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Toshiue no Hito   
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From Anime Waves:
The woman Tsutomu encounters in college was older and smaller than he is, and for some reason, looks like the same girl in his dreams. The heart-pounding love affair between him and the "older woman" begins.


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An Older Woman
Die Traumfrau (German)
Mysterious Love Comedy

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Aya-chan's skin color  
by Muhammad_Lee
September 8th, 2019, 7:07am
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
Sometimes she becomes untanned for a frame and i think she's an alien i think the mc should call Fox Mulder.
In all seriousness this was a pretty good read, usually i don't prefer these kinds of dramas but i found myself enjoying this one. I like it when authors use sex as more than just a cheap selling point to horny teenagers and as more of a plot development point because it turns out real people do that for reasons besides getting off. But for real though Aya needs to get her skin checked out that's not healthy.

... Last updated on September 8th, 2019, 7:11am
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Didn't feel any love at all  
by Rozzak
August 8th, 2016, 1:42pm
Rating: N/A
Ageha seems like (and even says at one point) that she'd be fine with literally any man. Which clearly shows because she seems WAY more into that older guy. It seems like she only stays with the protagonist because he helped her get over her past.

The protagonist seems like he's with her because she popped his cherry, cured his impotence, and he got her pregnant.

Bottom line is that they feel chemically incompatible and I think that the girl will probably leave for another man eventually.
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All good but one thing  
by andy_f
June 20th, 2014, 4:56pm
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
How could he just run away and leave her alone when he found out he was pregnant. I mean i could understand that he be shocked, frankly who wouldn't be. Hell i'd even understand if he goes away for a day or two to be alone so that he could gather his thoughts and think about it properly.
But going away for aslong as he did and going off with another girl too is just unacceptable!!
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beautiful girls  
by whitespade
September 24th, 2013, 3:46am
Rating: 9.5  / 10.0
damn, amazume sensei really knows how to draw girl's body because they are sooo lush. i'm a straight girl, but even i get a little excited especially with all the bodily fluids dripping messily everywhere. however, he's not adept in drawing their faces because some of those long haired chicks look really similar.

the story is really good i think. i can never see the twists and turns, though they are just slight. and there is no excessive drama, nothing to pull my hairs at. at the end i'm empathising with that impotent boy - too little skill but too much pride. i think the mangaka made a great job in fleshing out all the characters - they are real, not just a template.

really, this is a very good manga albeit you can't read in front of your parents because those H scenes are really really good.

... Last updated on September 24th, 2013, 3:51am
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Loli or not is not the problem with this one  
by FormX
August 7th, 2013, 5:11pm
Rating: N/A
Not going to discuss whether she looks like a loli or not; I don't really care.

It was the plot development at a certain point further down that pretty much flushed this down the drain. Hard to not spoil, but here is is: you don't just leave and disappear with another woman when you find out your partner is pregnant, without seeing her even once.
Some can say Amazune patched it up and followed through with it later, but no ... period.

If you can accept such a direction from Amazune after dramatic climax, then go for it, but no recommendation from me.
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what is up with the manga, period!?  
by trivialforce13
May 2nd, 2013, 10:41pm
Rating: N/A
[ ] = recap, () = add-on. " " = quote/unquote, * = note, *censored* = censored

okay, let me get this straight! why is the main character looked at as the bad guy!? for leaving the house for a few days, after he couldn't find a job, exams were getting in the way, he's trying to get his mind straight, "trying" not to use sex to clear it (even though he did use it); but by the time they got to the end of the chapter he's the one being scolded!? even though he was scolded a lot in this manga; that's pretty much the one thing about this manga i hated! i like this manga, but that is seriously some messed up weight to put on a guy! first of all, why is he the one being scolded about going away for a little bit, just to get things straight in his mind, when in the middle of the manga, his girlfriend, Ageha, also happened to leave him without a trace, due to "personal" issues!? leaving no phone number, no address, and the only thing she left behind was a note? really? and yes, she does get scolded, but it's only in one chapter (that's brief), and not for leaving Tsutomu, it's because she left her late husband's family, WITHOUT a trace! she never talked to him about this until after just finding her! she's the one who needs a little flick, or whack to the head! why does he get a slap in the face, and in a fight?! oh, and by the time he does leave, that's when she starts regretting leaving him the first time! and she wants to scold him?! o_O after all that c*ckteasing, all that saying she liked him, and actually letting him stay with her, she up and ditches him!?

