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Shingeki no Kyojin  
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Associated Names
Atak Tytanów
Ataque a los Titanes
Ataque dos Titãs
Attack on Titan
L'attacco dei Giganti
L'Attaque des Titans
L'attaque sur les titans
Napad Titana
The Attack Titan
Titaanien sota
Titana Saldırı
Útok Titánů
Đại Chiến Titan
Атака на титанов
Атака титанов
العملاق المهاجم
حمله به تایتان
ھێرش بۆ سەر زەبەلاحەكان
진격의 거인

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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 22, Chap 90 (S3 Part 2)

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Shingeki no Kyojin by Xtrathx

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INKR Comics
Kodansha USA (32 Volumes - Ongoing | Colossal Edition [5-in-1] 5 Volumes - Ongoing)

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A few attack helicopters would do the job  
by cecropiamoth
July 29th, 2013, 4:09pm
Rating: 5.0 / 10.0
This manga and the equivalent anime "Attack on Titan" seek to make us scared that the monsters will really win and destroy humanity. Nothing could be more horrible than that, if you want to tell a powerful story! However, mere GIANTNESS can't really do that job of inspiring existential terror, at least for me and other people who can't forget what era we're in. Humanity now has weapons that could defeat any enemy except maybe a bunch of aliens with technology far in advance of ours. That means that in order to set up any other convincing story of a fight for the survival of humanity, manga/anime normally, as here, starts out by divesting the Good Guys of all weaponry developed by humanity over approximately the last 150 years, and sticks us back in sword-wielding times.

But unfortunately that fictional trope "distances" the reader from the situation presented, since everyone in the real world today knows, I think, that we no longer do any serious fighting with swords. With that distancing comes a diminution in the terror induced by the story.

I suspect that this trope works in Japan because the days of sword wielding are close to the hearts and imaginations of its people. However, that is not the case in the rest of the world, and I bet this kind of thing falls flat much more often in Europe and the rest of the West than we realize.

It certainly did with me.

... Last updated on July 31st, 2013, 8:41am
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Anime vs. Magan  
by jnatsumi
July 20th, 2013, 11:00pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
If you are reading the reviews, trying to decide whether or not to watch the anime before manga or the other way around --I have to tell you right now: Watch the anime first. The anime follows the manga's story line pretty much exactly. You won't miss anything by not reading the manga (at least straight away).

If you have been watching the anime and trying to decide whether to read the manga also: Don't.
Don't read the manga. Just watch the anime. Seriously.
The anime is so much better than the manga. The episodes will catch up to the manga eventually. The art in the anime is better. The soundtrack is good, and the animation is to die for. This kind of plot needs good animation because of all the fight scenes--and the anime carried that out superbly.

I unfortunately did not heed the warnings of some reviewers and went ahead and read the manga as well. Now, the anime is not as exciting as it was for me because I already knew what was going to happen. The animation is still very impressive, but the plot doesn't draw me in as much as it did initially anymore. A shame.

So, don't read the manga. Just watch the anime. Seriously.
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Unless you are very squeamish, read/watch it and decide for yourself.  
by minnako
July 18th, 2013, 2:07pm
Rating: N/A
This is shonen for grownups. Not because it is gory, but because its tone comes off as a much more realistic take on how humans handle crises than most shonen. I like that their manoeuvring gear has limitations, and that it is all too easy for characters to mess up or get eaten; it's a nice change from shonen series where everyone is overpowered and everything goes off flawlessly. This is a series in which we really feel that the main characters are up against the odds, and that really makes the series more addictive.

I feel most people overstate the gore. Yes, there are people being eaten by giants, but this is not particularly graphic (anime being less graphic than the manga, too) and warrants a 'young adult/16+' rating). I'm not a fan of gratuitous gore or suffering, but the series never crossed that line to me. It's less gory than a lot of horror films, but what makes it more affecting is that we lose characters we've gotten to know and care about as the story progresses. And not after long, grand battles: fortunes can reverse in split-seconds in this series. This not only adds realism but keeps the reader on edge; almost anybody in the series can die, and there's always the risk there's a titan behind the next corner or a new plot twist that will jeopardise your favourite characters.

It is also one of the rare series with seriously badass female characters that completely hold their own amongst the boys. Tired of girls who mope in the background in a bikini and are incompetent in fight scenes? Meet some capable women who aren't dressed ridiculously and who aren't there for fanservice! Despite this, I haven't fallen in love with the characters quite as much as I did for series such as FMA, but I still found them engaging and likeable, even when they rely on common shonen tropes. Eren's stock shonen main character 'enthusiasm over brains' approach grates much less than Naruto, and Levi takes the 'sullen antihero' to a new level by literally never smiling. Ever. Yet somehow comes across as less irritating than counterparts like Sasuke. Even Armin, who is permanently crying manages to become an asset to the team. You won't find truly ground-breaking characters here, but you will find plenty to care about.

