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Eden no Ori   
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Official English: INKR, Azuki

Sengoku Akira and his classmates are travelling on a plane when it crashes onto an island inhabited by species thought to have been extinct. The situation becomes increasingly desperate as some of Akira's classmates are eaten alive, while some kill others in desperation. Now Akira and a few other survivors are trying to survive what seems to be a horrible nightmare.


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Cage of Eden
كهف عدن

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c.185 (end) by MangaStream over 11 years ago
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Hooked you up until the end  
by Raiden94
December 21st, 2022, 4:58pm
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
This is one of my first manga that I read and enjoyed. The beginning started great with all the survival and mysteries. It hooked you up until the end.
But one thing I don't like is the ending. It didn't give you any satisfaction after a long journey.
Nevertheless the thing I like the most is the 2nd Male Lead point of view and interaction with other characters. Everyone don't like him but he still save the day. If I ever get stranded, I would definitely follow him without a 2nd thought.

... Last updated on December 21st, 2022, 5:04pm
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Spiraling & unconvincing  
by jackalan
June 6th, 2019, 4:30am
Rating: N/A
The (only) good: the story really sucks me in. It's thrilling, suspenseful adventure that at the end of every chapter I'm at terrible urge to know what's next.

The not-good(s):
- I appreciate how the author goes to length to create and build up the world in this manga, it is nonetheless flawed. It's good story-telling. But as I reach towards the end, I can't find it convincing enough all that happened, the logic map behind, the loop holes that were left, and the many... unseen disappearances (from formerly canon characters at least).
- Then the main characters are kind of blown out of proportion in term of oversized heroism. Many times too cheesy I cringe.
- Again, many phenomenon just somehow solve themselves? Skip over? Unexplained? It's annoying.

The author-knows-his-audiences but kinda overdo the grossness (for me because I might not be his audience): boobs and panties. Looking at the year the publication began 2008, I kinda get the fetishism and trends at the time. It's still difficult to digest in this time and age.

At the end, it is somewhat satisfying, happy-ending. So at least that's something to look forward too.
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by kiriee
February 15th, 2016, 11:12pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
Is this manga unique? nope definitely not. You want complicated relationship or drama? you won't get it there. Do you want straight forward survival genre with a sprinkle of mystery genre? You will get it in this manga.

Despite being a cliche fest, Eden no Ori able to keep being interesting from the start to the end, thanks to the mystery and the action, and this is exactly why survival genre is great when you're not putting unnecessary element in it.
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Decent and flawed  
by PZcolo
February 14th, 2016, 5:50am
Rating: 6.5  / 10.0
The plot is nothing original, we have seen it over and over and yet I always welcome survival stories and this one looked promising but unfortunately it ends summing up to a pretty mediocre manga.
So you get this cliched yet interesting setting of school kids in Jurassic Park, 300+ people are thrown into a harsh reality where people die left and right and survival is king yet you get pulled out of this setting with constant fanservice, dumbness and naivety, ridiculous betrayals, questionable characters with questionable motives and some thing felt forced just to further the plot. Also as moonmystery says, very little character development if any at all.
Also, it's disappointing that after 185ch you get a rushed ending, I get the strong impression this was supposed to continue 3 or 4 more volumes and was ended abruptly so it needed to give closure in 5ch instead which lead to leave lots of unanswered questions, Koiya (was that the name? Akira's best friend), Hades, the virus, why the predictable ending twist happened, etc. So much development to reach the mystery of the island and when you are getting there you get the "END" sign.
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Everything was great other than the ending  
by Kuhaku
October 31st, 2014, 5:45pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
If I look at this story overall I really enjoyed reading it. I'm personally not affected by "plot" in manga, I feel that sometimes it's a good break in between all the death an agony of many chapters so yeah this manga has some echhi to it but not enough to destroy the whole story. I do warn though the ending leaves a lot for you to wonder, and it was the only thing keeping me from giving this series a 10
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Not that bad...  
by YukiSaito
October 26th, 2014, 4:34am
Rating: N/A
The plot was okay overall, but the characters were quite...undeveloped. Like how everyone stayed the same in the end-the once untouchable genius opens up to his friends, the main character (aka the hero) saves everyone by his righteousness, his childhood friend who's head over heels with him, and the school delinquent who turns out to be a kind person. Everyone is the same throughout the whole story-and considering that this has 185 chapters (to the dot), the only thing that really changed was the plot. Or more like, what happens.

