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The Soulless Duchess   
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Associated Names
Binkkeopdegi Gongjakbuin
Istri Palsu Duke
La duchesse sans âme
La duquesa del alma vacía
The Duchess with an Empty Soul
The Duchess' Empty Shell
The Empty Shelled Duchess
Сэтгэл хөдлөлгүй гүнгийн хатан
빈껍데기 공작부인

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Wandering Willows
KKJ Scans
Magnificent Aurora Scans
No Named Group

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c.80-82 by Wandering Willows over 2 years ago
c.79 by Wandering Willows over 2 years ago
c.77-78 by Wandering Willows over 2 years ago
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S1: 42 Chapters (1~42)
S2: 37 Chapters (43~79)
S3: 35 Chapters (80~114)
S4: 35 Chapters (115~154)

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April 12th 2024, 5:41am



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User Comments  [ Order by usefulness ]
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by Jerberus
January 1st, 2024, 10:28am
Rating: N/A
“The Eye of the Tighur”. lol. Someone likes the Rocky movies or that song.
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The Soulless Duchess: When Perfection Becomes a Narrative Flaw  
by Makoto Yumi
July 3rd, 2023, 12:42pm
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
This webtoon started out promising but unfortunately, falls notably short of its potential.
The story centers on the naive Yvona who finds herself reincarnated a year in the past before her self-destructing events. She uses her knowledge to reclaim her agency. There's potential in this premise for a gripping, empowering narrative, but that's not what we're handed.

First and foremost, while the storyline itself is acceptable albeit mediocre, the characters in "The Soulless Duchess" are disappointingly flat. I love stories about OP main characters, and think that stories with settings like 'a misogynistic aristocratic world in which women show that they are just as capable as or even better than their male counterparts if given the chance' can be so much fun to read. However if you are looking for stories like that, this webtoon should be avoided.

Please proceed with caution. Once you see the problems, you cannot unsee them. SPOILERS AHEAD:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The author's wish-fulfillment wet-dream fantasy of being the perfect woman - beautiful, intelligent, kind, powerful, and desired by many men - shines through Yvona, making her character unrelatable and even obnoxious, especially to those who appreciate nuanced, flawed, deep and evolving characters. The story tumbles into the pitfall of its protagonist turning from an unexperienced doormat but powerful summoner to an unrealistic Mary Sue overnight overshadowing every character in the story. With the reincarnation gimmick, Yvona's character makes a drastic 180-degree turn, creating an incoherent narrative between her two lives.
For example, the perfect social adeptness she displays in her second life, despite her antisocial past of having barely interacted with anyone besides her ex-fiancé and her cousin, is jarringly unrealistic.
Everything goes her way, everything works out for her, she can do no wrong. Apart from her magic, she had no experience whatsoever in her past life, yet finds always and all solutions to every problem in her new life. The story only amplifies its protagonist Yvona to impossible heights of perfection while reducing all its male characters to flawed, misogynistic villains.

Why am I writing about misogynistic male characters? Because apparently the author is a total misandrist. The male characters are depicted with such a distinct bias that a pervasive sense of misandry seeps through the narrative as most men are portrayed as self-centered, stupid, sexist, narcissistic, and/or manipulative. This trend is so pronounced that it feels like a deliberate attempt to vilify the male characters, which takes away from the complexity and authenticity that should be inherent in a good narrative. Furthermore, the blame for wrongdoings in the story, especially those perpetrated by female characters, is unjustifiably and always directed towards the male characters - /women can do no wrong whereas men are bad. Because adults totally shouldn't take responsibility for their own actions no matter what sex or gender /sarcasm off. This pattern, once noticed, makes it hard to connect with the story on a deeper level. As a woman, it is insanely frustrating and bewildering to read.

Here are some examples:

In her 2nd life, Yvona's new fiancé, Duke Azentine, is stripped of his depth and reduced to a lovesick caricatural accessory to the perfect Yvona. His character, originally introduced as a powerful figure and someone who avoided love at all cost for the heavy responsiblity as the empire's sword, fails to develop beyond his infatuation with Yvona. Btw, he fell in love with the perfect Yvone because she smiled.