The main negative would, apart from the slightly depressing realism would be the pacing. Personally, I enjoy more relaxed pacing as it lets us find out more about characters and how they react to what's happening, but I'm aware others may like their shonen more fast-paced. There is an air of mystery around the titans and many of the characters that you will either find deliciously tantalising, or else just plain irritating. If you're impatient this might not be the series for you.
I can only say that you'll have to try it to see if it works for you.
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Titan Review  
by Trickster o fThieves
June 20th, 2013, 2:19pm
Rating: N/A
It has a lot of drama...the shape-shifters do admittedly ruin the balance of the whole human VS Titan theme, but I think it has very good psychological aspects and characterization. The art style isn't my favorite, but it's not bad and furthermore, the art isn't important in light of the story. Better to have a good story with so-so art than the reverse, imo.
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mixed feeling  
by rion134
May 29th, 2013, 6:41am
Rating: N/A
I have a mixed feeling for this series first off it started off good lot of intense emotion from the beginning you get excited at every chapter anticipating next one but some point a variable was added to the mix and made it less intense now.... still encourage people to read this manga
WARNING: dont read if you havent started the series yet
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The thing is it was supposed to be human vs titans, now with the addition of titan shifters that change alot.... now you dont feel that imbalanced between human vs titans is lost.. yes titan shifter arent comfirmed human allies but you know how this will turn out to be and im afraid at some point of the story just lost it for me liked it is swaying away from the what it should be the main point

... Last updated on May 29th, 2013, 6:48am
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Awesome <3  
by Suiren-nyan
May 23rd, 2013, 6:19am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
fuzetsuscans, 10/10 rating idiotic? Nope, dear. The idiot is the person who rate this 3/10, while admitting it deserves a higher rating, but they rate low because they are annoyed that others like this manga. WTF. Maybe you feel that this manga is a waste of time, but who on earth are you to push your views on others and decide for them? I'm enjoying this manga like cazy, that's why I'm still following it-- got a problem with this?

My opinion? The plot and setting are very unique. Mikasa is one of the best female characters in shounen manga ever-- I rarely like girls in shounen manga, but I adore Mikasa, she is just awesome. Eren isn't a very unique shounen lead, he annoys me a bit, but I'll live. I find Armin adorable-- he probably is my favorite character, even though he is weaker than others. There are other cool, believable guys and girls-- hard not to like anyone at all. I wasn't bored while reading, not once. There is a lot of action, cool fights and gore to keep me awake.
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IT'S AMAZING. but not for everyone  
by SnowVallen
May 13th, 2013, 5:42am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
i never rate a manga with not good artworks a "ten" but this manga is an exception.
yes, you may not enjoy the artworks, it's messy, propositions are all off, sketchy, unrecognizeable faces, gore, annoying expressions, not-so-special character designs..


it's the STORY
simply amazing

at first, im totally not interested with the plot. i thought "wtf men fighting with titans? meeh not my type" until my friend show me the anime and im starting to read the manga (since im too lazy to download the anime's continuation) and im hooked. totally hooked.
the plot isnt as simply just humans fighting titans, it's all about freedom (the main themes in this manga) of humanity, how human fight to be freed, but in the same times are caged and not being able to get out and see the world, where they cant even see sea because there must be some titans around there trying to eat them without reasons. but actually has their own reasons.

in this manga, the characters are unlikeable (except mikasa, i think?), but they all show the realistic examples of humanity, what would humans do for living, what would they do for keep being exist, how they fight, what purpose they need to stay alive, revenges, how do they face deaths etc.
in the same time the characters have their own twisted feeling/personality which made the more interesting than we think and the unexpected aspect in story later.

i recommended it to people who like about realistic psychologic and twisted stories things (which i know not so much ppl enjoy this) especially since this manga is dark, and almost have no joke.
but try it if you have time, it's worthed it