second, i in a way can't stand the senpai. he's one of the irritations that keep scolding the Tsutomu, mostly about his relationship, and he's never had a girlfriend at all! we never see one, they never talk about him having one, the only thing this guy's done was having a crush on Ageha, but never really confessed. after Tsutomu leaves, the senpai tries to make a move on on her, but she rejects him and he actually backs off, O_o huh? i mean i'm glad he did, but seeing the way this guy is, especially when he's drunk, i actually am now starting to think, what was the point of that? IDIOT! also, this guy keeps teasing Tsutomu about his impotence. SHUT UP WILL YA!? And here's a big thing, he actually praises Tsutomu for his hard working ways, while he himself, IS A *censored* FAILURE!!! ASS! he was a failed writier, a fool in his past, and didn't have anyone like Ageha to be with, so what does he know?! he's just as young as they are, how about a little support, mant?!

third, Morino is Tsutomu's ex, right? well, she's nuts okay, i think, even in a comedic way, she's nuts. I mean she went out with him for a while, but they explain that as soon as the time came when they actually were about to 'get it on', he couldn't get it up. because he's IMPOTENT! and that was the reason they broke up (even though they stay as friends). the only thing that could get it up is the girl he really loves, Ageha?! she is, even drunk, nuts! but during their trip at the beach she confessed to Tsutomu (again i guess), and told him that even though Tsutomu loves Ageha instead of her, that she, heartbrokenly, supports them; yet whenever she's around the both of them at the same time she's still an obsessive *censored*. [why does he get a slap in the face, and in a fight?!] (Morino looked like she wanted to attack Ageha at any moment, why didn't she!? *cat fight* ;3) GET OVER IT! Go out with senpai, he's available! and vice versa!*a duh*

fourth, by the time everyone starts calling the bastard, Tsutomu is being scolded, even by the people that say they've had crushes, BUT NEVER REALLY HAD A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH ANYBODY! (except for Morino) HEEELLLOOOOOOOOO!

fifth, yes, he was a douche [but remember, Ageha, also happened to leave him without a trace, due to "personal" issues!? leaving no phone number, no address - so she was pretty much of a douche, too]. for leaving her w/out ANY trace, ANY address, and being with some other woman that she never met, and he only met during some failed interview! that was a jackass move! but people, for those who've mistook that he "slept" with her, that's all he did, SLEEP! he didn't actually have sex with her, one, because he wouldn't do it, and two, BECAUSE HE CAN'T DO IT; HE'S IMPOTENT! HEELLLOOOOO! the only one he can have sex with, is Ageha; remember!? and did you forget, that she was married, before meeting him!? so how do you think he felt when she told him that? (like he must of felt like she already had sex before; remember the love hotel?)

now before anybody says anything, let me tell you, i did not leave the baby out. yes, she's pregnant. and like i said before, Tsutomu left, and she's pregnant. and he just ran off like a jackass. that can't be justified. but what can be said is: he's had trouble job hunting, she took the job as a model, even though she didn't WANT to take it the first time, and it's because of his stress and tense, that he had sex with her. AND WHY THE HELL DON'T THOSE TWO USE CONDOMS!? and what is this photographer guy saying? see's in a predicament like this, so what's he talking about saying it's 'his fault'? do us a favor, man. either give him some good advice, like you did with Ageha, or SHUT THE *censored* UP!

now this comes down to six; the interviewers were ASS****'S! they asked him, "let's assume you were accepted into the company, but them something happened to that person. Wouldn't you just abandon your work again? Which would you choose? The important person, or your job?" ASS****'S! seriously, they want him to rather pick his job over people he loves?! what a bunch of dicks! yes, schooling is important, yes money is important, yes you need a job to pay for things, but those're trivial compared to loving people! and having to choose between them is mind-boggling! I for one thing at that, almost everybody, mostly the interviewers, are going through the trouble of trying to make him regret chasing after her! and he almost does; as you could see, he "almost" does!

seven, when he mentions his job interviews, he comes out and tells Ageha, 'that they didn't go well'; even though he doesn't go into details about why they didn't go well, she, and Mai Murata, the other chick (and who ever else i guess), seem to understand that he's going through some tough times with the hunt (even though she, Ageha, keeps wondering if his jobs weren't going well, and why he's so stiff and having sex with her so roughly, duh). i mean, what is she supposed to do? Ageha, Murata, Morino, the senpai, his family, and his colleagues, what can they to do, about it?! just write a letter of recommendation, or barging in unannounced, "demanding" that they give him a job?! the interviewers are dicks!