The emperor, who only has one child - a daughter, is misogynistic despite loving his daughter to the T. Due to the misogynistic world setting, he only thinks of marrying his beautiful princess off rather than making her a successor to the throne. His daughter however exceeds his expectations on top of making him question his initial judgement, as she turns out to be a very intelligent and capable strategist befitting of an empress.

Lady Celdon, a side character, displays the typical characteristics of a villainess. She seethes will jealousy and envy of having lost Duke Azentine as a potential suitor to the female lead. Despite having worked hard her whole life to be called the "perfect" woman, she was not able to win over the Duke, so she does what a typical villainess would do. Undermine the female lead and try to humiliate her to put her in place. However Yvona saves her from being assaulted by bad men, thus intitiating Lady Celdon's change in personality (so quick) and ambitions, and her past vindictive actions are blamed on the misogynistic society that the world is set in.

The female lead's fiancé in her 1st life is a dubious, cunning, two-faced, selfish, sexist raging narcissist who used Yvonne's magic abilities to boost his ego and influence in society, pretending to possess powerful magic. A total scumbag and one of the main antagonists (which is okay, every story needs one).

However in Yvona's 1st life, despite doing everything for her fiancé, she eventually gets betrayed by him - she finds out that not only has he used her the whole time and never actually loved her, he had also cheated on her for most of their relationship. BUT! Do you know who he cheated on her with?
Wait for it .... That's right. It's another bad man (LOL).
"The other man" is her cousin to be exact. Someone who was supposed to be like her sibling growing up. Despite his backstory making you kind of sympathise and understand the roots of his behaviour and actions, he does not get an alternative positive ending like the female villainesses in the story.

Yvona gets betrayed by one of her longest-known maids who deliberately put her in danger multiple times, even intending on having her killed. But you know who Yvona blames? Her ex-fiancé because the maid fell in love with him through a manipulative setup. So apparently the maid bears no responsibility for her actions of betrayal because it is all a bad man's fault.

In summary, "The Soulless Duchess" struggles with character inconsistency, lackluster storytelling, and unrealistic plot progressions. A disappointing read for those seeking well-rounded characters and believable story arcs. It reads more like an author's self-fulfilling dream through a heavy-handed portrayal of Yvona's perfection than a well-balanced story.

... Last updated on July 3rd, 2023, 5:13pm
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Boring plot with little character development  
by MorganaReads
August 9th, 2022, 10:26am
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
If you want a real revenge story, read the Villainess Reverses the Hourglass, because this ain't it folks.
In an oversaturated genre, this manhwa is just another drop in the bucket, with your classic stoic, black haired, misunderstood ML who had an abusive childhood, and the generous FL who is always considerate, makes the most ethical choices, and considers everyone's feelings. Also, every plan she makes always works without any unintended consequences, everything she puts her mind to comes to fruition, and everyone loves her. She doesn't even get revenge on those who wronged her! She just chooses to not interact with them and let them ruin themselves all on their own.
I find characters like this flat, and therefore the plot drags because you know her plan will always work without a twist, and people will always be on her side. Even if you're looking for fluff, there are other stories out there with more heartfelt and cute scenes. I don't recommend, and I don't understand the high ratings and praise.
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Just goes through the motions  
by Shygirlz
November 16th, 2021, 8:50am
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
The female lead is actually the most powerful person in the country (probably the world) and she can do no wrong in this story basically. Since this is the case, there are also no challenges or problems for her to struggle to overcome and grow from. Expect no character development or growth aside from right after she gets reincarnated and isn’t someone’s puppet.

The way everything plays out, with the characters having only very shallow thoughts and emotions, makes me feel like I’m reading an elementary school book where everything is simplified and could be summarized in a sentence. It’s like a kid planned it out where “she’ll be super strong and her summons will be super strong and cute and she’ll be able to solve anything because she’s nice and the strongest guy in the world will love her and do anything for her” and then writes out that happening but in no more detail than that.

