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Popular shojos you just don't like?

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Post #394637
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Poet at Heart

10:40 pm, Jul 26 2010
Posts: 2

I actually don't like most of the Shojo mangas. xD;;;
I tried making a list of mangas I disliked, but it ended up MUCH too long.
So just some of them:
Vampire Knight
Skip Beat
Shugo Chara
Sakurahime Kaden(I actually don't read anything by this author as a rule--I find her manga horrid)
Mhmmmm, I think I've got most of the ones bugging me. smile
Oh, and Alice Academy, it was pretty good at the start, but I don't like it anymore. The plot went kinda downhill xP;;

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Post #394753
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4:13 am, Jul 27 2010
Posts: 364

akuma de sourou - i hate the heroine.....alwayz crying,very annoying

Post #395042
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10:26 pm, Jul 27 2010
Posts: 47

Quote from Barisaxyphone
Quote from StarlightDreams
Yes, Absolute Boyfriend indeed sucked.

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Oh, and I wanted the robot to die! HAH! :p

XD Omg I was thinking the same thing.
Spoiler (highlight to view)
She picked the robot instead of the nice guy that is nuts about her,good looking, nice to her, she likes him, and he's rich.

I want to say something really tacky about this series, but I don't want to offend anyone.

Spoiler (highlight to view)
She ended up with the boy who liked her, not the robot.

Okay! I'm posting again.

I don't exactly HATE any of these mangas...I just think the plot is somewhat medicore.
-Vampire Knight- I love the art, but it's way too drawn out, and I don't like the main character
-Special A- I love Kei/Hikari, but I don't really like, it was way too long...
-Shinshi Doumei Cross- now, I love Tanemura Arina, but this...? The beginning was interesting, but the middle and the -_-'
-Faster than a Kiss- I actually really like this manga...until the recent chapters. It seems as if the plot isn't going anywhere.

The ones I actually dislike:
-The Wallflower- I really wanted to like this...the plot sounded perfect...a reverse harem, a weird female character, but then I went, "Wtf. No plot." I dropped it after the 10th chapter.
-[ones I mentioned above]
-will add more later...

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I ♥ Shoujo!
Post #396922 - Reply to (#275681) by shi666san
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1:26 am, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 26

Quote from shi666san
Shoujo's/Seinens' that I don't particularly like or given much interest to:

~Kokou Debut
~Gakuen Alice
~Midnight Secretary

let's not forget the classic Fushigi Yuugi

Ugh, I second High School really really didn't do it for me =/
I've never wanted to punch a character so much D:<

Gakuen Alice, on the other hand, I COMPLETELY disagree with! That is one of the BEST manga I've read, and best anime I've watched. It was hard to get into, though..the beginning is really slow. But it's so deep...
(ah, sorry for preaching >_< )

Right, so, ones I dislike: Absolute Boyfriend, High School Debut, Nana, Hana Kimi (I tried so hard to like it...but Mizuki bothered me SO MUCH), and (nearly) ALL gender benders . Which is a LOT of them-seeing as how popular they are recently T___T

Post #396943
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2:21 am, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 2037

- Vampire Knight - Story got stupid, and the girl is annoying...
- La Corda D'Oro - Same as above.
- Host Club - It's going nowhere... man, it could have ended ages ago...
- Perfect Girl Evolution - The main character chic is so annoying... and I don't like the art very much... Every guy seems like he should be a she.
- Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - I find the girl to be very annoying and stupid.
- Special A - I hate the story. And the girl is annoying.
- Skip Beat! - Don't like it.
- Midnight Secretary - I just hate it. A lot.
- Shugo Chara! - I don't like the main character.
- Hot Gimmick - Eeyeah...
- All of Hwang Mi Ri's works
- All of Shinjo Mayu's works
- All of Ikeyamada Go's works
- All of Minami Kanan's works

...and probably more that I can't think of at the moment. biggrin

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Quote from LawX
You are like the dense main character in a shoujo manga.
Quote from Crenshinibon
And you will murder someone one day, pika. If you're my daughter.
Post #396954
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2:46 am, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 8

Popular Shoujo...I have a long list of hate shoujo you're going to make me think about what is not popular to me, but to others...okay I'm cool with that

Here we go!

Nana-I just don't get what's to like about this series
Host Club- I just took to long and it just got boring
Special A- Got tried of the plot...for some reason I do not know
Crimson Hero-so many factors irritated me to death (that's right I'm a zombieeeee)
Vampire Knight-sure it looks kinda nice, but the plot just got really really slow and stupidddddd--make me extremely mad...and zombies aren't suppose to get mad...arggg
Hot Gimmick- OMG! did not understand why the ppl around me liked it so much...the girl just irritated me so much...seriously how can ppl not get mad at these characters
"Ah there's this korean author that draws a whole bunch of manwha-just about everyone of her series annoy the living--zombie crud out of me...started with an H I think...anyy ways she always had the stupidly annoying hot headed character each time...and it always had to do with some supposively hot guy"--urgh i just snear at it
Inuyasha-it's placed under shounen...but there's plenty of shoujo drama in it to make me dislike it. Inyasha stop being a sissy
Wallflower-had potential...but the plot was taking too long...been 22 vol or so and they haven't hooked up.
can't think of anymore popular ones...if it's non-popular ones I beat I can name plenty of them

Post #396957

2:51 am, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 95

Vampire Knight. I couldn't even finish the first volume.

