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casual sexual relationship

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6:54 pm, May 11 2010
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In a lot of manga (especially shoujo) whenever it comes to sex the character generally stresses over whether or not their partner loves them before/durring/after they engage in sexual activities.

What I'm looking for is manga where two characters (one preferably being a main/the main character) do ecchi things together, without love being involved. A purely sexual relationship. Sexfriends I guess.

All spectrum of manga genres are acceptable. It doesn't have to be explicit, no sex scenes/nudity required.

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7:04 pm, May 11 2010
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BL: Walkers Universe by Miyamoto Kano - esepcially Heat (MIYAMOTO Kano) other works also

Seien: D-ASH - main char likes to fool around
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but he has feelings for HER and we know how it ends
also his gay friend in some way

Yuri: Free Soul - not sure if it was main herione but probably her friend or lover

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7:36 pm, May 11 2010
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Honeymoon Salad
Deep Sex

There's a few others that I can't remember and it's driving me crazy. Hopefully either I can think of them or someone else will recommend them. *bashes head*

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7:48 pm, May 11 2010
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Akkan Baby

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2:34 pm, May 14 2010
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Quote from Humanoid

this one was funny like hell laugh

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2:56 pm, May 14 2010
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Girlfriend? never read it, just the comments

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3:58 am, May 15 2010
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MAKA-MAKA ALL THE WAAAAAY, W0000T! biggrin biggrin biggrin

Hottest sex friends ever. Um. Although it's kind of basically yuri hentai? Prolly the only hentai I've ever read. Lol. Doesn't feel like hentai though, for some reason... Maybe because they're just such ordinary girls doing ordinary ecchi stuff with each other? Anyway, you can't miss this; it's the best example of pure "sex friends" I've found so far, in the sense that they are are also normal friends, but don't have any real romantic interest in each other.


As for yaoi series, Borderline has this awesome one-shot in which the main character has a HUGE number of sex friends before "settling down" with a love interest (who was never a sex friend). The clear distinction between the two kinds of relationships is interesting, as the title implies (the entire collection of short stories explores different types of "borderlines"). I think it's the third story called "First Love," which is long enough to be split between two chapters. I've got a hunch you'll like it.

The character in Acid Flower also has a large number of sex friends - some of them regular - before embarking on the primary relationship of the manga.

Same thing with Dekiai Rule and I Want to Become Your Bird.

There was another yaoi story, too, about this arrogant rich boy who had so many sex friends that he was sent to a Shinto priest for "rehabilitation" (and of course ended up falling for said priest)... But I can't remember which short story collection it was from, sorry. If someone else can remind me, that would be great!

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4:01 am, May 15 2010
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My all time favorite Haru yo, koi

Reading Love Lucky
Recommended B Gata H Kei <3 Conveni-N XD
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4:58 am, May 15 2010
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Anata ga Ireba, it's not explicit, though (and the scanlation hasn't reached that part yet).

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