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Popular shojos you just don't like?

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Post #317137 - Reply to (#313186) by base_coat
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12:00 am, Aug 30 2009
Posts: 34

Quote from base_coat
I should add MINAMI Kanan (worst content and art among all), KURUMATANI Haruko, AOKI Kotomi, and any other similar shoujo/smut author's works. Though most of the time I am not an actual reader, their art alone puts me off. Ironically, many of these authors have very similar poor art to each other. Characters look alike, with weird faces and ridiculously huge eyes.

Also Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei. It's liked by many. I don't see the appeal of such characterization of a couple and got bored after reading just a bit.

Vampire Girl: first of all I don't like her art. And the romance aspects are stupid so I dropped it. I remember there's character who wants to confess "love" to someone she even never talked to before. What's the point of that? If anyone thinks that's "love", fine. It's not for me.

Gakuen Ouji: I thought the idea was refreshing and funny. Yet I found myself skipping pages and chapters while reading it. Art is bad too. And wait until you read volume 3 or 4. It's getting really irritating and stupid.

Edit: I add Fujoshi Kanojo - Just found it boring. Don't find it funny either. It's popular but whatever. I never seem to like anything by this mangaka.

awww I loved vampire girl, mainly because it was soooo different and was actually scary and a bit raw on the subject of vampires. Alas though the ending was really rather bad....but her other works although rather grim in subject matter are rather good I didn't know she was popular though. But yes her art is not for every one so I understand your reasons. Other then that I agree with all your dislikes smile

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Post #317196
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Fruit Salad

3:01 am, Aug 30 2009
Posts: 1354

I actually didn't have much of a problem with Fujiwara's art. I liked some stories in Fetish but just couldn't get into Vampire Girl. Being different doesn't make it good to me.

Post #317474
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4:07 am, Aug 31 2009
Posts: 6

Hot Gimmick: Annoying characters, an incredibly stupid weak-willed heroine, crappy soap-operish story, subpar art.

Bokura Ga Ita: I haven't actually read the manga and I don't plan to, but I've seen the anime up to episode 17 and it was so cheesy, corny, melodramatic and depressing that I couldn't stand to watch more than one episode per week. I thought of dropping it many times before finally putting it on hold.

Hatenkou Yuugi: The story was crap but I did like the character interactions and I'm curious about their pasts.

Currently I'm reading AAA and Cherry Juice (both by the same mangaka) and I just can't like them. The story is stupid and the main heroine annoys me.

Post #317503
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8:08 am, Aug 31 2009
Posts: 77

Anything by Shinjo Mayu. Everything she does is almost brainrape-inducing mad DNW, really. Well, if you're really in the mood for some PWP stuff without too much details and all those stuff in hentai, you'll like her but otherwise no thanks laugh

I found Hot Gimmick, Private Prince and Desire Climax incredibly tiring to read. They all promised such good plots at the start but everything just went lkadsaklsf whenever sex came into play. cry

Post #317618 - Reply to (#317503) by omgshanice
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11:11 pm, Aug 31 2009
Posts: 4

I second that about Shinjo Mayu. I've read some of her works, and haven't liked any of them.

Hot Gimmick is popular with a lot of people I know. I've read half of it, and haven't been able to finish it for months. It just bore me too badly.

Ouran Koukou Host Club, because although I enjoyed the anime, I've had to force myself to read every single page of the manga. I want to finish it for the sake of finishing it, but I haven't enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the anime.

Post #317620
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11:30 pm, Aug 31 2009
Posts: 1977

I just found out new series I don't like! : O
The One and Hana to Akuma
*For the people who like it, I'm ready for the flames. TT^TT

Post #317624 - Reply to (#317618) by sublimekisses
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manger le toupee

11:43 pm, Aug 31 2009
Posts: 302

Quote from sublimekisses
Hot Gimmick is popular with a lot of people I know. I've read half of it, and haven't been able to finish it for months. It just bore me too badly.

I'm warning you ahead of time because we're friends, but you'd better put on your helmet and gear next time I see you for this comment (rolls up her sleeves).

Actually, truth be told, although this is the only manga from Aihara Miki that I (and some people will gasp until their lungs give out) love, I can see why people would hate it. No hard feelings.

Oh, and me 100: I really don't like anything from Shinjo Mayu either, or anything else that runs in the magazine she publishes in monthly (you heard me, Cheese! fans). (Cheese stinks, btw.) (Yes, pun intended.)

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Post #317627
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11:59 pm, Aug 31 2009
Posts: 49

*I'm sorry if I offend anyone in the next few sentences*
Desire Climax (sorry to the fans...but i just don't understand how you could like this manga...yuck).
Nana (too long, repetitive and brain can't take)
Kaichou wa maid sama (i just...didn't like this one...)
Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatte (I liked Kare First Love but this one is bleh cause the girl is really annoying)
Skip're all going to kill me aren't you?
Let's stop there.
Bye =-)

Post #317661 - Reply to (#317627) by lollizees
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Lowly Member

2:33 am, Sep 1 2009
Posts: 3891

Hai Hatsu.
I no likey Hot Gimmick either.
*rolls up sleeves*

Desire Climax was a stereotypical bad boy rape and manipulating kinds of manga. I hated it btw.