Now, i'm not trying to be bias, or anything, but as i was reading this manga, i could see the flaws that was going on in the story. that's why i read it. i didn't read just because of the, "mature content", but because it was also mature through experience. all i want to say is give the guy a break. it's also called, 'slice of life'. if anything, they need to make at least a few doujinshis about the other characters lives and that they aren't perfect. and that their decisions effect each other, not just themselves. AND WHERE IS THE OTHER CHAPTER ALREADY!? i know that 40 can't be it, it can't end there; so hurry up and bring it out already.

now, let's get one thing straight. i love this comic, i do. i really love it. it has a great touch of life, it has some good characters, and it even is a good story. does it have it's problems? yes. does it sometimes get on my nerve about a few things? yes. can it be melodramatic? yes. is it perfect? no. is it the best manga? no. but it's a good manga with a good story, a good setup, some likable characters, some funny moments, some intense moments, some raunchy moments, and a good "slice of life"! so i don't hate this manga. I really enjoy it. and i hope those of you who read will, too. because it's definitely one to check out. smile
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NEWSFLASH: thin, A cup, 150cm ~= 2/3 of REAL asian women in their 20s  
by Aadieu
October 11th, 2012, 12:31am
Rating: N/A
She's not a loli, she doesn't act like a loli, and she's not drawn like a loli... whether that's good/bad/irrelevant, YMMV.

Even her past (alluded to, never drawn) as a somewhat deranged man's underage wife - a decade before the story begins - never gets sexualized. At all...

Amazume really plays with subverting all manner of manga tropes here, making fun of manga stereotypes (older women, lolis, perverted harem-owning main chars, shoujo manga) by inverting the lot of them... until he tires of it all. Unfortunately (or, maybe, fortunately), the author grew out of this series and graduated to NanaKao, where, having found a more confident creative voice, he does away with the stereotype play entirely, making for far more original, sexier, less predictable fare.

Also, strangely *under*sexualized content for Mr. Amazume. Not BorderlineH, not by a long shot. Au contraire, an abortive attempt by an H-manga author to branch out into mainstream Seinen romantic drama, which due to customer demand got drawn out past its planned plot and got a bunch of nipples added almost as an afterthought

Some really good lessons to learn and a lot of valid insight, which unfortunately suffers from it's author's teething problems. 8/10
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What a Damn Bastard  
by NQuang17
July 16th, 2012, 8:47am
Rating: N/A
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Ya, the main character. I can't understand why he can run away without seeing her face at least even though she got his pregnant. The press about job and money is not reasonable. What he had done for her, after all! Holy >.< !

He said he didn't regret about what he did, but he easily betray her. I can't get it. Where is the manly, generous, kind character at first.
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Let the shallow wars begin!  
by SacredAndrogyny
July 8th, 2012, 12:59pm
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
It's things like some of the comments here, I'll admit. That are giving me a viscera hatred of large breasts. Which is sad, because hating a chest size probably isn't any better than hating a skin colour. But every time something remotely nice happens in terms of human sexuality, in comes the peanut gallery to say we cannot have nice things.

Several comments here are doing nothing to review this manga based upon the body type of Ageha. Not personality, not character development, not writing of the story. Her body. And then promoting Morino x Tsutomu based upon that. Well fine then, why even try to not be shallow. I'll be shallow, too. Ageha is a million times better looking than Morino. Not all of us are into ugly cow tits. In fact, if there's any complaints I have about Ageha's body, it is that it's too curvy. Her chest certainly isn't completely flat and she has a huge bottom, at least by my standards. The flatter a woman is, the better. And if this was a manga about Tsutomu and Morino, I'd be irritated at staring at Morino's cow utters all day. Amazume Ryuta likes small breasts? Good. I like small breasts too. Flat chests are justice. I don't know how anyone is into curvy women. I'd like to see more mangaka feel the same.

