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Romance manga with an happy ending

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6:54 pm, Jun 2 2019
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I'm looking for a romance manga with an happy ending. If it's possible I would like the girl to be older but it's not a must. Also it would be nice if the girl is the cold type, but again, it's not a must. No romance triangles please.

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Bipolar Baby

9:18 am, Jun 3 2019
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Live or Not kinda has some reincarnation - does have... interlopers wouldn't say love triangle exactly

Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou short, smutty, "final drama"

340 Days ending is open ended... extra chapters not yet translated - just found and finished this series myself tonight tbh

ReLife more SOL than romance but still an amazing read

Itoshi no Karin

Shiota-sensei to Amai-chan great fluff, hasn't ended yet; FMC faces are amazing

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11:37 am, Jun 3 2019
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Taiyou no Ie "rivals" have no chance, so technically no real triangle
Tetsugaku Letra

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in need of romance?
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6:22 pm, Jun 3 2019
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Futari no Renai Shoka : older woman

Quote from KurisuYuki
No romance triangles please.

how do you define romance triangles, if male lead only likes one girl throughout the story but other girls are interested in male lead, do you count it as a romance triangle?

If you don't:
tasogare otome amneisa: older woman
Toshiue no Hito: older woman

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