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ib - Instant Bullet   
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Everything in this world is my enemy. This kind of world is worthless. A boy, who is called a demon with no human heart, breathes, lives and imagines. But what is the pounding in his heart when he heard he is going to save the world? That’s not his wish, though…


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ib - インスタントバレット
ib: Instant Bullet

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c.23-25 (end) by Psylocke Scans over 7 years ago
v.5 c.22 by Psylocke Scans over 7 years ago
v.5 c.20-21 by Psylocke Scans over 7 years ago
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Perfect. Love it.  
by Daisukereds
May 30th, 2019, 9:46pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I've read the entire series, and read the afterwords from Aka.. a person I don't really know at all. And yet, looking back at the story and those words of his, I felt nothing but relief for being able to live until this day and to not miss this story and make it a part of me and my present. Life is full of hidden little gems that escape our sight.. ones that are capable of making us feel that "wonder" and excitement.. even when we thought we had already seen it all.

A perfect balance between the emptiness and uselessness of everything.. and the feeling of wanting more from life! I hope he comes back to it, and yet I don't. Just like with love, sometimes the way we imagine it is better, and yet it isn't real.
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from r/manga  
by r/mangaReviews
February 8th, 2019, 4:58pm
Rating: N/A
>dragonian456 (Known status:Chap25)
"Twenty people gain magical powers with several of them having the goal of destroying the world. Made by the same author of Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to, this series is sadly too short to be fully fleshed out at only 25 chapters. I don't even think we manage to see every IB, or Instant Bullet as these magic users are all called, in the series. As such I don't really think it's worth recommending. But it is still a decent enough read. If anything it just makes it harder to talk about because there are good elements to the story that make it very interesting, which gets completely compromised due to the incomplete nature of the series. While there is some sort of ending, it feels as if it was either axed or intended to be short but mistakenly written at first with the intention of it being a long running series. I realize I haven't really written much about the quality of the series itself but that's mostly because there isn't much in existence to talk about. The main plot was very interesting though and I would love to see it more fully fleshed out somehow."

"I really liked it the first time despite (or possibly because) of the edginess, and I literally just could not get it out of my head, probably cause of that [spoilers] storyline. Now I'm so very sad since it got axed, since all the storylines that actually managed to get explored in the 25 chapters it had were really fascinating, and it's pretty easy to tell that there's a lot more material there. I hope that Aka Akasaka makes good on the afterword and returns to the series at some point after Kaguya ends, since I feel like it had the potential to be really amazing. I'd recommend reading it, since it's fairly good and relatively short, although the ending is not as good as the rest of the series due to the aforementioned axe."

>Reistah (Known status:Chap25)
"It was pretty nice, though a bit edgy (which isn't a bad thing). Though after reading it I felt like I was somewhat left hanging with some of its unresolved plot threads"

... Last updated on February 8th, 2019, 5:48pm
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An Ode to the Irrational World  
by blackluna
January 6th, 2017, 6:34pm
Rating: 9.9  / 10.0
In conflict with the various negative comments, I found ib — Instant Bullet both enjoyable and insightful. The characters are relatable, even with their very twisted pasts, the artwork is beautiful and fitting, the pace is suitable, and the topic well addressed. Using the internal conflicts of many of the characters, Akasaka-sensei addresses many aspects of human nature and existence, whilst still maintaining a degree of humour and avoiding becoming too heavy. There are quite a few plot twists and nothing that could be called melodrama, though the characters and work as a whole display some angst. This is especially true of the resentment or malice they bare towards the world: they all have to grapple with there being no particular reason for the horrible things in their lives and the world, just the irrationality of the world's existence (which just so happens to be the philosophical definition of angst, as given to us by the Existentialists). My sole complaint is that the ending is somewhat incomplete, however, as anyone who bothers to read the Postscript will find out, it is an incomplete work and Akasaka-sensei plans to complete it in some form. All in all, it feels somewhat akin to Sekai Oni, so I'd recommend ib to those who enjoyed it as well as anyone who appreciates a little thoughtful pessimism and negativity.

... Last updated on January 6th, 2017, 7:15pm
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Some people here...  
by CaptainNuja
December 23rd, 2016, 3:29pm
Rating: N/A
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
@orario dude the characters here suffer waaaaay more than just not having friends... the MC was *spoilers * abandoned by his parents, thrown into a river by his mother, had his closest friend almost raped and committed suicide by burning down her house, and also having his lover shot in the head *end spoilers*.... how is this not suffering?

Anyway, the manga was pretty good for a first time manga. Better than most of the garbage that comes out recently. It is a little too heavy at times and the ending is a bit rushed but it doesn't detract it from the well written plot. Plot twists here were actually unexpected and pretty good. Overall a solid 7/10. Worth reading if you have nothing to do on a rainy day or something.
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Mostly sad instead of "funny". But, I think it's good.  
by Swifft
October 10th, 2016, 3:43pm
Rating: N/A
You probably know this was a cancelled series and you might know that it's from the author of Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to. I went into it knowing little about it except that some people LOVED it and some hated it. I found a few who thought it was quite good, but rough, and that's where you can find my opinion. This series attempts to tackle the issue of "why bother with a world full of garbage, misery, and despair" with people who have lived through garbage, misery, and despair and thus the series itself is very cynical. It also ends before it can find out what reason there is if there's any at all, other than "welp, better destroy the world". What is here is interesting, especially conceptually, and that shines through despite the unpolished nature of a rookie's work. The author has expressed a desire to return to or remake this series. I'd like to see a remake, this series could be fantastic and it's already really good. Wrote a biggish review to go over more of my thoughts on it. Hope the author's success with his new work lets his dream come true.