Basically there are no strong feelings whatsoever in this story so reading is more just read read read okay next chapter read read read. Nothing exciting happens, nothing bad happens, nothing funny happens, nothing that happy even really happens lol and the romance is just as shallow. In fact, when the main characters decided to take their relationship to the next level (aka actually exists lol) I was caught off guard - it had barely been developed but okay I guess they’re there now.

The premise is that the duke is cold and it’s a marriage of convenience so you’d think the story would like, show a gradual thawing for the duke or have the two slowly fall in love but nope. Duke decides to have a wife, then immediately after decides he loves his wife and that’s it. Female lead is like wow he’s the first person to be nice to me and super competent so I like him and that’s also it. Entire premise basically does away with itself immediately.

The art also is just so-so so when extras in the story talk about how beautiful the female lead is, or when the female lead talks about how handsome the male lead is, it's like, what are you seeing these two look as generic as could be. No eye candy here.

Only reason I’m still reading is because I want to see the bad guy get his comeuppance, and the author surprisingly doesn’t have that bad of a plot (even if the storytelling and characters are one-dimensional cardboard) so I actually wonder about what happens next.

... Last updated on November 16th, 2021, 8:02pm
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sure why not  
by godfrey
August 9th, 2021, 8:59pm
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
if you aren't going to be original at least be like this manhwa: have passably decent art and don't be too offensive with the wish fulfillment plot.

who cares whether there's much exploration of anyone's character aside from the MCs? who cares about exploring the tension in "traditional" gender roles? rich bro tries to buy the nominally tragic heroine some happiness! hopefully it works?1!
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Plot and Intrigue is okay, but the romance is cornier than all the kdramas you’ve seen  
by BiggusDickus2
December 24th, 2020, 2:44am
Rating: N/A
As stated in the title, the plot and the intrigue is decent and engaging. The romance is so corny, it gives me cancer. This is the typical “love knows no bounds” trope or the ig couple relationship personified. At any point, you get tired from the cheesy lines and “couple moments”.

The characters are stereotypical good and competent + morally upright people that everyone wants to be. They kinda have no flaws, and I guess are Sues. Without character flaws, unique personality traits, and dreams, their romance and character development feels a bit empty. Not fully human.
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duke, you're dumb  
by The_Fox
April 13th, 2020, 10:26pm
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
duke, stop buying everything
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She obviously isn't a duchess with the empty soul  
by Zurel
March 20th, 2020, 9:51pm
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
The beginning, about the female lead's revenge at being lied to and cheated by her fiance and family members, is interesting. But when the Duke comes into the picture and she becomes more dependent of him, it slowly becomes meh and a typical member of the trope dude-is-so-in-love-with-the-chick-he-spoils-her-by-buying-anything-and-everyt hing-that-crosses-his-path-while-she-of-course-remains-oblivious-of-his-feeli ngs. The title refers to how the Duke is incapable of loving a woman, thus even if he marries, the woman will not be loved and will become a Duchess with the empty soul. But this man likes our female lead from the get go, so what is the point of that title even.
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Love it  
by bluedrop
March 11th, 2020, 12:14pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Despite the grammar issues of the translations, this is still one lovely manga. Love the relationship development bet. FL and ML. Love the couple so much. They both have something to bring to the table.
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Great at the beginning then kinda went meh~then the scanlators drama suddenly appeared  
by goodieblanker
February 2nd, 2020, 12:19am
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
With the countless isekai/2nd chance manga that's been popping up recently, a reader can't help but feel numb to these stories.. What I liked about The Duchess With An Empty Soul is
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
how the FL got back at those who wronged her like a smart BAMF, that was cool without having the annoying crying oh woe is me attitude that these FL tend to be..but by the 18th chapter, it turned into a poor girl having a rich dude give her all the things because of, well one can guess, love?
Surely there's reason why the cold Duke is suddenly like smitten with her and showering her with gifts but I couldn't be bothered to continue anymore

But the best part is
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
how there's apparently scanlators drama for this manga that is crazily more entertaining than the story itself lol

If you want a FL who's more cunning and is truly out for revenge I suggest reading the Villainess who reverses the hourglass. Much more interesting read.

... Last updated on April 23rd, 2020, 12:59pm
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