♪MONSTARR~ will eat all your cookies and steal your bishies~♪ Φ_Φ
Post #317668
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3:06 am, Sep 1 2009
Posts: 74

Vampire knight and Special A
And all the manga by Shinjo Mayu

Post #317669
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3:10 am, Sep 1 2009
Posts: 343

Hot Gimmick and anything by Shinjo Mayu because it's all like "lalala i fell in love with my rapist" >_>

and Tokyo Crazy Paradise just 'cuz the art sucks.

Post #317672

3:20 am, Sep 1 2009
Posts: 1

Okay, look I know you're all going to think I'm either crazy or weird, but I just COULD NOT get myself to like Vampire Knight. I never got the point and I never could understand why it was so popular

at all. none

I didn't like Ouran Koukou Host Club, or Hot Gimmick either.

I might be pushing it with this last one, (so don't come and kill me I mean NO harm.) BUUUUTTTT I didn't like Full Moon.

Im VERYYYYYYY VERYYYYYY sorry, but I just never could make myself like it. I mean, she's what? Ten-years old? And a shinigami, who is most likely much older than her, and well...DEAD, goes and falls in love with her. C'mon, am I seriously the only one who found that the SLIGHTEST bit creepy? And I really wanted her to end up with Eichi... cry

Well I'm going to shut up before any of you seriously pick up a heavy object and come after me. bigrazz

Post #317673
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Rebel Rebel

3:23 am, Sep 1 2009
Posts: 1231

Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero! - I couldn't get past the first chapter. *blergh*

Five - I don't care about the art, like so many people complain about. It's just not interesting.

KAICHOU WA MAID-SAMA! - Sooo boring.

Shugo Chara! - I just don't get the hype. Maybe I'm too old for something like this.

Uwasa no Midori-kun!! - Ugh. And this decision is not based on the ending, because that is by far the least of its flaws.

I have so much more, but I'll save them for another day.

There should be a BL version of this thread laugh.

Post #317697
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Lowly Member

4:49 am, Sep 1 2009
Posts: 3891

Feel free to make one in the yaoi section lol.

@simcant: I do not blame you for not liking Vampire Knight. It's way too overrated.

♪MONSTARR~ will eat all your cookies and steal your bishies~♪ Φ_Φ
Post #317712 - Reply to (#313665) by yumemiru
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5:39 am, Sep 1 2009
Posts: 17

Quote from yumemiru
LOL As a predominantly shoujo reader, I like most of the mangas named in here. I mean, they ARE popular for certain reasons.

But I do have to agree that some shoujos are just entirely overrated(hence the reason I'm even in this thread).

Special A(just could never get into it...)
Vampire Knight(boring after a while)
100% Perfect Girl(OMG. stupidest shoujo I should never have read)

That being said, in defense of Absolute Boyfriend, all I can say is: it's a guilty pleasure. It's not really all that good, and probably not plausible, but it's amusing(not for everyone, which is why some of you dislike it).

^I agree. That's basically exactly what I was going to comment.

Hana-Kimi was actually the first manga I ever read, so it will always hold a special place in my heart, but it's definitely not a manga I would reread (I tried). However, the jdrama IS something that I've watched more than once. I love it!

Hana Yori Dango: I actually loved this manga, and I've read it several times. Though, I can see why a lot of people dislike it. It was really long and a lot of story arcs were basically the same, but I grew up watching Meteor Garden, so maybe that's why I'll love it forever ^^ I also love seeing Kamio Youko's art change as the story goes on.

Cat Street: I actually liked it a lot biggrin . It's not something I would read again, but I liked it.

I also liked Koukou Debut, which a lot of you seem to hate bigrazz

Why does everyone hate Skip Beat? eek It's one of my favorites :\
Even though it is a bit draggy. But the chapters that come out every so often always cheer me up bigrazz . Although I must admit the men are so disproportional (their legs are like 3/4 of their height).

Now the one's I didn't like:

1) Ouran - I tried reading it several times, but each time I couldn't get past the first chapter. I don't know why, but I just didn't like it no

2) Special A - It was just so annoying. I probably read the first 10 chapters. I probably would have continued reading, hoping that the girl would become less dumb, had every few chapters not repeated the same intro. "This is the Special A! It consists of the top 7 students in the school! This is Kei, number 1! He's the one I want to beat! blahblah..." Seriously? dead

3) Vampire Knight - It had potential......but then it started sucking.

4) [m]Wallflower[/m] - It was interesting at first, but then it got repetitive and boring.

5) Kaikan Phrase - SO LONG! And gets boring >.>

6) [m]Fruits Baskets[/m] - I don't even have the motivation to read it.

7) Ren-ai Shijou Shugi - Although I don't know how popular this is...this manga... is so stupid. The guy treats her as a slave, and she still falls in love with him, so she lets him have sex with her before they even start going out! And it seems like every guy wants her. The plot twists are just ridiculous -.- However, I do like Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu by the same author.

hehe I don't think anyone has said Kimi ni Todoke
Anyone hate that one?
That's actually another one of my favorites ^^

Last edited by xcyanide at 6:46 am, Sep 1

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