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Great Shounen romance

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3:24 am, Nov 18 2020
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Pretty simple. I'm looking for great romance in the Shounen demographic. I've read a few romances labeled Shounen and rather enjoyed them (though they don't seem to get that much positive), like [m]Shishunki no Iron Virgin[/m] or Ginen Shounen, so I'm looking for general recommendations of what people consider really great Shounen romances. And if it wasn't clear, I mean Shounen, not Shounen-Ai.

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3:08 am, Nov 26 2020
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I'll be looking at these; which do you like best? Besides Takagi (I seriously didn't know that was Shounen, it's one of my absolute favorites).

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4:48 am, Nov 26 2020
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Hmm, that's a tough choice. They're all quite different so it's hard to pick one I like most over the others. Let me list some of the distinct aspects of each series, maybe that'll help you decide.

Taisho is a true classic which I think everyone should read, it's both fluffy and dramatic, and it's complete so that's a bonus. Showa is a sequel with different MCs but the ones from Taisho become supporting cast.

Do Chokkyuu Kareshi x Kanojo is a very refreshing take on the romance genre, it's hilarious and upfront and there's good communication between the MCs.

Dosanko Gyaru is probably the weakest plot-wise out of the ones I've recommended, because over time the author has seemed intent on turning it into a harem situation. It's still worth a read though, there's a nice range of personalities.

Admittedly I am not caught up on Yozakura Family, but the first 20 or so chapters I've read I have enjoyed. Good mixes of action/comedy/romance are hard to come by, this is one of them.

The development in Nagatoro is very fun to follow, both MCs clearly like each other and it's just a matter of time until they admit it. There's an anime coming out soon! If you like the teasing/bully thing this is a good choice.

Ponkotsu Fuukiin and Subete no Jinrui are drawn by the same person and honestly I just really love his art style. One of them is written by him as well. Both have very realistic relationship development that moves along at a good pace.

Jijyou wo Shiranai Tenkousei has characters that are closest in age to those in Takagi-san. It's just genuinely adorable, probably the fluffiest thing on this list.

I've tried multiple times to pick a favourite while writing this but reading just one would mean missing out on the others, most of which are equally as good. Go through them at your leisure, I suppose. Enjoy!

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