As one review said, the technology doesn't add up. Not only that, the timing, and the bodies, too. At Memorial M, why are the traps all around? And if it's a grave, why are there 2 Chimeras? Graves are usually made, and preserved, with a certain degree of respect. Having 2 Chimeras at the bottom of the grave...ain't the best way to show respect. The bodies in the School, too. Why would there be a virus which attacks people (and a robot, too) lurking in a container, having already killed off goodness knows how many people? In the end, the use of the School wasn't explained. In fact, it only served to show that they were in the future. And why does the School prevent the animals from entering? Shouldn't that be used on the other places, too? And what's with all the bodies everywhere? There was no indication as to what killed them, or at least none that I could tell. Also, what do they mean the Sensei could probably figure it out? He wasn't dead, was he? O.o And...if they were already dead...why could they die again...though sometimes, they deserved it.

But it was also good, in a sense. (Excluding all the eechi parts. Sometimes, it was overdone, even for eechi. But that's what I think.) How there was different 'tribes', and the different weird titbits of knowledge added in (like the smallest country in the world, or how those at the Research Center (or Pyramid) were being controlled by the Whistle Blowing and all) was quite interesting.

Overall, it was average. Kinda...stereotypical though. Pushed this manga away for ages, thought it was another boring survival manga. The distopia of it all, and the extinct animals in the future-kami.

And I just realized...the students might not have made it back, according to a time chart. The mom died approx. 40 years after the students died right? According to them, the spent 3 years (right after they realized they were in the future or somesort) and a few months before that (let's say 1 year max). So in total, 4 years on the island. So why did the mom not see her son again? Just wondering, not sure if it's true...
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by moonmystery
February 12th, 2014, 8:45pm
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
This manga was like a crudely combined rip-off of Jurassic Park, Lord of the Flies, sudden space distortion, and boobs. And that was NOT a compliment.

It's kinda sad that I guessed the absurd ending from the first 10 chapters..... I waved away the idea thinking that it would be far too cliche and that the author would know better than to pull such a "twist" on us... but NO, THE DREADED ENDING CAME ANYWAYS. -_-

Well, the disappointment aside, too much fan service for a girl like me, who honestly just wanted a good manga with deep plot. I guessed I expected too much. Jurassic Park suits my tastes more....

Seriously though, the manga had 0 character development. It was nonexistent. No joke. In fact, there were some pretty cliche main characters:
- delinquent hero w/ most popular goody-two-shoe girl as girlfriend, and random typical harem girls.
- top nerd dude w/ his genius computer
- perfect-at-everything cool-headed dude, who is also tall (superrrr cliche)
- Warped popular kid (seen too many already in 2D, jocks aren't all that bad y'know.)
- Cute young girl as part of the harem. (She's actually the only person not quite so cliche, y'll see why...)
- bunch of perverted children let loose on an island. ----> many panty flashes!!!

The villains were also kinda lame...... Yeah. Lame.
__________________________________________________________________ __

I aguess the manga was just able to piss me off because it had a combination of everything I didn't like.....

Nonetheless, it had some good moments too. (But they were overshadowed by stupid mistakes, fanservice, and "oh Sengoku is our hero" crap.)

... Last updated on February 12th, 2014, 8:59pm
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by AceBunneh
February 3rd, 2014, 8:12am
Rating: N/A
I won't comment about how the ending was rushed or anything, but just from reading the series very early on I could already guess at the ending... This so called 'plot twist.' There was a second possible conclusion which was presented later on also, but honestly it didn't have enough evidence to support it. The only thing I'll add about the ending is it doesn't answer too much, and if the mangaka had more talent he would have accomplished a lot more despite it being rushed. I am glad I didn't expect much from it based on the previous chapters (honestly I wasn't expecting much from beginning to end) but it was a nice break from the standard more 'mainstream' things which can be found anywhere.

In short, it wasn't anything original and was very predictable (in my opinion), but it is a nice break the usual Shounen you find everywhere.
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by betmen
October 18th, 2013, 7:15am
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
The idea was great but there are too much "sengoku-kun is our leader" or "akira is our saviour"
and what's up with the "pose" when mariya talking he always touch his glasses, when that "trap boy" talking he always flick his hair. so annoying

... Last updated on October 18th, 2013, 9:59am
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Okay...Awesome One !!!  
by MinatoAce
October 4th, 2013, 7:20pm
Rating: 9.5  / 10.0
Just as Others Commented It's Totally Awesome One...
And It Has A Really Unique/Unique Ending...
I Don't Have Much To Say...
Others Told What I Wanted To Say Before, In Their Spoilers...
So, Read It And Enjoy...^_~
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