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Have you ever cried at an anime/manga..?

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From User Message Body
Mr. sickVisionz
Post #107564
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9:23 pm, Jan 1 2008
Posts: 151

NANA almost made me cry. I don't cry for anything, so that says alot. When Hatchi left that note for Nana I wanted to scream at the TV, "It was just a misunderstanding... call her and make up before its too late!!!" Thats also the first time i've ever actually considered yelling and pleading with my television as if the actors can hear me.

Post #107566
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9:34 pm, Jan 1 2008
Posts: 17

hmnn... when i was younger maybe... i remember crying when sailormoon died... lol... so long ago... other than that i think tenchi muyo universe when ryoko and ryoki flew away into space and it seemed like ryoko died or something...

A fall in a ditch makes you wiser...
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Identity Crisis
Post #107732
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Somewhat dead
Super Mod

7:19 am, Jan 2 2008
Posts: 4914

i cry'd when cowboy bebop ended (gimme a break, that was the first anime i'd ever seen all the way through, and it made me sad with what happened)

other than that i have shed like one or two tears for sad moments, but never actully cry'd fully

Post #108034
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11:43 am, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 8

I must admit that I get a bit teary sometimes, but never actually cry´d fully about an anime/manga.

Post #108037
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12:02 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 83

Hmm, let's see:

Chobits: cried
School Rumble: cried
Kanon: cried
Yakitake! Japan: cried
Elfen Lied: cried
Densha Otoko: wailed

I guess that sums it up. I'm a crybaby -.-

Post #108042
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1:50 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 53

The end of Chrono Crusade made me cry. I get teary at practically anything though...

Post #108050 - Reply to (#108034) by KaiOsaki

2:56 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 65

Quote from KaiOsaki
I must admit that I get a bit teary sometimes, but never actually cry´d fully about an anime/manga.

yeah, i'm the same, i'd never have more than a little wet eyes. although i do feel other emotions too sometimes like anger (say if main character got raped).

I have cried watching documentaries/movies before though (not huge tears but i'd call it crying)

Post #108097
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8:06 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 2581

Warn: Banned

Elfen Lied
Spoiler (highlight to view)
(specifically when they kill Lucy's dog)

When I was little I remember crying during the first Pokemon movie.

I almost cried when Love Hina ended because I really didn't it to end. (By the way, they should totally make a sequel to Love Hina).

Last edited by xombiemonkey at 10:23 pm, Jan 3

Glados is a bitch. She made me kill the companion cube, the only friend I'll ever have. :cry:

Post #108133
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10:18 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 14

i cried when reading Deep Love - The Story of Ayu, Host, Reina no Unmei and Pao's Tale cry

Post #108138
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10:58 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 100

hmmmm, i guess i kinda cried at the ending, well i dont really cry but i considered it, like teary eyed and really emotional, well that only happens at the end of a manga or anime cuz i wish it would continue T.T, buuuuuuuut i have cried at a fanfiction.......

its called my life was wrecked and rebuilt by anime and manga
Post #108143
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11:14 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 418

Chrono Crusade T_T

Post #108144
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11:20 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 9

Well, if you really want to know there's... (I so can't remember all of them)


-School Rumble
-Haunted Junction
-Fruits Basket
-Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Maria Sama ga Miteru
-Daa! Daa! Daa!
-Ghost Hunt
-He is my Master
-Card Captor Sakura
-Sailor Moon
-Ayashi no Ceres
-Kyou Kara Maou
-Shaman King


-As the God of Death Dictates
-Baby Star (series of oneshots, cried in all of them)
-Cinderella Boy
-Emiri no Omakase
-Sword of Paros
-Tonari no Shugoshin
-Tsuki ni Kiss no Hatanaba O
-Hana Kimi
-Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo
-Billion Girl
-Itazura na Kiss
-Violinist of Hameln
-Happy Hustle High

...and hundreds of oneshots and other Manga and anime but I won't list ALL of them just so you can keep your sanity laugh

I too cried during the first Pokemon movie when I was young, except I'd probably still cry if I watched it now biggrin
Actually, I cried in most of the following Pokemon movies bigrazz

User Posted Image Creator of Gourmet Piles of nothingness
Post #108145
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11:21 pm, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 57

ichigo 100% -cried some
suzuka -cried at the scene were they first become a couple
slam dunk : my first manga, I really cried at the end
I's - one of the saddest ending I've seen, well near the endig, the ending itself was a happy one
Video Girl Ai - so so so sad I think I cried 3-4 times at this manga I just couldn't help myself

I'm a guy by the way, I usually don't cry, but when I do cry at a manga/ anime I feel very pleased with it, like it has exceeded my expectations

User Posted Image

Biggest Inoue Takehiko fan
Post #112926
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8:30 pm, Jan 17 2008
Posts: 75

hmm... what did i cry in...

Definitely Grave of Fireflies... that one woke up the hospital (was watching it using hospital broadband)... this was by far the worst cry from watching something.

And, the first one that made me cry was the anime Trigun. That guy can never forgive himself... the worst parts were
Spoiler (highlight to view)
when wolfwood died. It's sad, he finally found out what was right in life, only to have it backfire on him... crying for forgiveness, it was so sad...
Spoiler (highlight to view)
when vash actually had to kill someone... everything he believed in was made nothing for him in that one moment. then, screaming and crying about it when he finally regained consciousness, he would never forgive himself, and would have died from it if he werent saved from Meryl

I also cried while watching Ah! My Goddess, because i am a sap for happy endings. all i need is a good romance and im a happy person.

Also, Elfen Lied
Spoiler (highlight to view)
she had to fight all of those inner demons all alone... feeling like the only person you like no longer likes you, it made her crazy. when the kids killed her dog, was so sad. then also when i though nana was dead when papa supposedly killed her. in the end, the realization of everything took a huge toll on all of my emotions. when 32's dad finally came, and they died together. and, of course, the final kiss, b4 lucy's final breath

much more of course, but not coming to mind at the moment. I am a man, and crying is only natural for sad stuff. To me, crying... shows that you care for something so deeply, that words cannot explain it, so it comes out in little droplets instead. i love mangas and animes b/c it is so easy to learn a character, and to become emotionally attached with them, if even for short time.

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I'm a writer at the moment (not professionally or anything.) Check out my website for some scripts and fanfics and other stuff.
Post #112944 - Reply to (#107732) by Identity Crisis
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wtf r u doin?

9:53 pm, Jan 17 2008
Posts: 372

Quote from fallofkakashi
i cry'd when cowboy bebop ended (gimme a break, that was the first anime i'd ever seen all the way through, and it made me sad with what happened)

other than that i have shed like one or two tears for sad moments, but never actully cry'd fully
I got closer to tears during episode 24 then the ending. I saw it coming from like the third episode. Still one of my favorite anime, because the english voices weren't total suck.

I suppose I would need to know what would be considered crying before I could list anything. I've had that dry eyes feeling for lots of anime and one or two manga, I've gotten damp-eyed for a few anime, and I actually shed a tear for...Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (sue me) . Manga has a significantly lower impact on me emotionally because music plays a big part in my emotional response to something and manga, obviously, lacks that.

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