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Fusion/Combined Category Manga Recommendations

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7:14 am, Mar 6 2021
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Looking for some interesting recommendations for series that blend one or more genre, trope, or category together to that result in a unique world building or interesting storyline (please no spoilers!) - so some examples of such things, but not limited to, would be like:

- Comedy horror - like a cheesy horror movie, or purposeful use of comedy with horror blended in
- Scifi sports - an example that is a personal fav of mine for this would be like Buzzer Beater
- Interesting power systems in an unlikely setting
- Modern setting with contextual world building of fantasy elements

Not looking for literal fusions transformations - so no Yugi-Oh, Dragon Ball, and etc.

Open to most genre or age bracket of content, would prefer a series with plot content so please be mindful when recommending. As for length: open to any length, from one shot to 20+ volume series.

So yeah, anything you can come up with would be appreciated and I am super interested in discovering series I may not have seen or read before!

Also, if there is another forum post that might have ideas, please feel free to direct me there, I tried looking but did not see anything similar to what I am looking for..

Thank you ahead of time for your help!

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7:43 pm, Mar 6 2021
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MookHyang - Dark Lady (isekai/martial arts)

Isekai Ojisan returned sega fan from an isekai (comedy/parody/some echi) (maby there isn't as much plot as you want)

Sokushi Cheat ga Saikyou Sugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga Marude Aite ni Naranai n desu ga
basically iseikaing a paranormal being and pitting his instant death power against all the tropes in the genre (isekai/parody)

- Master of Gu Interesting power systems + what happens if you reincarnate a person into a pretty cruel world and then return him to the past after living there 500 years (I recommend checking the manhua and if you like the start going to the novel)

...there are way too many iseikais with the parameters you asked(I cannot really recommend them since most start with great premises and then go downhill with a generic novel MCs [url=] elHero [/url]

- Modern setting with contextual world building of fantasy elements:
Omoide Emanon
Hoshi no SamidareSpirit Circle (same author)

If you want check out the ones I rated high on my complete list (most fall into the categories you asked for) I usually dislike harems and echi.

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8:38 pm, Mar 16 2021
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Booping this for more recommendations - maybe some complete series~? Idk~

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