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DN Angel   
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D.N. Angel
DN Angel Siêu Trộm

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Aku Tenshi
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v.16 c.6 by Agent of Change Translations over 4 years ago
v.16 c.4 by Mint1412 & Hand of Time Translations over 5 years ago
v.16 c.5 by Mint1412 over 5 years ago
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D.N.Angel by F.A.I.T.H

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Asuka (Kadokawa Shoten)

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TokyoPop (Expired / 13 Vols)
Viz (Canceled / 13 Vols; digital)

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Can someone finsh translation  
by MLGSwag
December 14th, 2023, 9:56pm
Rating: N/A
Like the manga is dine, but i dont seem to find any translations for it lol
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Unreadable but nostalgic  
December 10th, 2022, 3:36pm
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
Another part of me wants this to be a 7.9 but honestly I have to give it a 4.0.
It has lore but the lore isn't strong enough to be a plot twist or unexpected. It's just given to you. It does not feel all to different from the anime.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
What I can say is unlike the anime the protagonist gets a girlfriend fairly quickly. So the romance doesn't drag.

The reason why I want to give a 7.9 is cause of the art(if your not nit picky about the one missing finger) , and Dark himself. Honestly I enjoyed chapters after the last hiatus simply because the reveal ends up happening and the plot actually goes somewhere. But if it takes me only two days to read something and I was already bored in the process of reading it, there's a problem. It has a very similar ending to the anime itself and that finished years before the manga. I don't know if the author already told the anime staff what the ending would be like because that's a possibility.

But there are two many times in the manga where I felt this is just filler, story for the sake of story. It lacks a lot of atmosphere too, sometimes I can't even tell where the characters hang out besides Daisuke house. I felt the the Jeanne anime that also has a phantom theif story handles it better and at least the author of the Phantom theif Jeanne manga (the titles that straight forward) made that story short too. Sure somethings are bound to be long but at least you can tell it had a lot to offer.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
From a mile away you can tell this didn't have much mystery or didn't try to. What was a 104 chapters could have been made to 50-54. I can think of two arcs in the story that were totally boring and completely unnecessary and took up too much of the manga. If you only watched the anime you were fine with that alone. There's only two kiss scenes I remember in the manga and they were rushed.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
If your hoping for something different to happen with Dark then with the anime you can forget about it and Krad is just as annoying as ever.

I enjoyed it but only because apart of my childhood was satisfied but would I recommend to anyone, no. The only reason I bothered is because of my history with the anime. But the writing is all over the place. I was able to piece things together but somethings didn't make sense. I'll spoil below.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
So Daisuke gets rejected by Risa and ends up with Riku the Tsundere, how Dark Conviently ends up liking a different girl from Daisuke but yet told time again they are the same. I guess sameness in this manga has more to do with following a similar path than actually being the same because even though Hitari shares a body with Krad him I guess they are different because krad is selfish and Hitari isn't . Also is dark an ancestor or not. They never make it clear if he was the embodiment of a phantom theif captured in an art piece or if he was a trapped part of Daisukes ancestor and what part did Krad really play besides getting in Darks way. We are never really told why he was a piece of Dark and what characteristic he was. Either way I guess Darks an alter ego shared by the family but you would think Darks form/appearance would change for each male member of the Niwa family.

I low-key get kingdom heart vibes from this series.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The mirror story arc wasn't necessary where Niwa gets kidnap by some dude name insomnia or whatever. We get the "oh this art work should have known his place treatment that he shouldn't be part of the real world and just be grateful for the world he had". But time an time again we get art works with human characteristics that get to have a life in Daisuke's house.
Be consistent.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Another arc that was annoying and boring Was The Romeo and Juliet knock off story. There names weren't Romeo and Juliet. Nothing really comes out of it but to test Daisuke but it was pointless. No real lesson was learned only to remind us that the artworks Dark wants to catch are not normal but give off life or something supernatural.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I remember there are actually three kiss scenes but the first doesn't count because Dark was trying to share a love potion through his mouth to Riku so she could fall for him but it too late when he already turned back to Daisuke, and I'm guessing the potion had an effect on Daisuke too because he end up falling for her not long after.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Dark having Risa as his crush simply because Daisuke's heart change was a bit weird. But I can't deny Risa was better suited for Dark then Riku. Riku and Daisuke's relationship was more romantic in the anime but in the manga their relationship isn't taken too seriously after she becomes his girlfriend. Most of it just becomes tsundere jokes. But I still think she appreciates him at least.

If it weren't for those two annoying arcs it could be a 6.0 but The author did a lot of things right that's why they this series gets a 4.0 instead of a one.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
But it's written kind of sloppy and the characters themselves aren't the issue they were okay. It story placement, the rushed last chapter pacing that could have been extend to two. The two unnecessary arcs, The not so strong lore that was shrouded in mystery that could have been explained in the beginning without ruining the story that came after, what triggered Hitari's transformation, was it Krad's will or Hitari showing weakness?
What exactly made Daisuke and Dark the same, because they were theifs or because one chose not to abandon the other?
What did Dark represent, carnal desire? he had the same personality through out history. I only say this because Dark was also was compared to his grand father saying they were the same also, along with his ancestors and this sameness isn't shared with Daisuke alone.

