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Akuma to Dolce's status

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4:11 pm, Sep 14 2009
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Is it back already? I really want to read more of this manga... T__T

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5:11 pm, Sep 14 2009
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Post #320790 - Reply to (#320765) by lambchopsil
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7:51 pm, Sep 14 2009
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Quote from lambchopsil

aaw man... thanks for replying, anyway

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3:15 am, Jun 27 2010
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Any idea when it will be? And why was it put on hiatus anyway?

Post #402768 - Reply to (#388387) by Merlinnair

10:48 pm, Aug 28 2010
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Quote from Merlinnair
Any idea when it will be? And why was it put on hiatus anyway?

Suzuki-sama seems to be working on a different manga, Kamisama Hajimemashita.
Maybe she lost the motivation for this one?

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penguin king

12:34 am, Apr 18 2012
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^Appears to be correct... still hoping on the miracle of this being continued tho ;-;. Anyone happen to have any news about this 3-4 year hiatus?

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Me too ♥

7:17 am, Nov 16 2013
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This is still on hiatus correct? No confirmed news popped up saying it was dropped correct?
The only reason I ask is because I'm wondering who put this as completely scanlated when it's not done. (I find that a little funny saying something is completely scanlated on an ongoing series. On hiatus, but still ongoing. I digress).

If there was no confirmed news saying it was dropped. The completely scanlated should be changed to no. If it was confirmed, then it should get the rushed/axed ending tag added.
I haven't seen any news saying it was dropped. ( I know sometimes mangas can come back after a very long hiatus). Just wanted someone else to say yeah I can't find confirmation either or if you have. Before making any changes.

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