Well, onto some other related things. What is Toshiue no Hito? A really really dirty romance drama with, from what I've read so far, a tiny harem element that I hope to see not return at all. Of course, I've only read up to chapter 11 as I write this. What other people are commenting on negativity, is that this is basically one of those "guilt free lolicon" manga. It takes just about every thing that could possibly be wrong with "lolicon" even, and removes it entirely. Of course, as long as a character doesn't have DD breasts, there will be some annoying person out there who complains. But there isn't such a thing as truly "guilt free lolicon" in our current world, sadly, there is no safe haven or escape route.

You see, Toshiue no Hito is somewhat of an age play manga about an older woman, who is supposed to look much younger than she is. Possibly "like a kid", and an adult man who is several years younger. She is given an adult personality, though with some flaws, character development, and generally, the antithesis of what is seen as wrong or exploitative or anything about lolicon. She tip-toes on some lolicon fantasies, mostly, just the fact she doesn't have large breasts(about a small A cup) and is fairly short in stature. In everything else, she's more adult than almost every anime character ever, as most anime characters are teenagers. Ageha is an adult woman in her mid twenties, at the very least starts off assertive, is a college student, had previous romance and sexual encounters(is obviously not virginal), and even very clearly her face is adult. She has that "seinen adult" face, and her face doesn't much conform to "moe" standards at all, most adult anime characters actually have younger faces than Ageha. And the way the manga tends to focus on her face and angle her body, it's often hard to actually tell she's short. The manga definitely plays up her adult characteristics. If you're one of those people that's kind of lolicon but don't have anything really wrong with you and you just don't like large breasts, this is going to be one of those rare, guilt free manga.

Other than that, this manga has some ups and downs for me. I really liked how the manga started off, going against gender roles and pointing out some remarkably understated truths about human sexuality. For instance, that guys, obviously, can be raped by older women. Especially if they're minors. And can be traumatic experiences that cause troubles in their adult sexual lives. Also, that women can be sexually assertive and interested, moreso than the men in their peer group. Which Ageha starts as.

But, and don't read this if you don't want any spoilers, it quickly changes and has development, that while character development is good, goes right back into gender norms. Ageha becomes a damsel in distress. And certainly while anyone of any gender should take action when Ageha went, well.. It becomes this whole thing that Tsutomu needs to be a man and his sexual inadequacy as a backwards symbol for his lack of masculine assertiveness and dominance. Ageha's strength becomes this wilting flower and she harps on obnoxiously about how she's a predator and an old woman when she's in her twenties. She becomes the stereotypical, crying emotional wreck woman of almost every romance movie or comic ever. I'm sick of this sexist cliche. And Tsutomo, filling his gender role, becomes the "Knight in Shining Armor" to save the day. And Ageha, at least at this point, has become completely submissive and teary. Even doing the cliche "no, stop" and "no, not there" in the bedroom. Gee, you're such a predator Ageha, with all the "oh! I couldn't possibly be interested in sex! Oh dear oh Tsutomu!" thing. I like character development, that's good, Ageha seems like an adult human with flaws. I'm not sure I like everything it has entailed so far, though.

Also, in with the seinen demographic, I guess, the manga sexualizes the female characters all of the time with clothing and POV and so forth. There are random naked women all the time. Just like, any excuse will be taken. Ageha certainly isn't the only person you will see naked. But you will only see women naked unless it is a sex scene. Are heterosexual adult men so immature they can't be exposed to another man's naked body without feeling terrible?

I guess you can only as for so much. It's nice to see another romance manga about adults for a change. Adults with respectable, realistic personalities. A manga that isn't afraid to offend the sensibilities of people who are morally and sexually outraged to attraction to women with small breasts. It isn't afraid to blur the boundaries between porn and romance, and if all porn was like this, it would be a lot more wholesome. Most porn is about rape or domination and submission of some high variety, most sexuality in this is done is a purely romantic sense. And I like the moe aesthetic, but it's nice to see this kind of material done without resorting to the moe aesthetic. With all that, I suppose, again, you can really only expect so much. After all this nice stuff, there's a lot of various cliches, some of them kinda sexist.

From the sum of its parts, I think it's worth a go. If the negative parts aren't too irritating for you.
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Great start.  
by A Black Dude
October 2nd, 2011, 4:05pm
Rating: N/A
started off great but the story starts to die down around volume 5/6. I just didnt care what was happening anymore. i still recommend it tho just felt like it could have been so much more.
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