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your frist manga that made you enter the manga world

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9:00 pm, Feb 18 2020
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Ranma or Dragon Ball, I guess. It's been so long ago.

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9:25 pm, Feb 18 2020
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Dragon Ball, One Piece and Akuma no Ororon

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3:14 pm, Mar 23 2020
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Death note, Also my first anime.

1st: Death Note
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Freedom is life

9:14 pm, Mar 23 2020
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Mine was Ga-Rei, and it was really original for someone who'd only seen animes up to that point. I was really thrilled to read it and loved the art, which influenced a lot mine (my avatar is a drawing of a character from Ga-rei).

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3:55 am, Apr 6 2020
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Quote from Yuriko68
I started reading manga in 2002. My first series was Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, closely followed by D.N. Angel and Angel Sanctuary. And I remember being really excited about mouse clicker having discovered something much more interesting than Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

After reading the 3 volume i wanted to read the next but couldn't and that is how i began to be part of the manga community

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