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Popular shojos you just don't like?

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From User Message Body
Post #448757
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6:45 am, Feb 22 2011
Posts: 7

I'm sure there are tons of popular shoujo that I ended up not liking but currently the ones most obvious to me are Kimi ni Todoke and Kaichou wa Maid-sama just 'cause I see people fangirl them so much and I'm just like..'I don't get it yo~'.
As a mindless fluff - maybe..sure, but nothing so special to get all excited over.

Post #451781
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11:42 pm, Mar 6 2011
Posts: 405

mm the devil does exist..-_- no

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Post #479056
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Moonlapse vertigo

3:51 pm, Jun 29 2011
Posts: 10

Fruits Basket, Nana and Skip Beat! and the first that come to mind.
I really tried to read them, actually, I read ALL FB and didn't like it one bit, but they are just 'meh' to me XD

Now that I think of it, I tried Vampire Knight and Bokura ga ita and didn't like them at all ò_ò

Nothing is left at the end of the unchained me
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Post #479425
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7:50 am, Jul 1 2011
Posts: 2

i have a lot actually... i don't know if i can remember them all but i'll do my best to list them:

+anything by shinju mayu, yuu watase( i know she is really popular, but trust me, i've tried reading a lot of her works and i don't like them all), hwang mi ri, Kotomi Aoki (Her art is really weird and ugly)
+That Maid-sama manga
+Kare Kano
+Sugar Addiction
+Cynical Orange
+Vampire Knight
+Skip Beat
+Special A
+Parfait Tic
+La Corda D' Oro
+The Wallflower
+Crimson Hero

i'm sure there's more but that's all i can think of for now. Glad to see i'm not the only ones who hate some of these titles! smile

Last edited by cherrykookie at 7:56 am, Jul 1

Post #479428
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7:58 am, Jul 1 2011
Posts: 398

Fushigi Yuugi: too cheesy dead . Don't get me wrong, i still like Yuu Watase other works: Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden, Sakura Gari, Absolute boyfriend
Ouke no Monshou: even cheesier dead Can't believe this series was once popular in my country.

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Post #479433
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8:10 am, Jul 1 2011
Posts: 13

Vampire Knight, Kaichou wa Maid-sama. I don't see the appeal anymore, the arts nice but the plot leaves a lot to be desired, i guess.

Post #479438
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8:27 am, Jul 1 2011
Posts: 528

I haven't read some of these, but just their summaries turn me off and I don't feel like even giving them a try:
High School Debut
Vampire Knight
Any shojo by Yuu Watase
Skip Beat
Kimi ni Todoke

As for ones I've actually read:
Oniichan to Issho (Me and My Brothers)
Tsubasa o Motsu Mono (Tsubasa: Those with Wings)
Akuma na Eros (Virgin Crisis)
Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu

Post #480442
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2:39 am, Jul 6 2011
Posts: 312

Maybe I'm picky but...

Vampire Knight- I just don't find vampires attractive, at all. Sorry.
Koukou Debut- Don't know? Just didn't find it as funny as I was led to believe.
Maid-Sama- Liked Special A a lot more, in comparison
Nana, the Wallflower, wasn't especially impressed with Kare Kano

Fruits Basket
Actually, I did like this one but... it depressed me, too. I only liked parts of it, and it had a surprising number of characters that sort of irritated me. But I did love Tohru very much. And the ending was sweet. That psychological stuff just isn't my style.

Ooh, and Hana Yori Dango. No, not because of the art. I actually read the first three volumes, then dropped it... then picked it back up and read the first eleven... then dropped it again. I'll probably try again, later, since I keep hearing how good it is. Maybe someone can explain why they like it? Because I'm trying, but I really just can't get into it.

Aw guys I actually do like Kimi ni Todoke haha

Post #480443
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2:42 am, Jul 6 2011
Posts: 348

Bokura ga ita. the male lead is an idoit. And special a. not a fan of the noodle people art.

Post #480466
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his and her sonnet

4:31 am, Jul 6 2011
Posts: 1127

anything by yuu watase(fushigi yuugi,absolute boyfriend,sakura gari,ayashi no ceres) her works are just too horrible
fruits basket-pointless story,characters are not believable
Akuma de Sourou-seriously?i just dont get why people like this ,it doesnt even have a plot
Hana yori Dango-bhahaha i was laughing while reading this,its just too dumb
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e-bhahaha so guys,listen to this...she came all the way from america,disguised as a boy coz the guy's high jumping inspired her -_-
Kimi ni Todoke-too shallow
nana-i hated hachi...could a girl get more stupid ?
anatolia story-WHY is this popular?its a piece of crap
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge-uggh !
Vampire Knight-piece of crap
special a-wtf was that
La Corda D'Oro-dumb and shallow
we were there-the guy is an ass and the girl is an idiot,perfect match
hot gimmick-bhahaha wtf was that,he calls her "slave" -__-

Post #481699
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11:14 am, Jul 12 2011
Posts: 13

Series I cannot stand:
-Fruits Basket
-Vampire Knight
-Koukou Debut
-Hot Gimmick
-Special A
-Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
-Desire Climax
-Venus Capriccio

Some series mentioned here that I like:
-Ouran High School Host Club - One of my all-time favorite shoujos actually; sadness, but alas, you can't please them all. =(
-Kimi ni Todoke
-Oniichan to Issho
-Skip Beat! - I reallyreallyreally like this. BUT I cannot stand the art, and I feel like sometimes I just read chapters and chapters and nothing happens. So I did stop reading this one, but not before getting about 100 chapters into the series. x)

Post #481703
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12:09 pm, Jul 12 2011
Posts: 120

Liked the summaries of these but I can't stand the characters -.-

Ouran High School Host Club
Kimi ni Todoke
The Wallflower
Special A
Kare Kano
100% Perfect Girl
Parfait Tic
Fushigi Yuugi
Absolute Boyfriend
Fruit Basket
Tokyo Crazy Paradise
A Kiss to the Prince
DN Angel
Kanata Kara
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Nodame Cantabile
Hot Blooded Woman
Charming Junkie
Barajou no Kiss

Post #481710
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1:21 pm, Jul 12 2011
Posts: 106

So.. a lot of manga that is mentioned here..I watched the anime. And I liked the anime, but I never read the manga afterwards so, can't say I hate the manga.