Post #396963

3:08 am, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 72

i havent been reading mangas lately, but i have to say these are not the ones.

Faster Than A Kiss- it's just so...somehow not just my type of shoujo. a high schooler marrying teacher...AHCK!!!! but for those who DO like it, sorry for making fun of it.

Post #396964
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3:10 am, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 329

Mars-I don't hate but it's hard for me to get into the story.
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!- Got too cliche for me.
Shinjo Mayu's manga- ....
Kitchen Princess- Didn'r like the heroine much and was kind of too fluffy...although I did like the recipes at the end of each volumes.

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Post #396970
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all hail schneizel

3:38 am, Aug 5 2010
Posts: 196

I can't stand NANA, Vampire Knight, or Fruits Basket. They're so overrated. The Fruits Basket anime was okay, but the manga just got worse as it went on.

Post #398087
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12:50 am, Aug 9 2010
Posts: 6

Special A was funny, but OMG, Hikari, if you're so freaking AWESOME, can't you manage to beat Kei at least ONCE? Pleeeeeease? C'mon, seriously? And how dense can you get? It's just not realistic. Funny sometimes. Sooooo annoying at other times.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama -I really liked it in the beginning, but now it's just BLUSH, Usui, you're so amazingly perfect, you're better than me in just about everything! Let me depend on you for everytime I get in trouble!

Perfect Girl Evolution Eh, it started out fun, Sunako was cool, but then it's just dozens of chapters that drag on and on and on with no real change. Why doesn't Sunako get she's really pretty when she wants to be? And if she tried to be pretty before the guy refused her, why was she still 'ugly' to the guy?

I really don't like the ones where the girl is really cool and strong and smart and pretty... but then a guy comes along who's cooler, stronger, smarter and 100 percent perfect guy, who also happens to be over protective and possessive. Yipee. The manga is now complete.

Post #416725
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1:30 am, Oct 19 2010
Posts: 22

For me to like a series, I have to LOVE the art. If I dont find the characters cute/beautiful I can't follow it.

This goes for the series Skip Beat. The art looks too old and out of style, and none of the faces spark an interest with me.

As for this manga's story, it seems interesting on a considerably high level. I have watched about five episodes of the anime, so I understand the basic concept of it.

BUT, I don't think I'll ever read it, however the mangaka and the series fans have my respect. cool

Proud supporter of Commoner's Instant Coffee
Post #416899
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1:59 pm, Oct 19 2010
Posts: 1194

kare kano
just bcoz i've heard this manga is good and interesting reading
5 volume and i dropped it
what a waste of money, these manga went to the box

perfect girl evolution
what a waste of time
there's no developing in the story

Most of them stop because i spent money and the story dissapointed me. If i read online, i can stop whenever i feel this isn't worth to read any longer.

Last edited by comel at 2:09 pm, Oct 19

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Post #416906
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insomniac Kagehime

2:42 pm, Oct 19 2010
Posts: 2706

shugo chara
vampire knight
Peach Girl
I*O*N - why does Tanemura even work on it again?
Kamichama Karin
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Sailor Moon - burn the manga
works by EIKI Eiki - she shouln´t have drawn fma and dn doujinshi. her drawing style is to ugly for them

User Posted Image
currently reading: Nyotai-ka
please support me
Post #416907

2:49 pm, Oct 19 2010
Posts: 24

I'm not really into:

Perfect Girl Evolution - I used to ejoy it quite a bit, but now it's just starting to repeat the same stuff over and over again with no real development in the mean time dead . What I really liked about it when I first started was that it addressed more than just the issue of 'being pretty'--'self-acceptance' was the main theme. It was all good in the beginning, but now...

Others that I'm not into include (but are not limited to):

Almost anything by Shinjo Mayu - I need not explain any further

Everything by Minami Kanan - Ditto

Vampire Knight - I just couldn't get into it, really.

Absolute Boyfriend - The whole "I've loved you for so long and was NEVER gonna say anything at all, but I'm gonna be an ass and admit it now 'cause you're actually in a relationship that could potentially go well for you" shoujo manga approach really irks me for some reason. Actually, it annoys me to no end *rolls eyes* Seriously, I felt like punching that childhood friend of her's in the face. Dropped it at the beginning of the second volume and never once looked back.

Fushigi Yuugi - I tended to laugh at stuff that wasn't even supposed to be funny laugh

Paradise Kiss - After all that build up and then having things end that way... I don't get it confused

Hot Gimmick - The main character was a hell of a masochist. none

I prefer horror and seinen over everything else. Fear, excitement, and 'who-done-it's' are much more appealing to me than love, I think. biggrin

Last edited by tweetchan at 6:14 pm, Oct 26

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