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Seme hurts uke but later treasures

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9:59 pm, Jun 6 2018
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The seme should be violent towards the uke. ..through any means... (physical, mental, sexual or psychological ) and later he should either regret it or feel sorry for him. They could fall in love later or whenever. But the seme should treasure the uke later on. Like he's all he's got...
Sorta like Kamisama no ude no naka
Plzzzz...I need this...

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6:25 am, Jun 7 2018
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Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru no Tsuyu by Fukai Youki and
Renai Rubi no Tadashii Furikata by Ogeretsu Tanaka.

If you don't mind similar misunderstandings/miscommunication as the cause for said violence, then check out the other suggestions in this thread.

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3:18 pm, Jun 7 2018
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The 2nd couple from Joukakei Kareshi is like that i guess.

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3:33 am, Jun 12 2019
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Royal Servant is a pretty good one, though not sure if it's *exactly* what you're looking for

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11:45 am, Jun 18 2019
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caste heaven

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12:07 pm, Jun 19 2019
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Hina wa Mitsuiro no Koi ni Torawareru
Well, seme wasn’t exactly violent, he just made heartbroken uke fall in love with him for fun and then dumped cruelly, but later he suffered a lot and begged uke to come back, so I think this manga might fit)

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3:18 pm, Feb 6 2021
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Kiss Me, Liar
Boku o Warui Ko ni Shite

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7:26 pm, Feb 26 2021
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110-Ban wa Uketsukemasen! (if you count bullying)
Akanai Tobira (first story)
Corsair (though it's a bit more subtle)
Kanraku Alpha ~Enigma~ 4 verse (omegaverse)
Kishidou Kurabu
Kodou no Yokan - Vital Zero (some bullying)
Kouya no Seifukuou (first story)
Royal Fiancé

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7:36 am, Mar 2 2021
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My Starry Sky

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1:53 am, Mar 26 2021
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Chew and Swallow

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