Anyway I feel like this still has its charm, if you're simply reading cause you miss the series than I can say you will at least get closure but I can't promise that it will be a smooth ride to get that closure.
Dec 10 2022

... Last updated on December 10th, 2022, 5:11pm
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Good .. until the hiatus  
by wansmor
September 13th, 2015, 3:06am
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
DN Angel started good, it's a typical shoujo series with cool guys and cute girls. The chemistry between the characters were good (albeit some complaints about bromance between some characters). It might end well too but the series was prolonged with no clear direction, and eventually the author went hiatus on it.

Well, this series was like one of my first manga for me (along with CardCaptor Sakura and Case Closed) and I used to love the characters. I can only say that it's a pity that the author has tendency to left her work(s) unfinished.

I couldn't really recommend it to anyone, but I will say that the first maybe 9 volumes or so were good (at least it was good for the junior high school student version of me)...
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watch the anime and drop the manga!  
by Makoto-san
April 8th, 2014, 5:29pm
Rating: N/A
I watched the anime, it's enjoyable and the ending was a bit satisfying, for me.

I shouldn't have continued with the manga, it just drags on and on with pointless stuff, and the unresolved ending is vexing.
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Hiatus >:0  
by whistlebird
August 23rd, 2011, 11:26pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Is the author ever going to finish this one? It's seriously one of my favorite series EVER (and my first manga) and she left off at the worst cliff hanger imaginable--and I've gotten pretty used to millions of cliffhangers. What's more, TokyoPop supposedly went out of business so even if the author does complete the series, are us Americans ever going to see it? *cry* It's fun, it's cute but not sickeningly so, it has drama, action, excitement, great art, an interesting plot, an adorable main character, come on. It's worth finishing, especially with a cliffhanger like that.

Oh, and the anime was terrible, so if you've seen that and are thinking you'll never read the manga because of it, well, it had nothing to do with the real series. And if you liked the anime, you'll like the manga even better.

... Last updated on August 23rd, 2011, 11:31pm
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by reina q
July 26th, 2011, 9:08pm
Rating: N/A
This manga was my first, and I really loved the art and storyline. Sometimes it can get a bit confusing, but the mystery and romance are always worth a bit of confusion. It seems to me that the Tokyopop editions are easier to understand, though since they are getting rid of their North American division, we might not see anymore official releases. Either way, great read!
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Pretty good  
by Silver Fantasy
July 13th, 2011, 9:20pm
Rating: N/A
If I recall correctly, DNAngel was the first manga I ever came across. And luckily, it was good enough to where I kept exploring the manga world, because if it had been some of the other…less than respectable series out there, I wouldn’t have continued at all. Looking back, the premise is a bit different than most shoujo series (and yes, the main lead is a guy). Not all together realistic (it is fantasy after all) but not over the top ridiculous either – not in that “why am I even sitting through this” kind of way, so don’t worry. Perhaps the most irksome thing about this series is the lack of coherency of plot towards the middle until where we are now. Sugisaki-sensei tends to go on hiatus a lot, so I kind of lost interest as time went on, but the series overall is rather unique and cute, with decent plot/action. Guys may be able to sit through this one, and not just girls. The characters are above average, and even if one of them is slightly “boring” or another is “shallow” ect, in my personal opinion, they are still more interesting than the other of their kinds. I even find Risa (who has just about the largest hate base I’ve ever seen) quite endearing after all this time, even if I don’t actually “like” her. Dark is my favorite because the mangaka managed to present him with mystery and more depth than first meets the eye (you honestly kind of just stare at how beautiful he is at first, and then you realize you’re just like Risa). I keep thinking his character could be developed into an endless story if the mangaka so desired, because his character was built upon a great foundation and is different from the typical flirty, pervert bishounen you see elsewhere. In the end, if the mangaka would pick this series up again, I would definitely try to get back into it because it is one of the better series out there with much potential, not to mention great, non-flowery or sparkly art.
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I Absolutely LOVE this manga but...  
by Kishu
July 10th, 2011, 11:40pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
What's up with the author constantly taking this manga and putting it on hiatus? The author may have her reasons for putting this manga off (real life for example) but it just so happens she is working on another manga. I wish the author would just finish this one before working on the next.

Hiatus aside... this is a one of a kind manga which has an amazing story line, and quirky (albeit annoying) characters. The art gradually improves throughout the storyline. May I also state that this is the only series Sugisaki that I read/enjoy.

This manga is undoubtably one of the best i've ever read, but the constant "hiatus in your face" is really annoying.

... Last updated on July 31st, 2012, 4:09pm
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by mozamoza
January 14th, 2011, 10:25am
Rating: N/A
i loved tih manga a lot but i really don't get it until now why does this manga hiatus? it's been a long time since this manga hiatus and the author seemed don't wanna continue this manga, eventhough i liked this manga but i hate cliifhanger story so muchhhhh
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It was very good....yeah, was  
by kanvas
December 20th, 2010, 4:45pm
Rating: N/A
This manga was very good a few years, this style back then was "new" and different from other. The story was pretty nice too. But that was years ago now it has lost much of its appeals. Unless she does somehow come up with something amazing I can't see this manga be as successful as it was.
@ShadowSakura: Agree with you on her record of unfinished works. From a professional stand point, that's just unacceptable. How can she still find editor and publisher who is willing to put up with that?
Just a pity, really.

... Last updated on December 20th, 2010, 4:49pm
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