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A shounen like this...

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8:20 am, Jul 5 2020
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I saw one post in these forums which was about dark powers but there were no replies under it. I too love the 'dark' and hidden past thing in manga and anime. I'd wish to have some recs. Finally someone had pointed out and I'm not The only one with the filtered genres.
The user had written the following and I'd already checked out all of them.

So, I've seen anime (s) and read manga (s) where the MC is a
normal person or an abnormal person in the beginning in terms
of powers but in the end, or later, kaboom- and they've some
dark secret to them which makes them super strong n
awesome, cool.
D. Gray man- Allen
Owari no seraph- Yu
Pandora Hearts- Oz
Black Clover- Asta

So I really like this dark power+ mystery MC+ cool bros + that one trait of MC which stands out.
So I really want some recs. Plz help an otaku.

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11:57 am, Aug 22 2020
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Since you are looking for an archetype there are many mangas that fit the description that are ongoing or axed ,(I would recommend you also search for seinen .Since realism and more mature plots tend to have those type of characters).

Most of these start with some comedy but they fit in your categories and are complete :

Trigun Maximum
Spirit Circle
Hoshi no Samidare

You might also like Charlotte anime .

I hope this was of use.

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12:33 pm, Aug 22 2020
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It's mostly shoujo, but From Far Away.

Post #779774 - Reply to (#779664) by SNOWBY

1:26 pm, Aug 26 2020
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No,Spirit Circle and Hoshi no Samidare are published in 'Shōnen Gahōsha' the rest of the titles I and the OP put are shonen ,but all these could perfectly fit in a shoujo magazine (adding the shonen filter might actually filter out things he might like) .Since strangely enough a manga being shoujo or shonen depends on where it's printed. 😛

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6:09 am, Nov 11 2020
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Overly Sarcastic Productionsはこれをカバーし、「超強力な悪の味方」とダブっており、全体のアーキタイプというよりはむしろト ロフィーとして捉えています。レッドがそれを提示する方法は、文学的な参照として素晴らしい働きをします。

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