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Popular shojos you just don't like?

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5:06 am, Nov 8 2014
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Peach Girl, Kimi ni Todoke and most works by TANAKA Meca ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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10:12 am, Jan 7 2015
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Quote from roguewolf
[m]Hibi Chouchou[/m]. I love the art. But a piece of toast has most personality than Suiren does.

Oh my same. I did like it at first but now, whenever it updates or just viewing the raws hoping it will become interesting, nooooooppe, just nope. Went downhill, predictable, and all through out bad very FAST.

Ao Haru Ride - The hype is too much, it's average.
Orange - man, this is getting all the "Unique shoujo" comments? haha.

And many more.

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6:02 pm, Jan 20 2015
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Vampire Knight - Dropped it in middle school and picked it back up during my junior year of high school (currently, I'm a freshman in college). Least to say, it's pretty much the animanga version of Twilight - only - 10x more complicated and dramatic. Plot line is quite interesting though and the aspect of having Vampires categorized in lower and higher social standings along with having an actual Vampire Hunter association involved interested me for quite awhile.

However, everything about it pretty much dropped for the love triangle in the middle of the series lol - there's literally almost no character development for Yuki and Kaname throughout the whole manga aside from Yuki went from typical, bubbly caring yet stupidly naive shoujo girl to pretty much Bella Swan after she went Vampire - though, Bella is better than her, I have to admit -coughs- because at least Bella isn't stringing along two guys after her claiming she loves them both romantically.

TLTR; went good to bad - most likable characters for me was probably just Zero (the angsty childhood friend) and the side characters (Sayori and Kaname's gang). also, i have to criticize hino's use of character expressions because every freaking character seems to look bored or sad.

Hibi Chouchou - started out good and has really cute artwork, but I really don't understand the romance between the main couple. Like, it was really great at the beginning, but then I don't quite get how they even come to like/love each other because their interaction is so little and Kawasumi (whatever his name is) is so freaking frustrating and seems to unintentionally yet continuously push Suiren to the side. I just feel like he isn't ready for a relationship and the mangaka is trying to force them together.

Ao Haru Ride - I was interested in it at first, but I dropped it because I got tired of the same shoujo ritual of the guy basically showing no interest in the girl (still interested though, but apparently he's mysterious) yet the girl still continuously goes after him despite having someone else there willing to wait for her no matter what.

1/2 Prince - was great, but then it was just ongoing and idk ... It was there for comedy, but then they took in a darker more dramatic aspect into it and tried to mesh it together and it didn't work for me.

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2:43 am, Feb 20 2015
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Shoujo's with second love interests that I learn to love more than the main love interest... it breaks my heart. There are too many to name boohoohoo.

I feel like my palate's changed a lot as I grew older, nowadays, I wouldn't even want to reread most of the shoujos that I loved back in my junior high/high school days, even if I try. It usually ends with me dropping the manga a few chapters to a volume in. So basically, like/love turns into dislike/irritation?

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1:44 pm, Feb 25 2015
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Ao Haru Ride: I just cant find it in me to like Kou even knowing his circumstances. I find him boring and depressing.

Hirunaka No Ryuusei: Having read the full story I just feel like it was poorly executed. There are a lot of ideas I like here but I just dont like the way it was handled and how the true love interest is more or less side lined until the last chapter where the mangaka tries to quickly pack in some backstory. This is the problem I have with love triangles like this. When the mangaka clings to them until the final chapter sometimes the result is one character not getting the focus they ought to have gotten and would have gotten had the triangle been dealt with earlier. If anyone ever asked me why I dont like love triangles this manga is a pretty good example of why. It often deprives a character of the focus and attention they deserve.

Skip Beat: I still want to know how it ends but it is so slow and dragged out with numerous plot threads left unfinished 200+ chapters in. I kind of just skim it now. I'm bored with these characters and this world and just want to see how it ends.

Hibi Chouchou: Not because of the main characters though. Atohira a side character alone manages to ruin this for me. He is supposedly the main characters friend but he does not act like it or view Kawasumi as a friend but Kawasumi still clings to this guy knowing the dude does not even care about or respect him.

It's apparently not a shoujo but 14 Sai No Koi is basically what I want out of shoujos. I like the budding friendship between Nagai and Kazuki as much as the innocent romance. It could have gone the usual route and made him a rival (being the dark haired bad boy and opposite of Kazuki and all) but instead they are becoming best bros.

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10:23 pm, Mar 23 2015
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Strobe Edge. I felt it totally wasted my time, and has the blandest characters ever apart from Ando. But on MAL it's apparently #96 most popular??

Black Bird....I hate Black Bird so much. Kyo is just....awful. I bet if he wasn't such a bishounen all the readers would go, "Oh, he's such an asshole, treating Misao that way!"
Let me just say, how can you not find THIS wrong? (putting it in a spoiler just in case)
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
He molests her in her sleep, constantly forces himself onto her, DROPS HER FROM A BUILDING and then flies down to catch her right before she would have gone splat, just because she said something about how he treats her! Also, just search on google images the covers for the manga volumes. Lots of them look like Kyo is about to rape Misao, judging by the positions and how Misao is usually CRYING on the cover while in said positions! I don't care about covers being suggestive, but this screams rape and the romantization of it.