Full review:
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Melodrama and monologues  
by DoujinHunter
August 20th, 2016, 2:04pm
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
This story has several major problems:

  • Most of the characters have such twisted backstories that they aren't easy to relate to, and their backstories and personalities aren't really interesting enough to become otherwise enamored with them.
  • Much of the story is melodramatic i.e. instead of the wronged characters lashing out against the proximate causes of their problems they blame "the World" and seek to cause devastation and suffering for everyone.
  • Characters monologue at various points to show off their motivations and backstories instead of actually doing things to show themselves to be distraught, bitter, complicated, etc.

And the relatively rushed ending (perhaps pause would be a better word to describe the author's intent) brings all of these problems to the forefront.
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Probably too pretentious for a filthy casual like me  
by orario
June 22nd, 2016, 12:59pm
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
It's a manga full of psychological bullshit and drama. Like everyone suffers and all the characters want to destroy the world...yep that kind of vibe.

If the characters in this manga are "suffering" then what about those people that paralized and have to suffer the humiliation of having their asses wiped off? What about those having seen their lover raped in front of them? What about those having their children dying of hunger in their arms? That's what suffering and pain are, not...not having friends -_-

In this manga - like in all dark Japanese manga or LNs - it is stressed out just how much it hurts to be wtf. People don't die from this, nor do they fall into despair.

For example I have not had any friends at all for more than 3 years and not even once have I started bullshiting like the characters in this manga do. But I'm nothing compared to my grandpa. He is 90 years old now and he has been living all alone, by himself, for over 40 years. And he's still sane and kicking.
I know this is fiction, but characters need to be relatable - and they're not...that unless you're also one of those emo teenagers that lisen to bands like Tokyo Hotel and are whoring around for attention by telling everyone just how much their lives suck.


At any rate, I said in the title that I'm just a filthy casual. I came to read this manga expecting some fantasy or even romance, not some 3rd rate dark drama...

But people are different and their tastes are the same as well. I for one always get triggered by this kind of pathetic excuses for drama.

(Dropped after 6 chapters)

... Last updated on June 22nd, 2016, 1:03pm
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A Few Criticisms  
by VWombat
April 10th, 2016, 10:14am
Rating: 9.2  / 10.0
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Despite my criticisms, this manga is worth the read, if only for the feels, lovable characters, and interesting twists. There no excuse not to; it only has 25 chapters.

Firstly, I say lovable characters, but to be precise, there are three. The hero girl had potential, but all the initial buildup and characterization goes to waste when her personality twists. The same twist happens to the witch, but the characterization until then already solidified, and her suffering makes her more pitable. In other words, the time spent on the hero girl is wasted time.

Secondly, the changing hero-villain dynamic is actually interesting, but not fleshed out enough to provoke thought or emotion. In fact, it's entirely dropped as a theme (besides a few casual mentions) until the end, after I more or less forgot about its existance. It's supposed to be a central idea, but isn't.

Thirdly, commenting on the story as a whole, there's not enough between the twists and feels. The twists and plot are interesting, but come from nowhere with no prior indications of sudden changes, e.g. personality shifts. This might be fine in a several hundred chapter colossus which hasn't planned that far ahead, but not so much in a 25 chapter series.

Fourthly, some characters motivations aren't fleshed out and/or don't make sense. From the protagonist's history, I don't get the impression of someone who wants to destroy the world. He mostly seems like he should be lonely, sad, and regretful - which he is, but for some unknown reason, he also wants to destroy the world (or says so, for no reason, it doesn't contribute to the story much). Also, the entire hero organization basically has no history, they just exist to act as the antagonists and suddenly change their minds so the protagonist doesn't actually have to look for hero girl.

Fifthly, because of that flawed "destroy the world" mentality, the character development branching from it is also flawed. The protagonist jumps between attitudes, sometimes making it seem like he only takes that attitude for other peoples' sake, sometimes making it seem like he genuinely thinks that.

To reiterate, this manga was good. I'm a cold, heartless bastard, so when a manga makes me feel anything beyond the ordinary frustration with cliches or disgust with characters that are supposed to be likable, it's done well.
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by hurafloyd
March 7th, 2016, 6:39am
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
While reading this manga I thought: "not many will be able to get this one". I think those of us that have harbored some kind of deep darkness (it may sound fantastical but, ask yourself, have you not?) it may be a memory now, or it is something that is currently coursing through you, a feeling, a thought, a regret... then you will be able to sympathize with every character and the story, sadly, some of them did not have enough development to delve into their darkness because Japs are retarded that only like ecchi and stupid manga so this one was cut short... *sigh* I hate this world (lol).

I'll risk saying this, if you are really ignorant about yourself and the world, while living quite a happy life (ignorance is bliss), then this manga is not for you.

... Last updated on March 7th, 2016, 6:41am
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by cosners
January 26th, 2016, 5:41pm
Rating: N/A
It was unrepentantly emo, but somehow manages not to be annoying. I think the only decent character was Kokage though, since her backstory and particular plan for world destruction were consistent with one another. It may have been the case that we never really saw too much of the other Ibs' backstories, but their desire to destroy the world felt disproportionate to their backstories, especially the main protagonist's.
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