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The One   
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DU Ling Fengsao: The One
Nghề người mẫu
Thế giới người mẫu
Номер один
Первый номер

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Midnight Dawn Scans

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v.18 c.110 (end) by Midnight Dawn Scans & Twisted Mist over 9 years ago
v.17 c.109 by Midnight Dawn Scans over 9 years ago
c.108 by Midnight Dawn Scans over 9 years ago
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January 7th 2023, 7:06am



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Star Girls (Tong Li)
Young Flower (Tong Li)

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over 9 years ago

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Off brand skip beat  
by avaeva1
December 11th, 2020, 4:10am
Rating: N/A
The drama seems somewhat forced and rushed but I appreciated the plot
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To say this girl's life is a rollercoaster would be an understatement  
by moonmystery
June 27th, 2020, 5:38pm
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
Wow.... early 2000s chinese manhua really wanted to make their main character miserable, huh?

I remember reading this back in the day and just feeling so drained afterwards. So much misunderstanding and terrible communication styles. The characters are hot tempered, low IQ, and melodramatic already, so when you throw in death/amnesia/drug abuse... It's a clusterf**k i tell you. Everyone in this manhua needs a psychologist, relationship counselor, and good medical care. Jesus.

To be fair, a lot of it is played for comedic effect, but when it's used for serious situations... it gets tiring for the readers to deal with.

... Last updated on June 27th, 2020, 5:40pm
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by LienHoa
March 29th, 2020, 12:39am
Rating: 9.8  / 10.0
Gave this almost ten because the feelings it gave me was so high and awesome. And also the fashion, model world reference is refreshing and detailed.

But what you guys say is true. Ahhh feel so good many people can relate to my feelings in some ways.
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I Understand WHY I keep dropping it now. Smh  
by LadyCaptain
April 2nd, 2019, 11:26pm
Rating: N/A
It's like everytime I decide to read it, give a a shot, I like it for a bit and then i drop it. Why? You ask.
Because the main girl, Lele!
At first, she is likable, cute, a bit boyish, funny and crazy. She literally made me laugh every once in awhile, I rooting for and felt like I understood her so well. Especially since she wasn't chasing any guys, sure they were handsome but so what?
She didn't know what love was.
And then suddenly, Eros comes in full mysterious hotty you know.
Don't get me wrong, Eros and Angus is like super hot and just interesting characters.
But why did she suddenly change when the stepped in, it's like a personality was just gone!!!

She went full depend on Eros at one point, constantly being a baby and crying all the time, she lost her craziness, her boyish side, everything and went into a typical weak crybaby.

And then her grandmother died.
I get it.
I understood her depression.
I actually liked it, it made her tough for a second, head strong and boyish again.

And then Eros and Angus comes BACK IN THE SCENE and she's BACK being a crybaby, depend on them all, annoying blushing over everything girl but worse!!
She even super horny for Eros!!! He literally had to dump her butt in the cold tub to get her off him.

After her grandmother died, I was constantly rolling my eyes at everything she did, especially when she got older.
She got weaker and annoying, typically blushing over everything the guys do (AND SHE JUST LET THEM DO IT! LIKE GIRL, DEFEND YOURSELF COME ON!!)

As much as I wanted to see more Eros and Angus and learn more about them (PLUS got a thing for long haired male leads), I give up cause Lele was a loss cause to me by then.
It wasnt worth the time.
I dropped it, couldn't take it anymore.

I can't even say how many times I came to this manga, forgetting about it and how much I disliked it after awhile and dropped, I reread it, just to drop it again over and over.

I will never finish this manga, cause I just can't stand Lele after awhile.
This may be others cup of tea, it ain't mine that's for sure.
I'm done.
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Oh oh oh, stick to the stuff you know!  
by jojalee
November 17th, 2015, 2:18am
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
I really love this Manhua, don't get me wrong, the first half is superb. It has so much personality and the relationships between characters and Lele's struggle in the fashion world were awesome, however things changed more than half way through. Unfortunately, Nikki decided to focus too much on the romance aspect of the story and also focused too much on the twins. The twins storylines seem so unneeded, this was supposed to be a manga about a woman traversing the world of fashion to make it as big and bigger than her parents whilst finding love and friendship along the way. Unfortunately it ended up packing in melodrama where it didn't need to be. There is stuff within it that you'll read and then make you wonder why the hell it is even happening when it doesn't add anything to the story really and plot really. Again, beware of the unneeded drama.
In all, I truly wished the manhua had just stuck to Lele. I didn't need all the other side stuff that ended up being just ridiculous.

