic of hard work, shorty underdog protagonist, and hidden talents in this dance manga. The story, artwork, and incredible zoom-in moments of clarity make this one of the top mangas to read in 2016! Thanks to translatorfag from /a/, the scanlations finally caught up to almost current JP releases. There are definitely moments of fanservice to break up the serious training montages and character development! Honestly, I'm pretty surprised that this is the mangaka's only manga so far with the skill involved in the storyline and artwork. One of the funny moments is the fact that Tatara and his current partner argue like a furious married couple when they train and perform, but their amazing technical skills that came from grueling training overwhelms their other beginner competitors in comparison despite their low compatibility?! Tatara ends up realizing his many faults in his dancing and leading in his efforts to become pro in sports dance competitions. The tension ultimately bursts out fantastically in ch40 as his training finally brings out world class talent that makes him live up to being a worthy rival to the best amateur ballroom dancers in Japan.

After reading this series, you'll definitely want to pick up a ballroom dancing class! Hopefully, this series will get licensed in English eventually by a publisher who will do the series justice like Dark Horse, Seven Seas, or even Kodansha USA (if they're willing to be risky lol).
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decent read  
by butako chan
January 8th, 2016, 5:55pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
It's your typical protagonist who starts off wimpy but has hidden talents in whatever the manga happens to be about. It's a feel good manga where the protagonist will endure some pain and suffering to get to their goal, but you know they will eventually achieve it. The art style is pretty expressive and nice to look at though it is a little sketchy for my liking; that's just personal taste though.
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recommended! love it so much  
by Claesgil
December 15th, 2015, 8:25pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
love this manga biggrin love the story, the art, the characters and (somehow) the drawing of the dancing movement is so beautiful I have to save the pictures. hahaha. I really want to try ballroom dancing after reading this ^^
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