Also, Haou Airen. It's probably the manga I hate most out of all manga.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Hakuron forces himself onto the girl(whose name I believe is Kurumi, not sure) a lot. Even more than Kyo from Black Bird did to Misao. Let me tell you how bad. He rapes the poor girl until she is physically unable to function properly without him. This includes when she tries to leave him due to how awful she is treated. She stays with him, he rapes her. She tries to leave, he rapes her. It's sorta like the saying "Damned if you do and damned if you don't". Only it turns into, "Raped if you do and raped if you don't." Why does he do it? That BS excuse all shoujo manga give for the guys being total dicks to the heroines - "He didn't want her to leave him all alone!"

If you don't think this sounds wrong, then something is wrong with you. If you think this is justifiable given the reasons, something is wrong with you. If you think this is "romantic", something is seriously wrong with you.

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Best of the Worst

10:41 pm, Mar 23 2015
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Fruits Basket - It was waaaay popular when I first started watching anime. I never understood why. I hate the heroine, I think she's one of the most useless protagonists ever to exist. And the art style is just... ugh!

Ouran High School Host Club - Another one of those that was popular. I don't hate it as much as Fruits Basket, but I still don't get why people are so excited about it. Every time I tried to read the manga I got bored and had to stop.

Why do people still think that shoujo protagonists are beyond all fault. In a bunch of these manga, no ever gets mad at them. They always treat them like... well, princesses. Seriously?!?!? Is that what Pre-teen girls want?!?! To be coddled and held like a freakin' porcelain cup!! We are girls, not fine china! We don't break that easily!!

...sorry, I got a little fired up.

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10:30 am, Apr 16 2015
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Kimi ni Todoke was just too pure for me. cry cry no

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3:57 am, Jun 26 2015
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I thought Vampire Knight was SO BORING!
Also Golden Time— Tada Banri felt so wimpy and Koko was just, ugh. Annoying.

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8:17 pm, Jul 17 2015
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I like some of the chapters of skip beat that it made me forget how idiotic the girl is and how the art is not good either.
However, the latest chapters are just not into my liking that it ruined the whole manga for me.

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8:29 pm, Jul 17 2015
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Hana yori Dango is the most successful female targeted manga of all time (the list is a bit depressing) and i have it sitting on a 5/10 due to lame reverse-harem school life nonsense so my pick for this tread is an easy one. It may no be garbage but the record setting success isn´t deserved in the slightest. It´s still lives on in a form yet the original series couldn't get a full anime bigrazz . Shoujo and especially josei sure have it rough...

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2:11 am, Oct 19 2015
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Wow, there are so many.

- full moon wo sagashite
- gakuen alice
- vampire knight
- absolute boyfriend
- kaichou wa maid-sama
- aishiteruze baby
- mars
- angel sanctuary
- god child
- ultra maniac
- honey and clover
- midnight secretary
- kuroshitsuji / black butler
- please save my earth
- special a
- tail of the moon
- the gentlemen's alliance
- w juliet
- nana*
- etc.

and like, 95% of all mahou shoujo manga. the one exception i've found is sugar sugar rune.

**i was approx. 13/14 the last time i attempted to read nana, so idk if i'd feel the same way now, at 23.

Quote from residentgrigo
Hana yori Dango is the most successful female targeted manga of all time (the list is a bit depressing) and i have it sitting on a 5/10 due to lame reverse-harem school life nonsense so my pick for this tread is an easy one. It may no be garbage but the record setting success isn´t deserved in ...

i adore skip beat!. or, at least i did. i don't even know what's going on anymore. i lost interest around the 'heel siblings' arc and i've been half-heartedly scanning updated chapters since. i really need to buckle down and re-read the series, because once upon a time sb! was my favorite thing ever and i'm going to be heartbroken if i end up seriously hating the direction the story is going. le sigh.

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2:21 am, Nov 3 2015
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I'm pretty picky about my manga. I ditched Red River and The Gentlemen's Alliance, but there are popular shoujos I do like...namely Vampire Knight (I'll never forget it), Kamisama Kiss and Special A. I watched those three in their anime form though—maybe that's why?

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11:11 am, Dec 4 2015
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I don't like shoujos where the love intrest is a tsundere-like, very complex, very arrogant or generally unlikeable kind of guy I'd never date.
For example:
Heroine Shikkaku Which is a pity, because I really liked the main character.
Nana one of the two main characters is way too pitiful when it comes to her relationships no
Itazura na kiss guy is an arrogant pighead
Akuma de surou guy is another pighead
Ao Haru ride guy should go on a therapy

I just don't like shoujos where the girl ends up with a guy you know in real life ain't the kind of person to make you happy. That said, I do like Kimi no Todoke, Ouran High, Say I love you, etc... And I'm still, with not too much success, looking for good shoujos with similar likeable, not arrogant, not tsundere or even a bit, kind of guys. So please feel free to recommend me something eyes

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3:26 pm, Dec 31 2015
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Taiyou no Ie (hated the leads and the art, very cliche)
Hirunaka no Ryuseei (it was ok, not amazing)
Kimi ni Todoke (again, it was alright. I like Sawako, Chizu, Ayane and Ryu but I didn't like Kazehaya all that much and the story just got boring after a while)

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