But hands of Perfect girl evolution sad I loved that one so much I started reading the manga.I think most of the manga is different than the anime, and everyone has their likes and dislikes.

So, manga that I liked while reading, but when I finished I realized it was quite..boring:

koukou debut; I mean, drama the whole time.
Hot blooded woman; I dropped this one at the end, I actually hate everything by this author.

so..There must be other manga's but they just don't pop to my mind, anime though:

-I'm going to hate on OHSHC if they don't continue the story since it was a drag and it didn't have a proper ending.
-Same on skip beat, I loved the anime, but come on, is this the ending, and I'm just to lazy to read the manga.
-Special A was kind of..boring
-Kare kano, was to dramatic
-same for Vampire Knight
-La corda d'ore; I mean I stopped watching the anime after the second episode
-same for nana, though I stopped that after the first episode
-Fruits Basket bored the hell out of me too.

Post #481823

9:44 pm, Jul 12 2011
Posts: 28

Anything written by Hwang Mi Ri. Actually, it's unfair to put her on the same list as the others... My loathing for her is on a completely different scale. The fact that anyone likes her boggles the mind.

Manga I read more than a handful of chapters of:

I think Ouran stretched on too long. Which is to say, I found the anime to be fine. So, thinking that I wanted more, I switched to the manga... and realized that actually the anime had been exactly enough, thank you.

Special A was cute... for the first 3 chapters. After that it was incredibly boring, and the fact that all the characters are ridiculously overpowered became increasingly more annoying. The idiocy of the main character did not help.

I can't say "I just don't like" Fruits Basket, because there were certain parts, tiny and far between, that I thought were really sweet. The problem was everything else, unfortunately.

I really liked Kimi ni Todoke. Then the author threw in a completely ridiculous angsty confession plot, which completely threw me off, since I had assumed that it was obvious that they were already /dating/, forget even "liking" each other. Then I just... never picked it up again.

Vampire Knight was way too confusing and weird, I lost interest.

Manga I simply could not get past the first couple of chapters:

I cannot read Kaichou wa Maid sama. I tried several times, simply because it was always at the top of the list, before I gave up for good. I cannot stand any of the characters, but especially the main ones.

I don;t think I ever managed to read past chapter 1 of akuma de sorou, it annoyed me so much. What an awful, annoying manga.

I hated Absolute Boyfriend from very early on. The main character was sooo shallow. Ew. So I stopped reading shortly in.

I feel as if, if I persevered, I'd stand a chance of liking Perfect Girl Evolution... But I just can't force myself to go past the first couple of chapters. It loses me very fast. *sigh*

I liked the beginning of Kare Kano, and then I dropped it before the melodrama started.

Ew ew Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu or-whatever-it's-name-is, within two chapters had to stop reading.

Manga listed in the thread that I never even bothered to read, usually based on the description alone:
Parfait Tic
Sugar Addiction
Cynical Orange
La Corda D' Oro
Crimson Hero
Fushigi Yuugi
etc etc...
too long a list...

in addition:
most but not all manga that heavily feature an overly melodramatic love triangle.
EVERY manga with a love triangle in which the the second leg of the triangle (the one that doesn't get the girl) is about a trillion times more appealing than the first leg. (obviously, a somewhat personal preference, but in general if one leg is nice and sweet and the other leg is a jerk, the choice is obvious)
EVERY manga with abusive boyfriends being glamorized as sexy or romantic.
EVERY manga with the guy being a jerk to everyone "except for one special girl". Sorry, you're still a jerk. And therefore gross.
EVERY manga where the main character is a wet dishrag, unless this is considered a problem. Also included: any manga where the characters' stupidity makes me want to scream.
Pretty much every manga where "love"=="infatuation". ((It would be all, except that I have a guilty weakness for some of Toma Rei's manga. Not all, but some. (I'm sorry, I know, her plots are cliche and her characters flat, but-but-- her drawings are soooo pretty *is shot*)))


Just for contrast:

I liked Skip Beat. Lately the pacing has slowed to a crawl, though, so my affection for it is fading fast.

I like most manga by Nakahara Aya (Lovely Complex). she might be predictable, but she does it with flair, and humor.

I liked Koukou Debut. Thus far, I like Aozora Yell even better, though.

I like Oresama Teacher. Mafuyu is badass. ((And not shoujo-heroine fake-badass (generally identified by needing to be constantly rescued despite supposedly being super strong) or shoujo-heroine annoying-badass (generally identified by being ridiculously, exaggeratedly aggressive).))

And others, etc.

Post #481843
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11:16 pm, Jul 12 2011
Posts: 318

Ouran Koukou Host Club
Special A

I just really couldn't get into them so i dropped them.. none

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