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Group Links Removed

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butako chan
Post #623618 - Reply to (#623059) by licorice

6:05 am, Dec 7 2013
Posts: 45

Maybe they bribed them...O_O

Post #623626 - Reply to (#623052) by Scyfon

8:16 am, Dec 7 2013
Posts: 29

Quote from Scyfon

lol you took the words out of my mouth. smile

Quote from Kitty18dnsz
I never said how well it works bigrazz
Hey if your interested you can always read How Google Fights Piracy.

Link is broken and undreadable you may need to host the document.
Quote from imercenary
They CAN affect secondary websites, but its a bullshit move with no end in sight. You literally cannot defend yourself against DMCA claims because they don't stand and fight. All they do is run away while you bleed out and the public buys into the belief that secondary websites are in the wrong cause the courts never side with them (on account of the fact that no case has ever gone to court).
Its catch-22. Fight it and you'll never win unless you're a billionaire (in which case they won't DMCA you in the first place in fear that you'd actually bring them to court). Or give up (do what they want) and lose by default.

Actually this is a bullshit move, but it’s also highly illegal because, from the information given, its not fair due process. Even in cases where Google has won DCMA cases, it has been slapped on the wrist. Its even been successful counter sued twice over the issue. Do you know, it took Sony over 2 years of legal troubles hacking back in 2009 by anon just because they failed the due process issue involved in DCMA of the information stolen? Literally they didn’t file a DCMA claim properly. Sony actually had to remove their warrant because it was physically impossible for the hacker, after being caught to actually do because it was on the internet. So there is a legal end in sight, that legal end being your Miranda rights and public pressure. However, I am still not sure if Google is the one filed the DMCA case, because I am waiting for someone to reply to my earlier question in this thread. This whole thing smells like fraud.
Also, court does side with little man. And billionaires do get sued or punished over copyright. Just look at Fox’s copyright infringement of SirMixalot. They lost major public face, and employees, over 50 billion dollars in stock when SirMixalot simply told his story to the local news. He only drop the case because Fox’s officially apologized for try threaten to sue him. Nintendo recently withdrawled all its DCMA claims youtube due to public pressure and more importantly loss of advertising revenue on youtube. This was also because the very people it DCMAced were it was paying to publish and because it was also target people who had been attacked by fraudulent DMCAs before. So no, the little fish does matter. However, mangaupdates is not a little fish, it’s a big one. It needs to start acting like it and have a more realistic understanding of how DCMA cases work.
Quote from cmertb
Google removes links from searches when DMCA specifies those links.When you search for a manga title, you invariably get a notice that some links aren't shown due to a DMCA complaint. They will not remove the whole online reader, but they will remove links to specific pages on that online reader. S ...

Yes, but google has a process in how it files these complaints and removed those searches. From the information given, I have not seen evidence that this process was properly filed? So how do we really know this is google? How do we know if this a proper DCMA claim?
Quote from T1
Exactly. I totally agree with that, it's what they are saying but not doing.

They've known about manga scanlations for a long time. It would be very weird that Viz, Tokyopop, DarkHorse, etcetc never told them to remove those sites from Google searches. If Google did their job, I don't think we would have to see something like this today. Of course don't think that the japanese company are sending anything to Google.

There's only one guy I know of who's actively doing something his stuff ending on the net. His stuff is taken down very fast too. Like 1-2 days after it's up. The rest could do the same. Though it's the big firms in Japan that needs to take this step.

This literally my point brother, except for the fact that not even google files these things like this. They file with a third party for a reason.

Quote from Great
Well said. I agree. Stop complaining. Just take it or leave it. cool
I was already following manga from the era even before IRC (gotlurk) got dominant, so I dont think this would affect much. BUT, if MangaUpdates is gone entirely, now thats a tough one. But I wouldnt have any place to react because this forum would also gone, right? no
So enough talk, brace yourself, and just take it as a manga lover, we will find the way. biggrin

User Posted Image

Facepalm. Ok, man have you ever seen copyright DCMA fraud!? I am sorry if I sound like a jerk, but some us have and we know what fraudulent DCMA claims look like. (Its all my brother talks about sometimes <_<; )

User Posted Image

Now before you say huh? or what? DCMA fraud happens all the time, else well my brother would out of a decent paying part time job as a paralegal. His boss and his boss's boss would probably be out of a job too.

From Manik's own post (, we read
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
2. The DMCA request was for "Contributory Infringement", and this link was provided directly by the organization that filed the request: 268

(My main point -->) That the link was 268, which is an FAQ not an actual Chilling Effect Open Record DMCA report~! If this was a legit DCMA claim there would be a chilling effects open record report attached with it. That link is missing and everything else that has been posted about DCMA claim points fraud, like it being called "the organization" (<-- Main point)

It is Google policy all DCMA claims they do have to have a proper third party report when they are filed. That report has to list the companies or person on behalf of Google is filing the report else is suspect also to fraud (especially if it involved youtube). Thus, clearly someone is scamming mangaupdates. This is not how Google’s legal employees have been taught to file DCMA reports.
Now Mangaupdates could change their link policy and that is ok. I think the new script is a wonderful idea, and I give it applause below. However, the fact remains is they are being scammed. I don't like website who I consider nice and friendly being scammed. It makes me angry and green.... you won't like me when I am angry.

For the new script:
User Posted Image
^applauze 'cause scripts are awesome. I just wish we would make this an app for my phone. ^_^;

Post #623697
user avatar

6:01 pm, Dec 7 2013
Posts: 838

I think this is good, it makes a lil harder for companies to find groups biggrin before they had the change to link releases with the releaser page, not that they dont have said links saved in a database already tho :/

Post #623711 - Reply to (#623626) by duskyderp

8:00 pm, Dec 7 2013
Posts: 170

Quote from duskyderp
So there is a legal end in sight, that legal end being your Miranda rights and public pressure.

Miranda rights only apply to criminal suspects, not civil. The type of DMCA violations mangaupdates is being accused of are anti-circumvention provisions, a civil violation.

Sorry, but if you can't get something like this correct, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Post #624254
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2:17 am, Dec 12 2013
Posts: 68

There is this thing called RSS where you can track all the groups you are following. Just saying!!!

“I’m tempted to kill the general first, then his staff officers. Sometimes you just want to eat pudding early. All the same, I make myself wait.”

“The good guys fight for freedom, justice and most words that don’t put food on the table. The bad fight to scrub those words from our speech. Only problem is, both sides claim to be good.”
Post #624430 - Reply to (#624254) by laxarus

6:51 pm, Dec 13 2013
Posts: 170

And for new groups or groups without a RSS feed, they're screwed!

Post #624983
user avatar

5:36 pm, Dec 17 2013
Posts: 68

They mostly have one since almost all of them use blogs. (not mentioning the facebook and irc, those links are still present) It's not the groups that r screwed. It's the users since they need to make more effort to search for group websites. But it's not like this s so hard. Google it, look for the irc or fb page, you will most likely find it. It's just become more of a pain now that the direct links r gone.

What i dont get is why are those damnable online readers r still active whereas the group links of MU which are insignificant compared to what the online readers are doing are removed? It's damn infuriating. I am certain those ppl who filed the complaint are either need a serious mental check or plain idiots. One more thing may be that they see MU as an easier target.

Last edited by laxarus at 5:44 pm, Dec 17

“I’m tempted to kill the general first, then his staff officers. Sometimes you just want to eat pudding early. All the same, I make myself wait.”

“The good guys fight for freedom, justice and most words that don’t put food on the table. The bad fight to scrub those words from our speech. Only problem is, both sides claim to be good.”
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