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BL manga with unusual characters

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9:04 pm, Mar 15 2021
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Hi guys! 😎

I'm looking for suggestions for manga where at least one protagonist has characteristics that you don't usually see in BL. Some examples:

Aitsu no Daihonmei - "ugly"
Deri Pocha and Hoppe ni Himawari - overweight
Ogi-kun no Natsuyasumi - blind
Hidamari ga Kikoeru - hard-of-hearing / deaf
Raion Gotoki no Kuni kara - Maasai

I'm not looking for manga where these kinds of characters are "fixed" in order to become loveable (like a character only becoming attractive when they lose weight).

Please give me your suggestions! 😀

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10:00 am, Mar 17 2021
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Minegishi-san wa Outsu-kun ni Tabesasetai - overweight
Kimi no Gin no Ashi - prosthetic leg

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6:38 pm, Mar 20 2021
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Corsair - blind uke.
Dokunoaji - one of them is blind.
Giglio - the physical disability is a spoiler.
Heartless - one character is a wheelchair user.
Urahara to Dilemma - Jouzetsu na Yubi chapter has a deaf uke.
Loved Circus - one of the characters
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
ends up in a wheelchair
at the end.
Ten Count - uke has misophobia and OCD. It's not as much "fixing" as it is learning to manage it.
Toware no Mi - Shisen no Katachi chapter has a colorblind character.
Yubisaki no Koi - uke can read people's thoughts by touch.

I guess Animal X qualifies, even though I think it's awful, as
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
one of the main characters has his (right?) arm ripped off and I don't think it grows back (as far as I've read, anyway)
. I don't think it's completely scanlated though, but you can find a summary of the rest online IIRC.

Edit: also, I forgot which volume this was in, but in Mirai no Kioku there is a secondary character (not gay though) who is going blind.

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3:15 pm, Apr 3 2021
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Sign - Deaf

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7:26 am, Apr 16 2021
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Adamu no Rokkotsu
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multiple personalities

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