... Last updated on May 13th, 2013, 5:42am
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a Great manga Gem. Thou shall NOT believe in Bad reviews. this manga is GENIUS  
by vambam
May 13th, 2013, 4:03am
Rating: N/A
I heard of this manga quite a lot before… but I did not bother reading it because I was biased by the mixed review. Some praised it like God, some hated it like shit…
But when the anime was released, I then see/hear most of my anime loving friends(onlinefriends) that don’t usually read manga rave about how EPIC shingeki no kyojin anime. So out of curiosity , I tried to watch the first episode. … and then… WHOLY FUCKING SHET ITS EPIC…
I don’t usually get impressed on a certain anime/manga even if my friends are raving about it and are forcing me to read/watch it. Im a bit picky… but this one, is a total gem!.. I watched the anime 12 in the midnight,,, and holy fucking shit was the only thing I can say… I watched the ongoing episodes (ep5) and I cant wait for the next episode! Ergo, I ended up reading the manga and forgot the essential word SLEEP.. I immediately finished all the latest manga chapters up to ch.45… and all I can say is ITS BRILLIANT… Believe me…
Though when you read the summary, it feels like a generic Hollywood-ish plot. But DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE SUMMARY… the summary stating that the remaining human race is hiding behind a giant wall protecting them from the Titan is just 1% of what really is the story! (not gona spoil you, just read the manga if u wanna know more)
I have tried all genre of manga whether its shonen,shojo,seinen,josei,yaoi,yuri.. and ive read a lot of manga ever since the day I remember… and right now, this Shingeki no Kyojin is MY TOP ONE FAVORITE outranking my super generic shitty fave manga BLEACH…
I was relieved not to see everything I hated about the generic shonen manga like "I want to save you bec. You are my friend! You are my nakama! I want the ninja world to change! " (except maybe for the main character’s perseverance). there are a lot of MIND BLOWING Revelation that until now I still can digest it properly just like the rest of the characters who also cant believe what they figured out… Every chapter is a cliff hanger… you cant stop reading coz u want to find out as soon as possible how that shit happened.
The feel of the story is VERY realistic…the reality of the Survival of the Fittest.. It makes you feel as if you also live behind the walls, and someday you are gonna be a livestock meal for the titans. This feel isn’t present in most of the Generic shonen manga that only depict the repetitive “friendship, camaraderie, save the world” themes.. in this manga, you will reflect that in life ,even the best person you trust can actually be a traitor..
The Technical side of the story (the uniform, 3D Gears, spears, the military…etc) is also very well made.. I especially love their uniform and when they start flying with their 3D gears…
Most reviews don’t like the drawing.. Yeah I kind of agree that its too sketchy and not solid… But , I think the sketchy style actually suits the dark feel of the story. .. and the titans are well made.. so you can just get used to the sketchy style only complaint is that some characters look similar.. the mangaka most work out how to draw them with distinction.
I read some reviews saying they love the plot but hated the character development. That I do not agree. There is already a development for the MAIN/important characters… yes I agree that most Characters end up dead even before they get developed. But those characters aren’t really that relevant in the main story (except for giving their life to save humanity lol).. I actually have no complaint about it. It was on my benefit coz at least it wasn’t that heart breaking when they die.. and so far my favorite characters are still alive.. and I have been conditioning my brain that someday those soldiers would end up as titan’s meal…
About the characters, I fell in love with Mikasa.. she reminds me of my fave character in bleach (Rukia).. and I also like Sasha’s weirdness bigrazz … the characters are well planned.. the mangaka was REALLY good in hiding their true side.. when I discovered the revelation, I tried to review the previous chapters and realized that the mangaka actually gave out subtle hints ..
Read the manga.. trust me you wont regret it.. I for one HATE GORE… but this one did not gross me out… So Far, this is the BEST manga I have read… too bad for some manga that I started reading.. I might not have the interest of finishing them coz im ending up comparing them to shingeki no kyojin… This Manga/anime is now my Gold standard…
To the mangaka, I doff my hat to you… you are GENIUS…
To those who patiently read this VERY long comment, see for yourself if we might have the same opinion., or not … biggrin

... Last updated on May 13th, 2013, 4:04am
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brutal deaths - hopes crushed  
by liontaraki
May 12th, 2013, 3:46pm
Rating: N/A
I still haven't read all the available chapters but I've already formed an opinion about this manga and so I want to write a few words about it. Attack of titans is a very brutal-gore manga. 90% of the pages portray the brutal deaths of people who are either introduced as main characters and their stories are told or are just random citizens, in a very, very realistic way. My guess is the mangaka really likes to draw pointless death scenes and so he made a manga in which the last of humans live in a secluded kingdom and they have to cope with dumb but overpowering, aizen-level enemies. they have little knowledge about the enemy's background, etc and their weapons stand no chance against the titan's physical abilities. In other words, the balance is lost, anyone can guess the end of this thing and I still don't know what kind of statement the mangaka wanted to make by drawing this manga.

The art is so-so (the background is drawn in detail, be it the city or the nature but the people are drawn in a very hasty way), the main characters (those of them who are still alive) have no impressive traits to show and thus i can't really tell what their personalities are like. I don't know why I keep reading this thing anyway.....
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by shardy
May 9th, 2013, 8:48pm
Rating: N/A
I gave this manga several passes before I picked it up. First of the story hadn't sound appealing to me. I mean, fighting against giants, really? However I was really happyt that I gave it try after seeing it on so many recomendations. You could really feel the hopeless of the characters and thier despair when they see their commarades slaughtered one by one, how some would give up in the situation and how much courage it must take to fight against them.
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