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7:48 pm, Aug 7 2009
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I'm looking for anything that might have something to do with: fairytales, myths, legends, fables, etc...

Could someone please help me? Thanks so much~

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7:54 pm, Aug 7 2009
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Dante's Divine Comedy?

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Patent Pending

8:25 pm, Aug 7 2009
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Ludwig Kakumei and Grimms Manga come to mind.

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Herder of Pigeons

9:38 pm, Aug 7 2009
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Mushishi and Japan Tengu Party Illustrated

The anime Mononoke and Hakaba Kitaro. (Kitaro was based on a manga but I've never found a translation anywhere..)

Also - I've always thought of Berserk as a fairytale. You need a reasonably strong stomach and a bit of patience/boredom to get through the first few volumes, but it definitely has the most beautifully drawn strange creatures I've seen.
But then I always liked the really bleak stories as a kid, where the more you used your imagination the more messed up the story emerged.

I can't think of any more at the moment..

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10:14 pm, Aug 7 2009
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1001 Nights (based on Arabian Nights)
Pretear (based on Snow White)
Cinderella Fella

You might find a few things in this Alice in Wonderland thread.

If you've ever thought or said "Nice Guys finish last" and really meant it, then you should probably read this LJ post by DivaLion. It's incredibly insightful whether you're male or female.

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10:18 pm, Aug 7 2009
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The Snow Queen
Reverie of the Red Shoes
Both based on fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen.

More suggestions are in this thread about Snow White.

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Looking for... shoujo with a canned peach confession.
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10:33 pm, Aug 7 2009
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i totally second Ludwig Kakumei, that endorces several fairytales and is a laugh a mile. ^^

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Fruit Salad

2:32 am, Aug 8 2009
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Theses should be helpful (lots of suggestions):

Mythology and folklore, religious/tribal beliefs and practises
Fairy tales
Mythology themes
something likes of Legend of Nereid

I also add Shiniden, inspired by Chinese mythology.

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Local Prig

2:37 am, Aug 8 2009
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Akazukin to Yasashii Ookami

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10:18 am, Aug 8 2009
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Fairy Cube celtic myths
Shin Angyo Onshi korean folklore

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