... Last updated on November 17th, 2015, 2:19am
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by hangluu
September 6th, 2015, 7:42am
Rating: N/A
This manga is funny as fuck. The main leads are hot as hell. There is a lot a lot of yaoi undertone in this manga and the smut didnt really appear until the later chapters (barely counts as smut).. All in all, enjoyable read. It seems I love this mangaka's work a lot more than i thought. Oh there is a small cameo of Youth Gone Wild in here... Which i like
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Why are you reading this? Go read it.  
by Meilee123
August 9th, 2015, 2:10pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Yeah yeah, it's good. It's superb. It's not perfect. eh. It was better in the beginning. The reason why I think it's not perfect is because
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The ending! The ending is so unrealistic. Everyone just magically ended up feeling happy. Their happiness is justified but each one of them being happy is unrealistic. For example Anji, Young Qiu (best friend), Leo and Yang all found someone.
But I guess this manga was made with the intention of a fairytale ending.
I read this manga twice btw and it was great both times but the second time always allows me to find faults in the manga. Looking through it again, you know, I kind of begin to count how many ridiculous things happen to further the plot.
The problems are solved too shoujo-y and theres no room for mysteriousness.
Also, the time skips are too easy, there's no grime.

On a personal note, I feel kind of disappointed that Angus didn't end up with Yang. When I read The One the first time, it was during monthly releases and I waited so long that I completely forgot who Yang and Amber were, so I went with the flow on how Amber was there to help Angus the whole time and that's how they ended up together. However reading back on it again, I feel like Angus should have been more conflicted on who he liked after regaining his memories. There were hints of him liking Yang. Ending up with Amber is a simple and easy fix to a happy ending. Too easy! Oh, falling in love with the one who cared for and comforted you? How conventional. Not that Yang or Ulleseeys didn't do that.

Btw, if you thought the jokes were funny, they are even better if you understand Mandarin haha. Lou shang haha hah .. hah

... Last updated on August 9th, 2015, 2:22pm
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Be Careful  
by JapanRocks
February 16th, 2015, 6:47pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
I get the feeling that most of the 10 ratings are for the early chapters, when it was actually interesting. The first couple of chapters are brilliant. The characters and the plot was very engaging. But then the drama went through the roof. It wasn't a quietly addicting drama, more like a"What NOW?" drama.
Still I'd recommend it. Like the other reviewer said the first half of the manhwa is REALLY worth reading. And if you want a soap opera that's already finished, then it's waiting for you. This is just a small alert for potential readers that want something that deserves all the 10s. By the later chapters, it was not worth that for me.
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Good but...  
by Giuliabonnie
January 19th, 2015, 3:57pm
Rating: N/A
The way psycho characters pop out and do any kind of insane actions to other people without consequences makes me think this manhua is sci-fi. The idea is good but after a while it becomes worst than a mexican telenovela.
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It's like a soap opera.  
by Jeshia
December 4th, 2014, 12:54pm
Rating: 7.4  / 10.0
It's a likable soap opera, mind you, but a soap opera nevertheless. IMHO, the first 50 or so chapters are great. Then it basically dissolves into classic soap opera episodes, some of the barely connected to one another. It also stays true to the shoujo drama, I would say, despite the smattering of realistic themes because the plot is just so contrived.
After a certain point, the arcs have you scratching your head wondering what a mess the plot has become, and the focus switches from character and career growth to long expositions of background story that don't feel at all necessary.
I feel that my review has become negative, but it isn't a bad manga. Yes, the author ruins a lot of her character development with the drama, but the relationship that Lele and Eros share is beneficial for both of them in a lot of ways. I appreciate that it's not a typical hot guy-because kind of romance. They both learn a lot from each other, even if it's difficult to see through the melodrama.
Also, this manga is funny. There are parts that are just overdone, so I can't say the comedy is always tastefully done, but at some parts you do get the feeling that it's making fun of its own melodrama. The main lead is at times borderline obnoxious, but somewhat relatable and quite funny, in my opinion. She's more than tolerable but not especially eye-catching, and I both love and hate the stubbornness and pride that she has and develops over the series. Eros is in a lot of ways the typical hot male lead, but what I love about this manhua is that it makes a point to talk about male vulnerability. All genders make relationship mistakes. All genders are allowed to cry about them. That openness is one of things that drew me to this manhua. I'm also just a sucker for stories about men who show their emotions.
Overall, this manhua isn't for everyone. It has way too much melodrama for it to be universally likable, and while the themes are somewhat relatable, they're also extremely romanticized. But it has it's good points, some of which I have listed above, and if those appeal to you, I recommend giving the first 50-ish chapters a read.

... Last updated on December 4th, 2014, 12:56pm
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