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I'm looking for a manga with bad art.

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6:14 am, Nov 19 2020
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I'm working on my light novel and feeling a bit self conscious while i draw. Send me your bad art comics/manga thanks.♡

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3:15 pm, Nov 19 2020
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Anything in the Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji series or by that author is a bit... especially female characters. Very entertaining series though, albeit slow sometimes.

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3:33 pm, Nov 19 2020
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those who hunt elves or silver pole flowers

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Come and Go

11:06 pm, Nov 19 2020
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Angel Densetsu

One-Punch Man (ONE)

Molester Man

Well.... maybe at least on their early volumes. But they kinda develop on their way.
Angel Densetsu first volume are almost totally different art.
Molester Man first chapter are also more like scribbles.
I dont really have to tell about ONE since they also make another version with the artwork thats really remake/remade version.

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